Taiwan Visa Procedure and Travel Guide

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Taiwan is a small Island nation located east of China with modern cities, traditional Buddhist temples, hot springs resorts and exotic mountainous terrain.

Taiwan is considered to be on the “wrong side” of south china sea, hence for the longest time, tourism was not a major economic factor in Taiwan. Most travelers visiting South East Asia head towards Thailand Avoiding Taiwan and Philippines, just because it requires an Air Ticket which involves extra budget. However, Thailand has alternative land options such as bus or train to get access to other parts of the peninsula.

Still, Taiwan has its own distinctive place on travelers list despite being on the opposite side of south china sea, you know what they say, those who go the extra mile receive the reward, the reward is to explore this exotic travel destination.

However, tourism has grown significantly over the past several years. Taiwan has been so aggressive in promoting destinations globally that immigration and visa policies have been relaxed for many countries including India.

Taiwan offers tourist/business, work/dependent visa to the Indian applicants. If you are planning to visit Taiwan then you must apply for a Taiwan visa prior before your journey date which removes much of stress. Generally, it takes 3 working days for Taiwan visa processing in the normal case. One can also opt for Taiwan e-visa if he/she holds a valid USA, UK or Schengen multiple entry visa. A Taiwan tourist visa is valid for 3 months with a maximum stay of 60 days from the date of entry.

Documents Required for Taiwan Visa:

  1. Original passport with 6 months validity from date of travel + Old Passport if any.
  2. Must have minimum 2 blank pages on both sides to receive visa stamps.
  3. Return or onward Air ticket.
  4. 2 Passport Photos white background 35 x 45 without border and 60 to 65 % Face.
  5. Online visa application Form.
  6. Covering letter mentioning the details of the traveler and day to day Itinerary.
  7. Confirm hotel Bookings. 
  8. At least last six months bank statement with sufficient balance.
  9. IT Returns / Form 16 for last 3 years.
  10. Salary Slips for last 6 months with seal & sign of company.
  11. Original Leave letter from Employer / School / University.
  12. School/College ID card / Bonafide certificate if student.

Work Visa: Taiwan is most famous for its electronics and its components. Taiwan offers work visa to the applicants and the application process for work permits is very simple and efficient. However, the documents needed to support work permit in Taiwan vary according to the type of employment, before that you need to get your personal, educational certificates and commercial documents attested from various departments of Government and Embassy. Here you can check the detailed process for Attestation and Apostille Service.

Best Time to Visit Taipei?

Quick Answer is Winter and Autumn. November to March is the Ideal Period to Visit Taiwan. Taiwan enjoys a humid climate that is heavily influenced by the monsoon.

Summers (June-September) are hot and reaching about 35 °C, and wet.

Winters (December-February) are mild and rarely plunging below 10 °C

Autumns (November to January) are pleasant and peak season for holidays in Taiwan, so usually hotels are bit expensive in this season, temperature ranges between 22 °C to 28 °C.

How to get to Taiwan?

The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) is the primary gateway to this island nation and the busiest airport in Taiwan. Comparing to other airlines AirAsia offers the affordable and cheap flight tickets all year, otherwise, Jet Airways also offers decent deals on return tickets, sometimes it ranges as low as 15k for a seat. Other airlines don’t even come close.

Airport is located in Taoyuan county and efficient way to Taipei city is by bus or train. Whereas, terminal 1 and terminal 2 has its own stations that will take you to city within 40 mins.

Where to stay in Taipei city

Taipei city has very efficient public transport and it is not at all complicated. Most city attractions are located along the Red and Green lines so when it comes to booking hotels, as long as you’re staying somewhere near a railways station (MRT), you are good.

Top Destination in Taiwan

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Taipei 101

Taipei is the economic capital of Taiwan, Located near the northern tip of the island, it is completely surrounded by modern building and rich Chinese architecture, for example Taipei 101 is multistorey building offering overall view of the city.

Thumb shilin night market

Shilin Night Market

With a history of past 100 years, this night market is known for the quality of its food. The market’s signature recipes are jumbo fried steaks, oyster omelets, and squid soup which represents Taiwanese snacks at their very best. The food market is sheltered in a purpose-built multi-story building.

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Natural Heritage

9 out of 10 people visits Hualien tour Taroko Gorge, one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world and Taiwan’s foremost natural scenery attraction.

Hualien’s greatest reward is marble, tons of pure marble sit in the rocky cliffs and cracks of nearby Taroko Gorge.

Taiwan is heavily gifted with natural heritage, equipped with more than 100 hot-spring locations, the majority in the north, and there are also cold springs, mud springs, and saltwater coastal springs. The water is generally high in temperature and crystal clear, and safe to drink.

The most charming thing about the island is the mind-boggling warm welcome – Taiwan is a standout amongst the most attractive countries on the planet, travel to explore best surprises of Taiwan.

Short Guide for Attestation

When applying for a long term visa to Taiwan i.e. work, student or dependent visa one needs to get the documents attested from the Taiwan Embassy.
The documents that need to get attested include personal documents, educational documents and Medical Form / Form B.

The attestation has to be followed by below steps which includes attestation from different authorities in following order - 

  • Local Notary
  • State Government 
  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • Taiwan Embassy

Attestation of other documents is not a major challenge but when it comes to the Medical Form, one needs to be very careful. It is time consuming if you miss any point before submitting the document to the Embassy. The Embassy of Taiwan is very particular and returns all the documents back even if there is any single mistake.

The Medical form mentions 5 tests which need to be done at a reputed hospital. The form needs to be completely filled by the doctor and should have the stamp and signature at necessary places. In addition to this the form should have reports for every test / vaccination attached with it.

The reports also have criteria like it should not be handwritten, should be printed on the hospital’s letterhead, etc.

Once this attestation process is completed then the application can be forwarded for a visa.

The attestation process takes 8-10 working days whereas the visa processing will take 3 working days.

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