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France Visit Visa for Indians - Procedure, Fees, etc.

May be money can’t buy happiness, but a visit to France can surely be bought. People from all over the globe visit the country for various purposes. Be it tourism, business, work, study, there is always a visa pertaining to it. Now, what if you are invited by your relatives or friends in France to visit them? Well, the type of permit for this called France visit visa.

What is France Visit Visa?

france visit visa

Also known as the France Schengen visit visa, this endorsement is issued to people whose primary motive of the visit is to meet their family members or relatives residing in France. Being a type of the Schengen C category, this is a short term type and is valid for a duration of 90 days in a 180-day period. It is issued as single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry as per your requirements. However, the final decision will depend on the consular officer.

How to Apply Visit Visa for France from India?

To apply for the French visitor permit, the application has to be made online. However, the submission is done offline at one of the French appointed VACs (Visa Application Centre). Even though it is done by this method, the VAC has no role in the processing of the application. They sent the application to the embassy or consulate for processing. Before starting the application, it is necessary to check if you meet the eligibility conditions for the visitor category. You may then proceed to make the application as follows- 

  1. Obtain all the necessary documents you will need for the application. 
  2. Create an account at the French visa application portal known as French-Visas. 
  3. Fill in the online application form with all the required details. Since there is a single form for all French C category permits, you must mention that your purpose of visit is “family/friends visit”.
  4. You will then receive an email of the completed application form. Take a print out of the same. 
  5. Proceed to book your visa appointment for the document and biometric submission at a VAC. You can do this by calling the VAC, or online by visiting their website.
  6. With the appointment confirmation receipt, completed application form, and the documents, attend the appointment in person. You will have to submit the documents and a biometric at the centre, along with the fees.  

Please note that you must carry the original documents with you to the appointment centre for verification. However, you must only submit photocopies (except passport) to them. Also, ensure that you provide genuine documents. Any misinformation or fake documents can cause a visa rejection. A rejected application affect your travel. 

Keep in mind that if you have submitted your biometrics in the Schengen VIS (Visa Information System) in the past 5 years, you do not have to submit them again. Your old biometrics are still in the system, and can be used again. In this case, you do not have to be at the appointment in person. You may send the application through someone else.

Eligibility for France Schengen Visit Visa

To be able to apply for a visitor category of the Schengen, you must meet the following conditions. If you do not, you will not be allowed to apply, and your application will be rejected. 

  • You must be a resident in your home country while applying from within. If you are living in a residence permit in a foreign nation, you may apply it from there. 
  • You must possess a valid passport as per the requirements. 
  • Your primary purpose of the visit must be to visit your family members or family residing in France.
  • You must be invited by your family/friend living in the country. 
  • You must have sufficient funds to support you throughout your stay in the country. Or be sponsored by someone. 
  • You must apply for the visitor permit only if -
    1. France is your only destination, or
    2. France is one of your multiple Schengen destinations, in which case you will be spending the majority of the time here, or,
    3. France is your port of entry.

Documents Required for France Schengen Visit Visa

As per the requirements, the following are the list of documents requirements for France visit visa at the appointment centre. However, keep in mind that there may be other specific documents required as per individual requirements. You must check the exact requirements before applying -

  •  Valid Indian Passport- 
    1. It must contain at least 2 blank pages.
    2. It must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of intended travel.
    3. Old passports, if any, are to be attached.
  • Covering letter - 
    1. Must include the applicant's basic details such as name, designation, address, etc.
    2. It should clearly state the purpose and duration of the visit.
    3. It should mention the source of funds.
    4. It must be signed by the applicant and addressed to the Finland embassy.
  • Travel itinerary 
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Confirmed flight tickets
  • Invitation letter from your family member or friend living in France, mentioning all the relevant details
  • Travel insurance covering expenses up to 30000 Euros
  • Proof of occupation 
  • Financial documents -Personal bank statements, a copy of updated passbook

