9 Reasons Why Your Visa Get Rejected | Useful Tips

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What makes an Embassy decline granting you with a Visa?

There are many important aspects to consider when we are planning to file our visa application. To visit any place outside your resident nation you require a visa to that specific place and applying for it can be a tiresome task. When you are applying for a visa you apparently update yourself from websites, travel agent and reference traveller also verify what documents are needed, what is the processing time, fees, how to submit etc. still though sometimes we get a refusal of our visa even though we were eligible. What might be cause for our refusal? There are a number of reasons which we ignored while we were filing our application. We just go through document list but never think about our eligibility or criteria to apply for a visa.

Providing all documents does not even guarantee to grant your visa. There are some migration laws through which consular take decision on our application. We never study about this law nor we need to understand it too deeply. Below are some internal or visible factors to consider before we present our visa application to attain a visa.

Here are some tips & tricks that you must know -
Reliable Explanation For The Purpose:-
  • Your intended purpose must be genuine and true. You must show the documents related to your purpose. If you have family/friend in invitee country then you should mention why you are willing to meet them.
  • If you are doing only sightseeing then your day wise plan called Itinerary should be specifically refined. A number of stay in one city and country should be matched as per the number of sightseeing spots or area of that destination. i.e staying in Paris for 15-20 days for sheer tourism might not be the genuine purpose.
  •  If you are travelling for business purpose then the importance of business meeting or opportunity must be mention. You can mention your detail intention of travelling on covering letter and submit documents to justify your purpose.
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Financial Records:-
  • You must show that you have sufficient means of funds to cover your trip. You need to calculate and show how much expense will be there for Air ticket, accommodation, food, local transport, sightseeing, entry fees, transfer, Insurance, shopping.
  • Consular prefer that you must show your adequate CASH/ liquid balance in your bank account. Investments like FD, PPF, Policies, and shares, mutual funds cannot be used directly on tour. So they act like as holding investments, not liquid cash.
  • Bank balance should be maintained regularly. If you have deposited certain higher amount in the bank then you should give a declaration of that source of the transaction too. You should consider the expenses of your dependent traveller too.
Source of Income:-
  • Consulates always see how you are surviving in your home country. You must show your source of income according to your profession.
  • The income source can be from your business, salary, interest on investments, rent, pension, consultancy fee, commission, family income etc. 
Invalid Letter of Reference:-
  • Family ties in home and destination country are the important factor to apply for a visa. If you are travelling for tourist or family visit purpose then you have to file your visa applications along with your family.
  • Travelling with immediate relatives like parents, children, spouse, siblings impacts positively on visa decision. Also, some countries have denied a visa for a single traveller.
  • Invitation from Immediate relatives in foreign countries is enormously effective than an invitation from friends.
Ties to Home Country:-
  • You have to leave the destination country before your visa is expired. You need to prove that you have lots of reason to return back to India.
  • You can show that you have immediate dependent family in India or have enough investments and assets in India.
  • Your permanent profession likes business, self-employment or higher position employment also acts strong base to return back to India.
Criminal Actions:-
  • We strongly recommend you that do not apply for a visa if you have a criminal record. Consulate can verify your criminal report if you are trying to hide such information while filling a visa application.
  • There are specific questions in the visa form concerning your criminal record, deportation and visa refusal for which you should give valid answers.
  • False information might lead to getting a ban on applying for a visa. You can submit your court hiring papers or no objection from the court regarding your criminal case.
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False Or Lack Of Documents:- 
  • Using false documents is an absolute visa denial and other going with horrible results.
  • If you don’t have documents as per consulate’s checklist then you would be required to give declaration for not having these documents.
  • Consulate will take a decision after consideration of your declaration. This will not be applicable for mandatory documents.
Travel History:-
  • A passport containing visa stamps and Immigration stamps make your travel history more powerful.
  • Several countries offer you on arrival Visa or Visa free travel if you have USA, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia Visas. Some countries may ask to submit previous passports while applying for a visa.
  • Consular always check your immigration history, deportation, refusal, entry clearance and overstays.
Documents in Regional Language:-
  • Most of the consulate cannot verify your documents which are in a regional language similar Hindi/Marathi/Kannada.
  • You need to interpret these documents in English/Spanish/French as per consular requirement so that they can authenticate your documents.
Disclaimer: The data given here is intended to help and may be usable NOT only for Indian residents however for any natives over the world.

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