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Since the number of travellers to Russia from India for short term purposes has been increasing significantly, the Russian Federation has introduced an e-visa for Indian passport holders. This visa will allow travellers to visit Saint Petersburg, the cultural capital and the Leningrad region.
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The scheme has been in effect from the 1st of October and will grant single visas for tourism, business and humanitarian reasons. The processing time compared to the normal Russian visa is much less and the requirements are simple as well.
“We intend to make the journey of the businessmen, tourists and other coming to Russia easier. With the introduction of the E-visa, we have taken a crucial step towards making the visa processes convenient for the people. From now on, the applicants can get their visa online and will not have to visit the embassy or visa application centres,” said Andrey V Fedorov, Senior Counsellor at the Russian Embassy.
The validity of the visa will be of 30 days permitting a stay of 8 days maximum. The applicant will need to fill out the online e-visa form and upload a recent photograph that is not older than 3 months prior to the intended date of arrival.
“The number of Indians travelling to Russia has been growing. The visas issued in the previous year by the Russian Embassy in India were nearly 35,000. Till September 2019, the embassy has issued 46,000 Russian visas for Indians,” he added.
The E-visa has been made free of cost as Russia has been expecting more and more Indian tourists to visit the country. It must be applied for at least 20 days before the date of departure. The processing time required for the issuance is of 4 days. There are 53 countries including India that are allowed to apply for this E-visa to Russia.
The new visa policy put forth by the UK Immigration for foreign students will turn around the rules of the game. Students dreaming of working in the country after pursuing their degree can now thrive on this news. The UK Immigration will now extend the work visa by 2 years for foreign students. It is available to graduate and post-graduate international students. The students will be able to stay in the UK as long as 2 years to look for a job after the completion of their respective course.
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Indian students have always looked for opportunities in the UK and this change in the policy sure will bring in several Indian students to the country. Maybe three to six months seemed enough but an extension of two years sure sounds attractive to the students from India.

UAE visa-on-arrival for Indian passport holders with resident visa from the UK and the European Union countries. Minimum validity of 6 months is mandated.
India has now become the second largest country in issuing student visas for the UK with more than twenty thousand visa applications in the past academic year.
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