Why Travel Insurance is Must On Your International Destination.

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To travel is to live. Travel has become more popular culture than ever. Be it a business trip, a family vacation or just a solo trip. 

But one needs to be prepared for any unexpected event, which can turn your joyful holiday into a miserable event and at that very moment you might regret the decision for not buying a travel insurance. Hence, it is always a safety precaution to add a travel insurance in less than 1000 Rs. that can cover your thousands in case of medical emergencies, lost of product or baggage on your trip.

Is it really necessary to Buy Travel Insurance?

Yes, If one wants to enjoy his travel without worrying then it is mandatory to have travel insurance. In some countries to get a visa you need to have travel insurance even before you apply for the visa like Schengen visa.

But What is Travel Insurance?

It’s an emergency care to ensure your abroad trip goes without worries when things unexpectedly go wrong. Depending on the policy you buy, it can help to cover the cost when your luggage is lost by the airline, When you get injured while trekking, get a parasite overseas, cancel your trip due to an emergency at home. It is designed to be there for accidents including both related to health and non-health focusing on traveler’s need.

Traveling abroad is expensive, while we book tickets we also have to manage our budget and plan accordingly. we take care of almost everything when we travel. For instance decent hotels, direct flights, hygienic and healthy food but,

What About Safety?

Let me think, oh yes.

We bet on our fortune, Something we can't predict.

Unless you are a god, but we are humans. So stop betting on your fortune, if something unexpected happens we would still be thanking god that we have our travel insurance with us that can cover all the damage and let us enjoy rest of our trip.

When you plan your holiday, add a travel insurance on “must have list”. It will not cost your fortune but it helps you to have a good fortune despite uncertain setbacks on your trip.

We always wish, you have the best trip in your life, when you plan your international destination. Because you put together all efforts and hard earned savings. 

How Does Travel Insurance Actually Work? 

If there’s a major medical emergency needing emergency repatriation, then you need to contact the emergency assistance team and they can help to make arrangements and approve funds for the same. For all other type of situations, if you get sick on your trip you can take admission to hospital, first you need to pay it from your pocket then you can claim reimbursement from your insurance company. Be sure to keep all documentation ready in case of emergencies.

Things to consider before buying travel insurance policy

Limits on Claims:

Confirming exactly how much you will be able to claim back in the event that you lost your luggage or had to cancel your holiday is also important.

After all, the last thing you want is to make a claim on your travel insurance only to find you're not covered for what you had lost.

Declare exactly what you are carrying with you to ensure you have the right amount of coverage. 

Check whether there is a single item limit or multiple items that are covered by your policy.

Keep in mind some travel insurance company won't cover items like mobile phones, so if you want to protect them you have to buy separate mobile phone insurance.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions:

It's very important that you are honest when it comes to any pre-existing medical conditions you have. Although it's wrong to assume that because you haven't had problems recently, you don't need to mention them.

An insurance company has the right to request access to your medical records. If it finds anything you haven't declared it may refuse to pay your hospital bills.


Clarify the cancellation policies from the issuer, check exactly what situations your policy will pay out for. By doing so you will be covered if you need to cancel your holiday due to illness or redundancy. 

  • Types of Travel Insurance Coverage:
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Domestic Travel Insurance
  • Student Travel Insurance
  • Medical Travel Insurance
  • Group Travel Insurance
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance 
  • Family Travel Insurance

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