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Algeria Tourist Visa - Definitive Guide

With elegant cities such as Algiers and Constantine, stunning coastline, several UNESCO sites, Algeria is a charming country. Due to the civil war in 1992, there was a halt in tourism. However, since 2004, it has been on the rise again in terms of tourism; Attracting thousands of tourists every year. To visit the country, you’ll need an Algeria Tourist Visa.

What is Algeria Tourist Visa?

algeria tourist visa

For citizens belonging to nationalities other than the 7 countries that are on a visa-exempt status with Algeria, every other nationality requires a tourist visa to enter Algeria for the purpose of tourism. This visa, however, is issued for a single entry for 30 days, or multiple-entry for 90 days. The visa comes in the form of a stamp inside the passport. 

How to apply for Algeria Tourist Visa?

The process of applying for the tourist visa, even though straightforward, can be a demanding task. Before you start the applications, it is important to ensure that this is the right type of permit for you and that you have all the necessary documents that have to be submitted. Upon doing this, you may proceed as below - 

  1. Visit the website of the Embassy of Algeria, and fill in the online application form. 
  2. You have to fill this online, and hand-written applications are not accepted.
  3. Print 2 copies of your completed application form, and sign in both of them.
  4. Procure a Bank Draft with the visa fees.
  5. Attach your documents, photos, and the draft with the application forms, and send it to the Algerian embassy. 

Make sure that you submit the application only during the mentioned hours. The embassy has the right to ask for additional documents for further processing. You can either submit the application by yourself, or you can also procure the services of a visa agency to do this process for you.

Ensure that you fill the application form correctly, and with the right documents. A faulty application is likely to be rejected. A visa denial or rejection may affect your future applications.  

Eligibility for Algeria Tourist Visa

To be eligible to apply for the tourist permit, you have to meet the following requirements - 

  • You must hold a passport valid.
  • Your sole purpose of visit must be Tourism alone.
  • You should have your proof of accommodation duly certified by local authorities in Algeria or an invitation from an Algerian travel agency.
  • You should have sufficient funds to fund your stay.

Documents required for Algeria Tourist Visa for Indian citizens

As per the requirements of Algeria tourist visa, the following are the list of documents you will have to submit for the application.

  • Original Indian Passport that is valid for at least months from the date of travel.
  • Two copies of the completed online application form. Signature is mandatory on both of these.
  • Two recent passport size photographs.
  • Confirmed round trip flight tickets.
  • Proof of accommodation. This involves a certificate duly certified by the local authorities in Algeria, or an invitation letter from an Algerian based travel agency with the full travel itinerary.
  • Proof of sufficient funds - bank statements/Passbook/Form 16/ITR etc.
  • Travel insurance is optional, but it can help your application.

Algeria Tourist Visa Photo Specifications

The photo specifications for Algeria tourist visa are as follows -

algeria tourist visa photo specifications

  • Dimensions:  35mm X 45mm
  • Colour: Coloured
  • Head must occupy the central position
  • Must be captured within the last 3 months
  • Background: Solid, plain white or grey
  • Must have 80% face coverage
  • The facial expression must be neutral
  • Eyes must be directed towards the camera and wide open. 
  • Glasses: prescription glasses are allowed
  • Headgears are allowed only for religious reasons
  • Facial hair is permitted

Processing time for Algeria Tourist Visa

The visa applications are usually processed within 10-15 days. However, it may take longer depending on the type of entry, additional documentation requirements, complications of the application, workload, and so on. It is therefore advised to apply for the visa well in advance before your travel date.

Algeria Tourist Visa fees

The fees for the Algerian visa depends on the number of entries and the duration of the visa. It is advised to check the right price shortly before applying. There may also be additional service charges for the visa services. The visa application fees have to be paid only in the form of a Demand Draft to ‘Embassy of Algeria in New Delhi.

Entry Stay Duration Validity Fees
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 24243.0
Single entry Normal 30 days 3 months 20243.0

After submission

Once you have submitted your application, the embassy will start processing it. If they require additional documentation to process, they will contact you for it. In the meanwhile, you can track the status of your visa by contacting the embassy. Alternately, you can contact your agency to find out the status of your application.

When you have this visa

Once you have the permit, you will have to keep the following in mind before and during your travel - 

  • Ensure that you carry all your travel documents before you travel.
  • While you are on a tourist visa, you cannot take part in other activities such as business meetings, employment, etc. 
  • While you are in the country, you must respect the traditions and culture as well as abide by the laws in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Extend My Algerian Tourist permit?

Thanks to the government’s efforts to increase the revenue from tourism, you are allowed to extend the Algerian tourist visa. For this, you will have to visit the Foreigners’ Office in Algiers and apply for an extension. Although it is technically possible to get an extension, the chances of it getting approved are dependent on the decision of the office. 

After Expiring My tourist visa for Algeria, How Long Can I Stay?

Once your tourist permit has expired, you are not allowed to stay back in the country for any longer. You are expected to leave the country before your permit expires. Staying back in the country after expiry is considered as an offence and can lead to fines and maybe even deportation. 

What is the Medical Test for Algeria Tourist permit?

As per the requirements by the Algerian embassy, there are no medical test requirements for the tourist visa from India. However, certain other nationalities may require you to get a medical test. Although, it is suggested that you get medical check-ups done before travelling to a foreign country. 

Can I Convert My tourist visa for Algeria into a Work permit?

No, it is not possible to convert the tourist visa into a work permit. Since the embassy expects you to return back to your country upon expiry, no conversions are allowed. You are also not allowed to work while you are in this category. If you require a work permit, you must apply for one once you are back in your home country.


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