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Posted on 18 Aug 2021

As of 14 August 2021, India has been removed from the list of Virus Variant Countries to the list of Very High-Risk Countries. The Netherlands visa application center is accepting visa applications only fully Vaccinated Travelers (Covishield) with a prior appointment.  

If you wish to enter or return to the Netherlands, check these points before you travel.

1. No EU travel ban
You may travel to the Netherlands, the EU travel ban and does not apply to you.

2. Proof of vaccination or negative test result required
From 14 August 2021 onwards
You need to show a negative test result if you are traveling from a safe country/region outside the EU/Schengen from 14 August 2021 onwards. In some cases, proof of vaccination is sufficient.

3. No self-quarantine is required
You are not required to self-quarantine when you arrive in the Netherlands.

4. Health declaration
If you are traveling by air you must fill in a health declaration (only when aged 13 or above) and carry it with you. Some airlines allow you to complete this health declaration digitally when you check-in.

5. Take a test (even if you have no symptoms and/or have been vaccinated)
You are advised to take a coronavirus test after arriving in the Netherlands. This applies even if you have been vaccinated.

When you have arrived from a safe country or region with proof of vaccination, do a self-test before you meet other people or go to work or school (even if you have been vaccinated). If you do not have proof of vaccination, get tested on days 2 and 5 after your arrival (either by the GGD or by doing a self-test).
Young people who have been on holiday together should always make an appointment with the municipal health service (the GGD) to get tested as soon as they return home. If you have symptoms, stay at home and make an appointment with the GGD to get tested as soon as possible.

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