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Japan is set to launch its digital nomad visa program by late March, potentially opening its doors to remote workers from around the globe.

The Immigration Services Agency (ISA) of Japan has confirmed plans to offer six-month visas to digital nomads earning ¥10 million ($68,300) or more.

Under the program, citizens from 49 countries can apply for visas under the "specified activities" category, including those with agreements abolishing short-term visa requirements, such as Singapore and Australia.

The six-month duration was chosen based on feedback from digital nomads, who expressed a preference for longer stays, as reported by the Japan Times.

The digital nomad visa permits individuals to work remotely for companies outside Japan while residing in the country.

Applicants must also have health insurance and spouses and children are allowed to accompany them. However, holders of the visa won't receive a residence card or certificate, nor can they access certain government benefits. The visa is not renewable, requiring reapplication six months after leaving Japan.

Japan joins over 50 countries worldwide offering digital nomad visas, each with varying rules and conditions.

In a bid to address labor shortages, Japan has expanded its Specified Skilled Worker No.1 visa to include roles in transportation and forestry, among others. This move aims to attract more international workers to fill gaps in key industries.

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Japan is getting ready for its annual foreign direct investment target of 35$ million by 2020, offering a startup visa for those who wants to set up a small business in the Tokyo.

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Multi Entry short-term visa with the purpose of tourism for Indian citizens (Relaxation of Visa norms for Indian citizens) has come in effect.

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