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Have you ever been curious to know why do we require a visa?

Do you find getting visas hard? We regularly handle the visa application process and will try to explain general aspects, and this knowledge is meant to be an overview and is not in any way a detailed analysis. 
What Is Visa?
A visa is most generally a sticker approved in the applicant's passport or another travel document. A visa generally gives non-citizens permission to enter a country and to remain there within specified limitations, such as a time frame for entry, a limit on the time spent in the country, and a prohibition against the job.

Any country issuing a visa itself is not a guarantee and, a visa can be withdrawn under circumstances any time. A visitor may also be asked to undergo security checks and medical checkups upon arrival. Some visas can be given on arrival or with an earlier application at the country's embassy or consulate. Few nations – For instance, those in the Schengen region - have alliances with other countries accepting each other residents to travel between them without visas. 
The Information here provides an overview of the types of Visas issued by the Embassy. The most popular types and names of visas include:
Visitor Visas - 
These visas are non-immigrant visas and allow to visit temporarily for business, holiday or family visit. Many countries differentiate unique explanations behind these visit.

Transit Visa -
A transit visa is a short term visa which permits you to visit the nation between your International moderate stop. The validity of transit visas is generally short term depending on countries and transit itinerary - from several hours to few days.
Tourist Visa -
A tourist visa is issued to people who are wishing to travel to a country for sightseeing or leisure travel, no business activities are permitted. 

Private Visit Visa - 
Private Visit Visas are issued to individuals visiting their companions or relatives lawfully staying in a nation. A letter of invitation does not guarantee that country will issue a visa.

Business Visa -
Business Visa is issued if one needs to handle business activities in the country, sign contracts, attend training or meetings, and a plenty of activities in association with one's work.

Student Visa - 
Student Visas are issued to those persons who want to undertake a program of study in the different country. Proof of enrollment, admission and proficiency in local communication is a must.

Work Visa - 
Work visas are permits that allow a person to hold an employment in any country for a period of time. These are difficult to obtain unless exceptional courses of action exist between your country of origin and the destination nation.

Immigrant Visa -
Immigrant Visas permit a person to resettle in a country.

Exit Visa -
Some countries have an exit visa prerequisite. Those who have a visa to enter these countries also must have exit visa in order to leave them. 

Visa On Arrival (VOA) - 
'visa-on-arrival' suggests that you require a visa to enter, and is granted when you enter respective country.
After Receiving Your Visa
Firstly check whether the details impressed on your visa sticker is accurate. The basic information you need to verify is:
- Name
- Date of Birth
- Nationality
- Type of visa
- Validity dates
- Number of entries allowed
Visa Fees
Visa fee can vary according to your nationality, period of stay or validity, the purpose of travel and the country you apply for.
It may be difficult for Indian residents to travel and obtain visas, but it’s not unmanageable. Still, if you don't have a clue about visa hire a genuine visa service company and your visa agent is there to assist you with everything from completing your application to unexpected turn-around times.

Note:  Visa requirements keep changing for every country.
Still confused about which travel visa you require? Click on the link for information on documents required to obtain visa.

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