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China Visit Visa - Definitive Guide

China is a business and cultural epicenter. The country has time and time again proved its capabilities in sports, business, and development. China has seen a major development, eventually, its booming economy making a strong statement. In terms of sports, the Olympics and other international competitions have had witnessed intense competition from Chinese athletes. Well, a visit to this country shall unveil more of such facts. However, to visit China, one might have to procure a China visit visa. The below guide will help you in understanding the concept of China visit visa from India. 

What is China Visitor Visa?

china visit visa

The Government of China has its own unique method of underlining the visas it grants. It is observed that the China visa is categorized as per the purpose of the visitor. However, the visas are categorized and labeled through alphabets. Similarly, to visit China one needs to carry a visitor visa labeled as ‘F’ visa. The ‘F’ visa is granted to the visitors visiting China for cultural, Medical, a Study tour or for some other activities. 

The China visit visa is granted under various entries as, 

Single Entry Visa (01)

Single entry visa allows you to travel to China only once.

Double Entry Visa (02)

Double-entry lets you travel in and out of the country twice. 

Multiple Entry Visa (M)

It lets you travel in and out of the country as many times as possible.

Validity and Duration of the visa?

  • Moreover, China visit visa has 3 months validity. Although the validity and duration can be altered depending upon the visitor's requirements. 
  • Most of the people get confused with the validity and duration of the visa. If the validity of the visa is three months then the visitor must visit the country in a span of 3 months, irrespective of the duration.

How to Get a Visa to Visit China?

China Visit Visa

To get the China visit visa from India, the applicant will have to fill China’s visitor visa application form by following the offline procedure. There are no provisions made to avail the China visit visa form online by the Government of China. In case you are applying without any services from any visa providers then the applications have to be submitted to the embassy in person. However, since it is a sensitive procedure, one will have to complete the process precisely. 

  • Before beginning the procedure, one must collect all the mandatory documents listed by the embassy. However, it is recommended to get your documents ready to submit before submitting them ahead. The documents listed in this guide must include an invitation letter for visitor visa China. 
  • An applicant must self-verify all the documents before sending them ahead, with the application form, for an embassy verification. 
  • Once the documents are self-verified as per the People's republic of China visa requirements, they must be further sent for the embassy verification, through a consultancy to avoid any further errors. 
  • As mentioned above that no online procedure is followed in the procedure, and hence no documents will be accepted through emails. 
  • Soon after the documents are sent for the embassy verification, it takes at least 4 working days for the embassy to grant you the visit visa. 
  • To fast track the services, the express service, too, is available for the applicant. In express service, an applicant could normally receive the visa in a span of 2 working days.

It is necessary to ensure that your visa application is legitimate and complete. Any mistakes in the applications will lead to visa refusals. 

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Eligibility for China Visit Visa

Much before an applicant fills the China visit visa form, he/she must check the eligibility criteria of the China visa, chalked out by the Government of China. The below guide will help you in understanding the eligibility criteria of the China visit  visa. 

  • The China visit visa is created to meet the applicant's requirements, who are visiting the country for family visits, exhibitions, cultural activities, etc
  • An onward ticket is recommended. The ticket need not be a confirmed one. However, you will be informed by the embassy, consulate or the visa providing agency about the requirements. 
  • An invitation letter from an organization, person, committee or family members must be attached along with the application form. 
  • Indian Passport holders are eligible to apply for the visit visa. The passport must be valid for at least six months since the intended date of travel. 
  • Extension of the visa is not allowed. An applicant will have to exit China and re-apply for the visa from the home country. 

When you have this visa

When you are holding a visit visa for China, you are entitled to stay in the country for a short duration (in some cases the duration may be extended by the Government of China). One could be able to get involved in a conducted study tour, cultural exchange event,  visit family/friends , or even  attend sporting events.

Before and while   - 

  • Before and while travelling, one must make sure of carrying the passport. 
  • The total duration of your stay in China is decided by the government of China. It could be from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even a year, depending upon the applicant’s requirements. 
  • Any damage to the passport will cause a rejection of the application, as it violates the rules and regulations stated by the Government of China. 

After entering China 

  • After you enter China, the visitor must carry your passport to every place in China for identification and security purposes. 
  • You might have to present the passport photocopy along with the other identification documents, upon being asked by the officials of the immigration department in China.

Documents Required For China Visitor Visa

The documentation process has to be completed precisely and accurately. To avoid any such circumstances, which might delay the application procedure, one must take care of presenting the below-mentioned documents with the application form, in due time, without any major errors. The China visit visa requirements are stated below, 

  1. An original passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.
  2. Two Color photographs 
  3. A covering letter mentioning the details of the travel.
  4. personal bank statements for the last 6 months showing sufficient funds.
  5. Confirmed air tickets.
  6. Original leave sanction from Company/school – if employed.
  7. Proof of family relationship, if visiting relatives.
  8. Proof of accommodation.

Photo Specification for China Visit Visa

photo specification for china visit visa

  • Size must be scaled between 33mm width and 48mm length
  • Colour: Photo must be submitted in colour with natural skin tones.
  • Head size and position: The head must be between 15mm and 22mm wide. Length is 28mm to 33mm.
  • A recent photograph taken in the last 6 months
  • Background: Plain white. 
  • Smile: Neutral expression.
  • Eyes & Ears: eyes wide open and also both the ears must be visible.
  • Glasses: Thin rimmed eyewear only. No sunglasses allowed. 
  • Headgear: Not allowed until used for religious purposes.
  • Attire, clothing, dress code: The dress should not match the background. 
  • Beard: Optional.
  • Quantity needed in application: 2.

China visit visa Processing Time

The entire procedure is dependent on the documentation process. However, the valid and authenticated documents may take less time for the verification. 

  • The estimated time required for an applicant to acquire the China visa is at least 4 working days. 
  • To fast track the visa process, the express service is made available by the Government of China. The express service duration could grant an applicant the visit within 2 working days. 

China Visit Visa Cost

The fees for the China Visit Visa depends on several factors such as the purpose of visit, the duration of the visit, the type of entry, as well as any express charges applicable. The fees vary based on the Chinese embassy.

After Submission

  1. After the applicant self-verifies all the documents as per the requirements of the embassy or the concerned consultancy then the applicant has to submit them to the embassy or consulate. 
  2. After the documents are submitted, one might have to await the embassy verification. 
  3. It is recommended to not do any transaction from the mentioned bank account in the application form to maintain the account balance. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend my China Visitor Visa?

Yes, you may extend your visitor permit for China. However, normally, extensions are not granted easily. If you do choose to apply, you will have to submit the application at the PSB (Public Security Bureau) in China. You will have to apply at least 7 days before your current visa expires. Also, if granted, you will mostly be only granted an extension of one month. You may be granted an extension up to a maximum of 2 times in one trip.

After expiring my China Visitor Visa how long can I stay?

You will not be permitted to stay beyond your visa expiry. Overstaying is considered an offence, and will be subject to fines and deportation. It is strictly required that you leave the country before your visa expires. Alternately, you may apply for a visa extension or a new visa if you wish to stay longer in the country.

What is the medical requirement for China Visitor Visa?

There is no particular medical requirement for the visitor permit. Since it is a short term visa, medical tests are not mandatory. However, for other visas such as the student visa, work visa, etc, a compulsory medical check-up is required. Either way, it is suggested that you get a health check-up before visiting any country. 

Can I convert my China Visitor Visa into another visa?

No, you cannot convert from one visa type to another. You will have to wait towards the end of the current visa, and then apply for one. However, you may apply it from within China, or leave the country and apply from your home country. Please note that staying back once your current visa expires is an offense. 


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