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Myanmar Visit Visa - Definitive Guide (2020)

Myanmar is welcoming and full of opportunities. People have settled from different parts of the world in Myanmar. Even you can visit your people on a Myanmar visit visa. The country will provide you a lot to explore, the culture, cuisine, history, Buddhist architecture and so much more.

What is Myanmar Visit Visa?

When a foreign visitor is willing to travel to Myanmar, a visit visa for Myanmar is issued in their name. There are several benefits to this permit. The holder is allowed to visit their friends and family members living in the country as well as benefit the tourism Myanmar has to offer. The validity of the permit and the duration of the stay will differ and will depend on the number of entries permitted. Generally, the validity of a multiple entry permit is more than a single entry permit. Also note that being a visa holder does not guarantee you an entry into the country. If the border control finds an issue with the visa or yourself, there are chances that you may not be allowed to pass through the gates.

How to Get Myanmar Visit Visa for Indian?

 visit visa for Myanmar


Before carrying on to the application process, you need to ensure that you are an eligible candidate for the same. There are multiple ways to obtain a visit visa for Myanmar. It can be issued online or even upon arrival. The processes are given as follows:

  • E-visa process
  1. First, visit the official website for the application of Myanmar e-visa.
  2. Fill out the visa application form.
  3. Attach your recent photograph.
  4. Attach scanned copies of the required documents.
  5. Confirm your information and submit the application.
  6. Pay the required visa fee for processing.
  7. Get the application approved.
  • Visa on Arrival
  1. Download the visa on arrival application form.
  2. Fill out the form completely and sign it.
  3. Carry the application form and other required documents with you to Myanmar.
  4. Present the application form and the supporting documents to the Immigration officer.
  5. Pay the required fee.
  6. Get your passport stamped.

These are the preferred procedures for issuing a Myanmar visit visa. There even is an offline procedure where you can apply directly to the Embassy of Myanmar. However, the embassy may ask you to apply online. This offline application can be made only in certain cases. The process is as follows:

  • Stamp visa process
  1. You can start by downloading the visa application form.
  2. You can then fill out the required information in the form.
  3. Attach a recent photograph as per the photo specifications.
  4. Submit the application and supporting documents to the embassy.
  5. Pay the required fee for the permit.

There are a few things that you need to note at the time of filling out the application form. The details in the application should be true and correct. The details should also match the information in the passport and other documentary proof that is being provided. In case any of the information in the application is found to be false or unverifiable, there are chances that the visa application may get rejected. There are other reasons for a visa rejection as well. However, these changes can be minimized by acquiring professional assistance from a visa agency.

Eligibility Criteria

There is a process that you need to carry out before applying for the visa. You need to check for the eligibility criteria and make sure that you have all the requirements that are needed for the application process. There are certain factors that decide whether you are eligible for the application of the visa. Some of the parameters are given as follows:

You must possess proof of purpose of visit

      • If you are visiting your acquaintances, you must have an invitation letter from the resident in Myanmar.
      • You must visit for tourism only, or visiting acquaintances and not searching for or taking up any kind of employment.

You must meet the health requirements

      • You must be healthy enough to travel to Myanmar.
      • You must perform a medical test before travelling to the country and provide a relevant documentary proof.

You must meet the character requirements

      • You must be of good character and have genuine intentions behind working in Myanmar.
      • You need to provide a relevant documentary proof for the same as well (if asked) in the form of a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

You must have sufficient funds

      • You must possess or have access to sufficient funds to be able to cover your stay and other expenses in Myanmar.
      • Bank statement or any equivalent document is to be submitted as well as proof of the same.

Myanmar Visit Visa Requirements

There are different kinds of documents that are required for issuing a visit visa for Myanmar from India. These differ depending on the process that is being followed. The bifurcated documents as per the Myanmar visit visa requirements are listed as follows:

  • E-visa requirements
      • Passport valid for at least 6 months ahead of travel.
      • Photo as per the photo specifications.
      • Confirmed flight tickets.
      • Proof of purpose of visit - exhibition pass, invitation letter, etc.
      • Proof of sufficient funds - Bank statement, etc.
  • Visa on arrival requirements
      • Passport valid for at least 6 months ahead of travel.
      • Visa application form, duly signed.
      • Photo as per the photo specifications.
      • Confirmed flight tickets.
      • Proof of purpose of visit - exhibition pass, invitation letter, etc.
      • Proof of sufficient funds - Bank statement, etc.
  • Stamp visa requirements
      • Passport valid for at least 6 months ahead of travel.
      • Visa application form, duly signed.
      • Photo as per the photo specifications.
      • Confirmed flight tickets.
      • Covering letter.
      • Proof of purpose of visit - exhibition pass, invitation letter, etc.
      • Proof of sufficient funds - Bank statement, etc.

Photo Specifications

  • One copy must be provided
  • Photo size: 38 mm x 46 mm.
  • Coloured copy must be provided.
  • It must be a JPEG image or of any other supportable format for E visa.
  • The face must cover about 70-80% of the frame.
  • Head should well-centred.
  • The picture must not be older than 6 months.
  • The background must be white.
  • Neutral expressions.
  • Hair should not hide eyes.
  • Both the ears must be visible.
  • Teeth should not be visible.
  • Glasses are not permitted, except for prescription glasses.
  • Eyes must be clearly visible through glasses.
  • Must be taken in clear light.
  • There should be no red eyes or flashes messing the image.
  • Headgears are not allowed except for religious reasons.
  • Clothing shouldn’t match the background.