Photo Specifications of France Visit Visa

The photo specifications of France visit visa are as follows -

photo specifications of france visit visa

  • Dimensions:  35mm X 45mm
  • Colour: Coloured 
  • Head must occupy the central position
  • Must be recently captured within the last 3 months
  • Background: Solid, plain white or grey
  • 80% face coverage
  • Neutral expression
  • Glasses: Non-thick framed and prescription are permitted
  • Headgears are allowed only for religious reasons
  • Facial hair is permitted

Processing Time of France Visit Visa

The actual time taken for the processing depends on several factors such as the entry type, the volume of applications, duration of stay, and varies significantly. In normal circumstances, the application is processed in 15 working days. However, due to the variability, it is suggested that you apply well in advance. You must apply at least 15 days before your intended travel date, but no more than 3 months.

France Visit Visa Fees

The total fees for the process includes the application fees, biometric charges, express processing charges, and other service charges. The application fees again depends on the number of entries, the validity, foreign exchange rates, and so on. As a result, you must check the exact fees before starting the application.

Entry Stay Duration Validity Fees
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Term Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Term Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6851.0

After Submission

Once you have submitted the application and paid the fees at the VAC. The centre will send the application package to the respective embassy or consulate as per the jurisdiction. If approved, you can pick up the passport with the visa sticker at the VAC, or you can have it delivered to you for a fee.

How to Check Visa Status

After you have submitted an application, you can track the status of your application in a few ways. You can opt for SMS notification services by the VAC. Alternately, you can enter the tracking portal provided by the VAC and enter your application number and name to know the status. You may also contact your travel agency to have them track it for you.

When you have this visa

Once you are in possession of this permit, you must keep in mind the following points. These are to ensure that you have a pleasant travel experience. 

  • Keep in mind the expiry date, as well as the number of entries on the visa sticker. You must not stay in the country beyond this period. You must also abide by the entry type of your permit. For example, you cannot leave the Schengen region and enter back in with a single-entry type of the French visitor permit.
  • You must travel to France within 6 months of the date of issue. Your permit will become invalid after this period. 
  • Ensure that you carry a copy of the passport and other travel documents while you are travelling within the country. .
  • While you are travelling as a visitor, you must not engage in work or other employment activities. 
  • Being a short term permit, these are non-extendable.

You are allowed to visit any of the Schengen countries while you are on the Uniform type of the permit. However, if you have been issued with an LTV form (Limited Territorial Validity), you will only be allowed to visit the countries that are mentioned on the sticker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I extend my France Schengen visit visa?

Due to the fact that France visit visa is a type of the Schegen short term category, these are non-extendable in normal conditions. However, in certain extreme cases such as a Force Majeure, or other humanitarian reasons, you may be granted an extension. In other cases, you must leave the country upon expiry.

After expiring my France visit visa, how long can I stay?

You are not allowed to stay any longer after your permit expires. One of the primary conditions under which the visitor permit is issued is that you return back to your home country after the validity period. Staying back after this period is considered as a breach of this rule, and is an offence. This can get you deported, or even be banned from entering the country again.

What is the medical test for France visit visa?

Since the visitor permit is issued for a duration of only 90 days, there is no requirement for a mandatory medical test. However, you are supposed to possess a medical travel insurance. In either case, it is suggested that you get a health checkup done before travelling to a new country.

Can I convert my France Schengen Visit Visa into tourist permit?

No, the France visit visa is non-extendible and non-convertible. However, if you require a tourist permit, you must apply for it once you go back to your home country. Alternately, you do not require a tourist permit to take part in tourism. Your visitor visa allows you to take part in tourist-related activities.

Can I travel to other Schengen or European countries on a France Visit Visa?

Yes, you can travel to any of the other Schengen countries while you are on a visitor permit. Due to the fact that France is a part of the Schengen region, you do not need another country specific visa. However, you may not visit all the European countries. Since only a few of the European nations are a part of the Schengen region, you can visit only these countries. Also keep in mind that if you are issued with an LTV type, you will be allowed to visit only the countries listed on the sticker.


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