7 Must Do Things In Zurich

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Travelling to a foreign country often helps you to gain a new perspective on life. It helps you to meet amazing new people, visit different places and learn about the culture and history of that place, eat delicious food and much more. Europe has many different countries offering numerous attractions, but Zurich is among the best places, you can visit.

Zurich is rated as one of the best holiday destinations by many magazines and websites. It is a perfect vacation place which offers lots of natural beauty, a vibrant display of art and culture, grand architectures and fantastic tram rides. Also, Switzerland requires a Schengen Visa which you can get quickly and travel to other Schengen countries as well.

Let us take a look few must things to do around Zurich

1) ZuriCARD – The very first thing that you need to do in Zurich is getting a ZuriCARD which is a 72-hour train pass. You can travel throughout the city seeing all the grand stations and experiencing their architecture. Visit the famous Hauptbahnhof station to witness the classic neo-Renaissance sandstone architecture. Also, you can travel places with this card, which is a must to do things to do in Zurich, Switzerland

2) Take Local Transport – Zurich is much convenient for its local transport services. Take the local tram services and visit the Fluntern Cemetery. Later on, visit the Fraumunster Church to see the exquisite painting work by artists. Also, do not forget to visit the St.Peter’s Church which boasts the largest clock face here in the town.

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3) The Lake City – Do not forget that Zurich is a city based on a lake. The Limmat River dissects the city into Old Town and the other part. This area now hosts a series of shops, boutiques, and fantastic cafes. Sitting by a river view and having a sip of coffee is an experience in itself here.

4) Museum – You should not miss the famous Swiss National Museums which offers spectacular views while overlooking the city from the top. Reach there and witness the Christ Figure which has its history. Also, there are a number of guided tours for you to know more about the Swiss Currency here. Once you are done visiting the place and seeing all around, there are numerous cafes around where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee to the amazing view in front of your eyes.

5) Cafes – For the perfect Sunday brunch, take a hillside railway to the most famous Dolder Grand and book a table overlooking the whole city. At Restaurant Zeughauskeller, built in 1487, you can have some of the best macaroons and hot chocolate while having the magnificent views of the city from atop. This is the best things to do in Zurich Switzerland as it is one of the oldest restaurants here. The whole experience of having food here is breathtaking.

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6) Cycle Tours – Zurich is famous for its cycle tours in the town. You must opt for cycle tours that happen on a daily basis in the city and explore the city on your own. While there are a number of local transport options, but exploring the city on a cycle at your own pace is an experience in itself.

7) Zurich West – This used to be an industrial town once with a number of factories around. But with the developments in tourism and other things, this has become a popular destination. Visit Zurich West to experience some of the best art and design, boasting city gardens and local street art. In short, it is known as the mecca of art and culture which makes it a must do while in Zurich.

Thus, Zurich with its natural beauty, art and culture, grand architecture, amazing people and delicious food is one of the best places you can take a vacation to.

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