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Traveling is a wonderful experience, whether for leisure or work. Travel Insurance is something most traveler think they don't require yet it is very important part of planning your trip. Even though you have prepared everything for your tour but traveling to foreign land also brings unexpected risks despite careful planning. It is better to prioritize your and family safety by buying travel insurance policy, this way you can leave your worries aside while traveling overseas.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a type of an insurance policy that is utilized to cover the policyholder expenses and misfortunes while traveling internationally or domestically. The most common risks that are covered by travel insurance policy includes medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, accidental cover, delays, including any emergency occurred while traveling. Depending on the policy you buy, this coverage varies widely between travel policies providers. Having right kind of travel insurance protection is important while traveling.

Reasons why to buy travel insurance policy -

Most policies include cover for:

  • Your flight has been cancelled.
  • You get sick or injured during the trip
  • You need to cancel your trip
  • Lost of baggage or belongings
  • Passport is lost
  • Emergency medical assistance services

Today Insurance organizations have a specific type of travel insurance coverage, on the basis of your requirement you can choose:

  • Individual Travel Insurance
  • Family Floater Travel Insurance
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  • Students Travel Insurance
  • Multi/Annual Trip Travel Insurance for Business Travelers.

Thus from the above-stated reasons, it is clear that travel insurance not only protects you from a range of unpleasant troubles but promises to get your money back if something happens on your trip. Bharti AXA, Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, Tata AIG Travel Insurance, ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance are the Insurers that offer the best travel insurance policies across India.

In case you need to buy travel insurance policy online and not clear which policy is better, you can contact our travel insurance expert which can help you to guide and campare to have right kind of travel insurance policy.

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