Australia Visa - Definitive Guide

Australia is one of the leading countries in the world, offering unparalleled opportunities for business and education. Approximately 7.4 million visitors have visited the country in the year 2015. It suggests that the record of visitors to Australia will be in a surge in the coming years. Well, why would you step back from reaping the benefits out of its visitor favorite atmosphere in every aspect? To visit Australia, you might need an Australia Visa. Although, there are various Australian Visas and each one of them is designed carefully to meet the visitors’ requirements. Delve into the Australian visa guide to find out the details on its procedure, types, eligibility to apply for Australian visa


What is an Australian visa?

As per the Australian government, to enter the country, most nationals need a permit called the Australian visa. There are however, countries that do not need a visa to enter Australia. Based on the length of stay, number of entries, purpose of visit, etc, there are multiple types of visa as discussed in this guide. The Australian visa is linked to your passport on approval. As a result, a stamping of the passport is not required. Australia is very strict about ensuring the safety of the citizens and their country. As a result, there are certain sets of documents one needs to apply for it.


How to Apply for Australian Visa?

Australia consists of a various types of visas, designed to meet the visitors’ requirements. However, the collection of documents plays an important role in acquiring a visa that meets your needs. The Australian High Commission is responsible for granting the visa to those nationals that are exempted from procuring an Australian visa at the arrival in Australia. Government of Australia has mostly preferred a convenient way to make the Australia visa process a hassle-free experience. An applicant can opt to apply through the Australian visa online platform. The details below can help you with the online procedure and clear your queries regarding where and how to apply for Australian visa.

  1. After collecting the documents, you will have to prepare the credit card for online payment.
  2. The online payment includes visa and application charges. The first step after visiting the site is opening an account on ImmiAccount.
  3. After opening an account, you may receive an option to filling your personal details in the application form, which would also ask you to attach the supporting documents.
  4. The further process involves a health examination, wherein a satisfactory health certificate needs to be generated by your family doctor or the recommended hospitals or clinic by the australia high commission. This is required only if the person is above the age of 75, or is applying for a visa longer than 6 months.
  5. The primary and important emails regarding your application shall be mailed to you on your email.
  6. The status of your application can be checked online by logging on to immiAccount.
  7. The application fee could be at least AUD 135. The processing and other charges may vary.

However, one could readily find that the above procedure is very sensitive and hence any error in it may cause a delay in your Australia visa process. It is recommended that you get the work done by the experts who can provide you with an Australian visa. BTW consists of a team of experts in guiding and providing the applicant with crucial and relevant information about the visa services we offer.


Australian Visa Types

Although there are a number of centers to apply for an Australian Visa, you just need to have a good idea of the agencies or centers, if it is a registered one. Now, after knowing the procedure, we need to understand the Australian Visa and Australian visa categories. There are various types and limitations of Australian visa. Here, we shed a light on a few of its types and their limitations:

Tourist Visa Australia -

Australian Tourist Visa is mostly required for the tourists, visiting the country for enjoying holidays, or also for meeting their family/friends/relatives.

    • This visa is a short-stay visa and hence it holds a certain duration, up to which it is valid. The duration for the tourist visa is based on your preferences, it ranges from 3 months, 6 months to 12 months.
    • You may select it as per your availability in the country. This visa is also known as Subclass 600, which lets you do tourism as well as perform a business activity, under certain restrictions.

Business Visa Australia -

Being blessed with a favourable and equally wonderful atmosphere for business, people are bound to enter the land of Australia to explore every possibility of either developing their particular business or establishing it from scratch.

    • Truth be told, there is nothing like Australia! But, in order to reap the benefits out of its business atmosphere, one needs to obtain an endorsement known as the Australia business visa

Visitor Visa Australia -

Obtaining a visa for Australia has never been that tough. Credit to the Government of Australia for having made all the provisions to procure the visa hassle-free. However, one needs to merely understand the visa types and their usage. Australian visitor visa is one of the visas that allow an applicant to enter the country for a short duration.

The Australian Visitor visa has been designed to meet the requirements of the applicant. However, the visa can be obtained for three given purposes.

    • For Short-term business purpose
    • For Tourism purpose
    • For meeting Friends/relatives/family.

Australia Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

Well, there are certain requirements for the Australian visa. There are various types of visas, and one of the biggest requirements of holding any of these visas is that they particularly meet the eligibility criteria. Australia Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens are given below,

  • One should hold a valid passport  
  • The age criteria depend on the kind of visa you are looking forward to procuring.
  • The applicants will have to meet the health and character requirements as per the regulations. The Australian government has maintained the safety standards for Australian citizens. And hence, one can find the medical requirement based on the type of visa he/she prefers.
  • You must have a strong financial status with a good bank balance that can support your stay in Australia.
  • However, the requirements for the Australian visa is purely based on the type of visa you shall prefer.

Australian Visa Process

The Australian visa process is an online procedure. An applicant will have to fill the application form through an authorized visa provider or through an IMMI ACCOUNT Australian consulate. Once the Australian visa online application form is filled, the documents have to be uploaded and then submitted. Well, one must not forget to self-verify the details mentioned in the Australian visa application form. However, after the submission of the application form, one will have to await the australia high commission verification. The high commission verifies all the details mentioned in the application form. One should take care that the mentioned bank balance in the application form must be maintained. It is recommended that one must avoid doing any transaction from the given bank account as the high commission verifies the bank details too, to ensure that the applicant is financially strong or at least carries the amount that can help him support himself in Australia.


