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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has replaced the commercial and working visit visas with the introduction of the ‘business visit visa’.saudi business visit visa an introduction

As per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Saudi Arabia, the new business visit visa will be available now, instead of the previously issued commercial and work visit visas. The business visit permit is available for investors, company owners, members of the board of directors, managers and other company representatives visiting Saudi to take part in business-related activities. However, the new visa comes with a remark of “not permitted to work”, thereby disallowing any kind of work, which was previously allowed on the work visit visa.

As a result, the invitation letter previously obtained for applying for the commercial or work visit visa will have to be changed to the updated format. The new invitation letter or visa order can be obtained electronically through the website of the MOFA. Upon obtaining this, the letter has to be attested by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce. You will be able to apply for the visa only after obtaining the attestation.

The business visit visa is also expected to increase the processing time taken, although it isn’t clear to the extent of this. Though the introduction of this has removed a short-term work prospect in Saudi, a new-short term work visa can be expected to be released soon.

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