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Liechtenstein Visa - Definitive Guide

One of the smallest countries in the world (6th smallest to be precise), Lichtenstein is a mountainous principality that is ruled by a monarch and is embedded in the alps. Add to this the magnificent castles, and this little country feels like it is straight out of a fairytale. The country has quite interesting things with the Liechtenstein Visa being one among them. 

What is Liechtenstein Visa?

Lichtenstein is a country without any airports. Now, you might think ‘why would you need a Lichtenstein visa from India if you can’t fly there?’. Well, regardless of the mode of entry, you will need a permit to enter the country from an alien nation. As a result, to get to Lichtenstein, you may fly to Austria or Switzerland and then enter Lichtenstein via road. And hence, the need for the Liechtenstein Schengen visa. However, nationals of EU and EEA do not require a permit to enter the principality. 

How to Apply for Liechtenstein Visa?

As per the regulations, in countries where there is no embassy for Lichtenstein, Switzerland Embassy is in charge of the consular services. India is one of these countries and has Swiss embassy processing applications for Liechtenstein visa. There is no mode for an online visa application for Liechtenstein from India. However, the Lichtenstein visa application form is filled online. Before starting the application ensure that you are eligible for the particular type of permit you are applying for. After this, you may proceed to make the application as follows - 

  1. The first step involves collecting all the documents required for the process. Based on the exact type of visa, you will have specific document requirements. 
  2. Visit the website of the Switzerland Embassy in India and download the required visa application form. 
  3. Fill in the Liechtenstein Schengen visa application form online and then take a print out of it. 
  4. Proceed to book an appointment for application submission at one of the VACs located across India. You can do this by using the online portal of the respective VAC, or by calling them. 
  5. Visit the appointment centre with the documents, duly filled and signed the application form, and the visa fees. You will also have to submit your biometrics here.

Please note that if you have submitted your biometrics for a Schengen permit in the past 5 years, you will not have to submit them again. Your previous data will be copied and used for the new application as well. Also, keep in mind that you must provide only genuine document and information. Providing false information is an offence and will get your visa rejected. 

Liechtenstein Schengen Visa Types

Similar to the other Schengen countries, based on the purpose of visit and the duration, the Lichtenstein visa can be classified as follows - 

  • Short term ‘C’ - This is more commonly known as the Lichtenstein Schengen visa and is issued for a short period of time of 90 days in a 180-day period. Based on the purpose of the visit, these can further be classified as the following - 
    1. Tourist - This is for tourists whose main purpose of the visit is to take part in tourist activities such as sightseeing, leisure activities, adventure activities, etc.
    2. Business - This permit allows you can travel to Liechtenstein to take part in business-related activities such as trade fairs, MICE activities, etc.
    3. Visitor - This type of permit is issued for people who have been invited to visit their family members or friends living in Liechtenstein.
    4. Study - This type is issued for individuals who are visiting the country to take part in short term studies, research, training and other academic activities for a short period.
  • Long term ‘D’ - This is known as the national visa, and is issued for periods longer than 90 days. If a stay is required longer than this, you must apply for a residence permit. Based on the purpose, these can also be classified as the following- 
    1. Work - This is granted for people who are entering the country to take part in employment activities.
    2. Study - This is issued for students entering Lichtenstein for academic purposes that last longer than 90 days. 
    3. Family Reunion - This type is for people who are visiting their family living in the country. 

Note that even though the D type is more commonly known as the national visa, the C and D are both Schengen visas. 

Documents Required for Liechtenstein Visa

As per the requirements, the following are the list of documents that are required to apply for this permit. However, these are just the general documentation required. As per the exact category of the visa, there will be additional documents necessary.

  • A valid passport
  • Covering letter stating the details of the visit
  • Travel itinerary
  • Flight bookings
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Medical travel insurance coverage up to at least 30000 Euros
  • Proof of occupation/employment/student status
  • Financial documents to show proof of funds to support the stay.

Liechtenstein Schengen Visa Photo Requirements

  • Dimensions: 35mm X 45mm
  • Colour: Coloured
  • Head must occupy the central position
  • Must be captured within the last 3 months
  • Background: Solid, plain white or grey
  • 80% face coverage
  • Neutral expression
  • Glasses: Non-thick framed and prescription glasses
  • Headgears - only for religious reasons
  • Facial hair - permitted

Liechtenstein visa fees for Indian

The fees for the Lichtenstein visa depends on several factors such as the category of the visa, the duration of stay, the number of entries, the biometric charges, as well as any service charges by the VAC, etc. It can also vary upon the foreign currency exchange rates. As a result, it is necessary to check the exact fees before starting the application.

Entry Purpose Stay Duration Validity Fees
Multiple entry Normal Business 90 days 3 months 6840.0
Multiple entry Normal Business 90 days 3 months 6840.0
Multiple entry Normal Study 90 days 3 months 6840.0
Multiple entry Normal Study 90 days 3 months 6840.0
Multiple entry Normal Work 90 days 3 months 6840.0
Multiple entry Normal Work 90 days 3 months 6840.0
Multiple entry Normal Tourist 90 days 3 months 6840.0
Multiple entry Normal Tourist 90 days 3 months 6840.0

Lichtenstein visa processing time

The time taken to process the Lichtenstein permit varies significantly on several factors such as the type, duration of stay, entry type, volume of applications, as well as your previous travel history, etc. As a result, you must apply for the visa well in advance, but not more than 3 months before the date of travel.

Liechtenstein Schengen Visa Status

While your visa is being processed, you can check its status. You can do the Liechtenstein visa status check online by visiting and entering your reference number and date of birth. You can also check the Liechtenstein visa application status by contacting your travel agency.

Where to Apply for Liechtenstein Visa?

Due to the absence of a Liechtenstein embassy in India, the application for the Liechtenstein visa is made to the Embassy of Switzerland. However, the application is submitted to one of the VACs. The VACs are located across India in all the major cities. Even though the VAC accepts your application, they have no control over the processing. The processing is solely the responsibility of the Swiss embassy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I extend my Liechtenstein Visa?

The extension options for the Liechtenstein visa depends on the type. The short term categories of this are not extendable under normal conditions. However, in certain extreme cases of unforeseeable circumstances, you may receive an extension. The long term categories may be extended depending on the category.

What is the medical test for Liechtenstein Visa?

The medical test requirements for the Liechtenstein visa is dependent on the categories. The C type permits are valid for a period of fewer than 3 months, and therefore, does not require any medical tests. The long term categories, however, may require a medical test depending on the specific type. Either way, it is suggested that you get a medical test done before travelling to a foreign country.

How much bank balance is required to get a Liechtenstein Visa?

There are no specific requirements as for the amount of fund. As per the regulations, you must show that you have a steady bank account and that you have enough money to cover your expenses during your stay. This includes your basic expenses such as food, shelter, transportation, etc. According to your length of stay, you must show that you have enough to cover the entire period. 


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