Australian Visa Fees

The Australian visa fees differ from one category of visa to another. However, the visa fees for Tourist, Business or Student includes service and other charges accepted by the australia high commission and the concerned visa provider.

    Entry Purpose Stay Duration Validity Fees
    Multiple entry Normal Business 3 months 1 year 7700.0
    Multiple entry Normal Medical 6 months 1 year 7700.0
    Multiple entry Normal Tourist 6 months 1 year 7700.0
    Multiple entry Normal Medical 6 months 1 year 7700.0
    Multiple entry Normal Tourist 12 months 1 year 7700.0
    Multiple entry Normal Medical 12 months 1 year 7700.0
    Multiple entry Normal Tourist 3 months 1 year 7700.0
    Multiple entry Normal Medical 3 months 1 year 7700.0
    Multiple entry Normal Tourist 3 months 1 year 7700.0
    Multiple entry Normal Medical 3 months 1 year 7700.0
    Multiple entry Normal Business 12 months 1 year 7700.0
    Activity Subclass 408 1 year 1 year 17050.0
    Multiple entry Normal Work 3 months 1 year 9400.0
    Multiple entry Normal Work 3 months 1 year 9400.0
    Multiple Entry Normal Subclass 600 1 year 1 year 17050.0
    Multiple entry Normal Business 6 months 1 year 7700.0

Validity of Australian Visa

  1. The validity of an Australian visa depends upon how many days the visitor is planning to stay in the country.
  2. The duration of the visa is decided by the immigration department officials. In the application form, one will have to clearly mention the purpose and the duration of his/her stay in the country, upon which the duration will be decided by the government of Australia.
  3. However, any Australian visa - Tourist, Student or Business - is categorized into three categories as, single entry, double entry, and multiple entry visas.

Australia Visa Status

The Australia visa procedure is carried out online. If an applicant wants to track the status of the visa then he/she might track it with the help of the following steps. 

  1. In order to track the status of your visa, you might have the below list of documents. In the absence of documents, the information could work while tracking the status online. The two following documents are:
    • Passport number
    • Application ID.
  2. To track the status of your visa, you may visit the website of the Australia High Commission in India.

By submitting your name, birth date and Application number

  • The other handy portals may enable you to track the status of your application by submitting your personal information, name (as mentioned in the application form), birth date and passport number along with the application number.
  • In a few cases, you will be provided with a tracking ID after the submission of your application. This tracking ID can help you to track your application through the Australia High Commission site.  

Tracking with the help of passport

  • If you have processed your application through a consultancy or a Visa providing services then you might track the application status by submitting the passport number to the concerned service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a consultant required for an Australia visa?

No, you do not need a consultant to apply for an Australian visa. However, considering the complex documentation, and the strict after-effects of a visa rejection, it is highly recommended to use the services of a consultant. They have been doing the process over and over again, and knows the procedure to the best. 

How many points do I need to apply for Australia visa?

You do not need any points to apply for a normal Australian visa. However, if you are applying for a permanent residency visa, you will require at least 65 points out of 100. These are dependent upon your educational qualifications, age, english proficiency, work experience, etc.

How much do i need to score in a PTE exam for Australia visa?

Firstly, you require a language proficiency only for certain types of Australia visa. For example, a tourist/visitor visa does not require an English test to be taken. However, for the visas that require the applicant to be proficient in English, they will need to prove this by taking proficiency tests. The minimum qualifying score again depends on the type of visa. For a student visa, a PTE band score of 36 is sufficient. However, for a skilled visa, you might even require a minimum of  65 points.

How many marks at education level do I need to apply for an Australian visa?

There are no mark requirements for any of the visa types. However, there might be minimum marks for the educational institution you apply to. Alternately, there are minimum requirements to be met in the case of english proficiency tests. These vary upon the type of visas.

How can I extend my Australia visa?

The possibility of extension depends upon the visa. For a visitor visa, you will not be allowed to extend. You will have to apply for a new one once your current visa expires. However, for a student visa, you may be allowed to extend it by applying for another type. For a permanent visa type, you do not need to extend the, as they have an indefinite validity.

Can an Australia visa be rejected if there is a mistake in the education marksheet?

If your type of visa requires an educational mark sheet, the status depends on the type of error. If there is a major mistake like a wrong grade or marks, it may be rejected. However, if they are irrelevant mistakes such as a spelling mistake in the address of the college, etc, it could be overlooked. In case you have realised that there is a mistake, you can reach out to the authorities while your visa is being processed, and provide them with a correct one. 

Will a difference in name in one of the documents affect the Australia visa process?

Yes, this will definitely affect your visa application and will likely be rejected. It is necessary to ensure that the name in all the documents is the same as the one in the passport. However, if this difference is due to a name change, you will need to provide evidence suggesting the same. In this case, your application will be unaffected by it. It is extremely crucial to provide accurate documents. 


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