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Ghana Tourist Visa - Definitive Guide

Culture, heritage, recreation, and adventure; These comprise the majority of Ghana tourism. Being one of the most amazing scenic places in the world, Ghana is a must-visit on any traveller’s bucket list. Except for a few countries, most nationals require a Ghana Tourist Visa to enter the country for tourism. 

What is a Ghana Tourist Visa?

The tourist visa is a short term visa issued for the sole purpose of tourism. This includes visiting Ghana on holiday, as well as meeting friends or relatives. A few countries do not need a visa to enter Ghana. Most other countries have to apply for a visa before travelling. However, in the case of certain countries which do not have a Ghana visa issuing authority, they will receive a Ghana tourist visa on arrival, in Ghana provided that they submit the necessary documents when they arrive in Ghana. The tourist visa is generally issued for up to 3 months. However, in cases where it is issued for more than that, it is solely upon the visa officer’s decision.

How do I get a Ghana Tourist Visa?

The process of obtaining this visa is not an easy task since the Ghanaian visa involves a lot of tasks. Before applying for the visa, you will need to assure that you are applying for the right type of visa. After this, you will need to obtain the necessary documents as per the requirements. The process can be done as follows - 

  1. You can fill in your details on the visa portal on the website of the Ghanian High Commission in India.
  2. In this online application, once you fill the details, upload your documents as asked, and click ‘submit’.
  3. Once you submit the online application, take a print out of the application form.
  4. With 4 copies of the online hard copy of the application form, attach your documents and 4 photographs.
  5. Attach your visa fees in the form of a Banker’s draft in the name of ‘Ghana High Commission, Delhi’.
  6. Send the above application in-person to the nearest visa authority.

The process is quite deceiving and involves a lot of legwork. It is therefore extremely necessary to ensure that you fill in the correct details, and attach the right documents as any mistakes can cause you visa from being delayed, or even rejected. A visa being rejected can cause problems in the future. Therefore, it is highly advised to use professional help in the form of visa agencies for the process.

Eligibility for Ghana Tourist Visa

To apply for a tourist visa for Ghana, it is necessary to ensure that you are eligible for the visa. These include the following criteria - 

  • You must have a valid passport.
  • Your sole purpose is tourism.
  • You should apply only if you can show that you have sufficient funds to support your stay in Ghana.
  • If you are visiting a friend or family, you should have an invitation letter from them.
  • You must be free of any chronic diseases that can be a danger to the public in Ghana.
  • You can only apply for a visa if you are a resident in the country where you are applying from. 

When you have this visa

Once you receive your visa, you will have to vary of several things such as - 

  • Before you travel, ensure that you carry all your travel documents.
  • You will have to travel to Ghana within 6 months after your visa has been issued.
  • Keep in mind, the validity of your visa as it is a criminal offence to stay in the country after your visa expiry.
  • While you are in the country, you must follow the Ghana immigration laws.
  • While on a tourist visa, you cannot take part in other activities such as a business, work, education, etc.

Documents required for Ghana Tourist Visa

As per the Ghana Tourist Visa information, to apply for the visa, you are required to submit a certain set of documents as follows - 

  • A passport valid until at least 6 months from the date of travel
  • Duly filled and signed visa application forms - 4 sets
  • Passport photos - 4
  • Covering letter mentioning the details of the visit
  • Travel itinerary, including confirmed flight tickets, and proof of accommodation
  • Yellow fever vaccination 
  • Leave sanction from Employer/School/university.
  • Proof of occupation
  • Financial proof - personal bank statements of the past 6 months
  • If applicable, an invitation letter from a family/friend who is inviting you, stating that they will be obligated to you and ensure that you will follow the Ghana immigration laws

Photo Specification

  • Photo size -  35mm X 45mm
  • Colour: Coloured
  • Head - central position
  • Recently taken
  • White/grey background
  • 85% face coverage
  • Neutral facial expression
  • Glasses - not permitted
  • Headgears - only for religious reasons  

Processing Time of Ghana Tourist Visa

The visa processing time for the tourist visa is generally between 3-5 days. You will receive a decision during this period. However, based on other factors, this could take longer. As a result, it is advised to apply early for the visa.

Ghana Tourist Visa cost

The fees for the tourist visa for Ghana varies depending on the duration of the visa, and the number of entries. The amount can also change at any point without prior notice from the Ghana High Commission. As a result, always confirm the visa fees before applying.

How to Check Visa Status

After the submission of your documents to the visa authority, you will be notified of the result after the processing time. The documents will be sent back to you via mail if you have provided the courier package and charges, or they can also be picked up directly from the visa issuing authority office. 

In the meanwhile, you can track the status of your application by sending an email to the High Commission with your details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Extend My Ghana Tourist Visa?

Despite the fact that the tourist visa is a short term type, the Ghanian government allows for the extension of this permit. In order to apply, you must make the application at the Immigration Headquarters or regional office in Ghana. The application must also contain a statement regarding the purpose of the extension.

After Expiring My Ghana Tourist Visa How Long Can I Stay?

You are not allowed to stay any longer after the expiry. Staying back after this is considered an offence and will attract a penalty. As a result, you must exit the country upon expiry. However, you may apply for an extension if you have a valid reason. 

What is the Medical Test for Ghana Tourist Visa?

There is no specific medical test for the Ghana tourist permit. However, it is mandatory to provide a yellow fever vaccination certificate. This is one of the basic requirements to enter the country. Despite this, it is suggested that you get a medical test done before travelling abroad.

Can I Convert My Ghana Tourist Visa into Work Visa?

It is not possible to convert a tourist permit into a work permit. Being a type of the short term category, these are not convertible. Also, you are not allowed to take part in work-related activities while on this permit. If you require to work in Ghana, you must go back to your home country and apply for a work visa. 


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