Best Time To Visit Australia For Indians

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When we think of flying to a beautiful country to dive in the Great Barrier Reef and trek through the lush rain-forest and sun-bake along the beaches hugged by the blue ocean, we imagine The Festive and New Year season.
Practically,  we end up staying at home spending the Festive and New Year season with the people we love, but what about just after that?
When everyone is sliding back in their office chairs and gaining few pounds, suffering from after holiday depression. Why don’t we grab the cheapest seat on the plane?
Because this is one of the best times to be in Australia, Unlike countries located in the Northern Hemisphere, the period of February to April in Australia brings with it the beginnings of the refreshing and visually stunning season of autumn.
“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”- Jim Bishop 
As the extremely hot temperatures of the summers months are avoided. Additionally, Aussie kids are back to school, their parents are back to work. So technically the peak season is over for the local tourist, this means no sky-high flight prices, less traffic, fewer kids jostling up the banks of the river ahead of you and quieter restaurants. But wait, Do you know?  Indian visitors have grown remarkably over the last several years and this is an ideal season for Indians to visit Australia. However Embassy every-year received too many visa applications, so every application takes time and efforts. Many applications get rejected because of late submission at the Embassy. Therefore to avoid all the hassle and long ques please apply for visa in well advance. If you are planning to travel in the month of April then prepare your application in March. 
Ultimately, visiting this beautiful country is a treat, Avoiding peak season means Sand settled for miles either sides of you, Now settle down on a robe in the sun with a book on an empty beach. 
February is a last month of summer. Officially summer ends in Australia, the weather is warm not just warm but hot, despite that the rivers are still perfect to float down and the shorts are definitely still wearable. 
What Is There To Do?
The general sightseeing in Australia for the starters is the best way to rejuvenate the body from the long hours' flights and exhaustic layovers. Let’s presume you already sort out the places to visit in Australia. Such as visiting the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, City beaches and a visit to the white-sand beaches of Jervis Bay.
Following are some unique and lesser-known places for travellers

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Port Arthur, Tasmania
Temperatures during March to April: 17.5°C – 10.5°C
Do you believe in Ghost, After the dark tour of The Port Arthur you might!
The Port Arthur Historic Site is a special place of versatile history, cultural heritage and stories so compelling, you’ll want to hear them again and again. It has been said More than 1000 people died at Port Arthur during its 47-year history as a penal settlement, most of the souls of the passed have never left the Port Arthur. Since that time, many people have added to Port Arthur’s haunted reputation with their own experiences of paranormal activity.

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Adelaide, South Australia
Temperatures during March to April: 26.4°C – 15.3°C 
Adelaide is Ideal for those interested in art and dining; the bustling nightlife of this city is outstanding full with festivals like the “Mad March” festival Adelaide Fringe, Womadelaide, Art Festival enjoy the beachfront at Glenelg; visit Haigh’s Chocolates; travel to the Barossa Valley, Kangaroo Island, Hahndorf & Adelaide Hills; swim with dolphins; Adelaide Zoo.

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