1. What role does BTW play in the visa procedure?
    Our role is of consulation on how to showcase your application, documentation required, chances of getting the visa, etc.

  2. Does BTW influence the visa decision in anyway?
    No BTW does not influence the visa decision in anyway but helps to make the application strong enough so as to increase the chances of getting a visa.

  3. Are the visa fees or service charges refundable?
    None of the fees paid for getting a visa are refundable.

  4. Does the applicant have to go anywhere for personal submission or interview?
    The applicant does not have to go for personal submission or interview except for ones who such requirement i.e. Schengen countries, UK, USA, etc. The other countries’ consulate might ask for personal appearance in rare cases.

  5. When can we reapply if the visa gets rejected?
    You can reapply immediately for the visa, provided the circumstances have substantially changed so as the visa is approved the second time.

  6. What is Visa on Arrival?
    When the visa is issued at the airport of the destination country it is called visa on arrival, i.e. the visa which is given once you arrive at the port of the destination.

  7. What is a E-Visa?
    E-Visa means Electronic visa, which has to be just printed and carried at the time of travel. This type of visa is not stamped on the passport. (Note: Even if the issued visa is E-Visa it might require for one to apply by submitting hard copies. E.g: Australia)

  8. What is online visa?
    The visa for which you need to apply electronically and get an electronic approval only. E.g: UAE

  1. Which Company insurances do you provide??
    We have the portal for Icici Lombard,Bajaj Allainz, Tata Aig, Trawell tag ( United India)

  2. What points does travel insurance cover?
    This insurance includes medical & travel i.e. medical emergency, hospitalization, accidental death, loss of passport, loss or delay of checked in baggage, etc

  3. Is it compulsory to get travel Insurance?
    Not for all but for countries like Dubai (pax above 60) & for all 26 Schengen countries

  4. What is the claim procedure ?
    Every company has a toll-free number for respective country just have to call them & mention the policy number which is mentioned on policy they just have to maintain all the original documents for claim procedure & submit to the claim department with the photocopy set for there reference.

  5. Can the insurance get extended ?
    Yes, it can be extended further but the request should come 7 days before policy end date.

  6. Does Insurance get cancelled?
    Yes, but with the cancellation charges of Rs 350/- pp and should be informed before the policy date starts.

  1. Which are the airline you booked?
    We book all the airlines for Domestic as well as for International. We can book any airline including all the low cost airlines across the globe.

  2. What are your service charges?
    We do not charge any service charges on air ticket. We quote actual airline fare.

  3. Can we block the ticket?
    We can block the ticket depending on the Airline. After blocking airline will provide the time limit and need to issue the ticket before time limit expires or else blocking will get cancelled.

  4. What will happen if we have to cancel our trip due to some emergency?
    The tickets can be cancelled 24 to 48 hours prior to the travel (Depending on the air line) and cancellation charges are applicable. If not no-show charges have to be paid to the airline.

  5. What are no-show charges?
    When a traveler has booked a ticket, but fails to cancel or change the date prior 24-48 hours to the departure charges have to paid to the airline for not cancelling/changing the ticket with prior intimation.

  6. Why does a direct flight cost more than a connecting flight?
    It is not necessary that the direct flights will always cost more than that of connecting flights, normally it can also be less/same as that of connecting flights. But the main reason of the cost variation is because direct flight duration is lesser than the connecting flight.

  7. What are the benefits of booking the tickets from BTW rather booking it online?
    Normally the fares are less/same as that of online fares, with additional services free of cost. E.g. if some changes are to made in the tickets, you just have to call the BTW team and everything else will be taken care by us, whereas if you book online you will have to call the airline call center wait on hold for hours and then get to know the charges and further get it done.

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