Processing Time

The processing time required to get a visit visa for Myanmar from India will differ as per the process that is being followed for the issuance. For the online process, the time required for the issuance is about 3 working days. The application can be expressed and obtained within 24 hours. You will immediately receive a stamp from the Immigration. In case of a stamp visa, it will require about a couple of weeks for processing and can even go up to 90 days in some cases.

Myanmar Visit Visa Fees

The fees to issue a Myanmar visit visa is to be paid online for an e-visa, to the Immigration for a visa on arrival and to the Embassy for a stamp visa. For online process, the payment can be made online through any acceptable method. For a stamp permit, the fee can be paid in cash or with a demand draft. Also note that the visa cost will differ as per the process that is followed, the type of permit and a few other factors.

Entry Stay Duration Validity Fees
Single entry Normal 28 days 3 months 5180.0
Single entry Normal 28 days 3 months 5180.0

After Submission

There are a few things that must be noted after you have submitted your applications for the respective type of permit. Some of the pointers are given as follows:

  • For the online process to get a visit visa for Myanmar, the scanned copies of the documents must be submitted and should be clear enough to retrieve the required information.
  • For a Myanmar visa on arrival, all the required documents must be carried to the airport.
  • It is also essential that you get registered immediately to the office of Township Immigration and National Registration Department after you have obtained your entry stamp on your passport for your visa on arrival.
  • Also, once you have your online confirmation letter for your e-visa, you mustn’t forget to get the stamp from the Immigration upon arrival.
  • After the submission of the documents and the form, the application will be processed.
  • Meanwhile, you can check the status of your visa. Also remember to select the port of entry in the application.
  • If there are any kind of changes in the application, the authorities must be informed accordingly.
  • In case there is a change of plans and you need to withdraw the application, it must be done within the processing time.
  • The visa fee is normally non-refundable.

How to Check Visa Status?

The status of your permit can be checked online by visiting the Myanmar e visa portal. To check the status, you just need to enter your application number and other details know the processing status of your visit visa for Myanmar. To check the status offline for your stamp visa, you can contact the visa agency if you have applied through one, or you can contact the Consulate for the same.

When you have the visa

You will have your visa after the processing and the payment of the fees. After the issuance of the visa, you must be careful about your actions as there are chances that with bad conduct, the visa may get cancelled. Some of the pointers are listed as follows:

  • Before you travel
      • Print your e-visa for Myanmar.
      • Make a note of the visa expiry date, as well as the number of entries permitted. You must not stay in the country beyond this period.
      • You should travel to Myanmar within the validity of your visa.
      • Make sure to carry a copy of your passport and other travel documents while you are in the country.
      • Issue health insurance and travel Insurance from a certified company.
  • At the Border
      • Get the confirmation letter of your online permit verified.
      • Acquire entry stamp on the passport regardless of the type of permit.
      • Get your documents and your e-visa/stamp visa verified.
      • Consult the airport authorities for any kind of assistance required.
      • Check your visa copy for other guidelines and rules to be followed.
  • When you enter Myanmar
      • Register to the office of Township Immigration and National Registration Department for your online and visa on arrival.
      • Ensure not to get involved in any kind of employment. You can, however, do volunteer work.
      • The tourist prohibited areas must be stayed out of.
      • Make sure you don’t overstay and apply for a visa extension in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Extend My Myanmar Visit Visa?

Well, you are not allowed to extend your visit visa for Myanmar. Although, you can stay in the country after the expiration for $3/day. The fee is to be paid to the Immigration at the time of leaving the country and you will be provided with a stamp of ‘temp visa’ from the authorities. However, there are chances that some of the hotels or lodges may not let you stay longer on an expired visa.



After Expiring My Myanmar Visit Visa How Long Can I Stay?

Once your visa has expired, you can stay in the country for quite some time but you will be charged $3/day. This fee is to be paid to the Immigration at the time of leaving the country. Also, if you have stayed too long, you may be deported from the country and even banned from re-entering.



What is the Medical Test for Myanmar Visit Visa?

A medical test is done so as to make sure that the candidate is fit enough to be in Myanmar and does not carry any contagious diseases. However, this medical test is not necessarily carried out for the visit visa as it is a short-stay visa and the process is mainly mandated for long-term visas like a resident permit or work visa. There is no specialized medical test for the visitor type.



Can I Convert My Myanmar Visit Visa into Work Visa?

No, you are not allowed to convert your visit visa into a work permit. These two are totally different kinds of visas and there are rules that you agree to when you issue a visit visa. One of the most important rules is that you are not allowed to carry out any kind of employment in the country on a visit visa and a work permit is issued for employment. If you require a work permit, you must apply separately. However, with the application for this new visa, your previous visa will get cancelled.



How Much Bank Balance Required to Get Myanmar Visit Visa?

The amount that is required in your savings bank account is not specified clearly by the Embassy of Myanmar. The funds should be enough to carry your leisure expenses, cost of accommodation and other medical requirements. The requirements may change based on several factors.



How long before the trip should I apply for a Myanmar Visit Visa?

The answer to this question depends on the processing time required for the permit. For an online permit, it takes about 3 working days and for express visa it is 24 hours. Therefore, it is safer to apply at least a week or two before the intended date of travel. If you need a stamp visa, apply at least a month or two in advance as the processing time required can go from a week to even 90 days in some cases.




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