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So, guess what? Australia is making some changes to its rules for study visas. You know, like when people from other countries want to come to Australia to study? Yeah, that! So, from March 23, they're swapping out this thing called Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) for something called Genuine Student (GS).

This change was talked about back in December 2023, but it's only starting from March 23, 2024. Basically, before, you had to prove you were just coming to Australia for a bit and then heading back home after your studies. Now, they want to make sure you're a real student, like super serious about it.

Oh, and there's this language test called IELTS. For some visas, they're upping the score you need to pass.

Following the new rules, you'll need a higher test score to get a Temporary Graduate visa. It's going up from 6.0 in IELTS to 6.5. And for a student visa, it's going up from 5.5 in IELTS (or equivalent) to 6.0.

So, if you want to apply for a Temporary Graduate visa, you now need a higher score. Plus, the time they accept the test results for this visa is shorter now, just one year.

Also, they're introducing this new test for all international students to prove they're genuine about studying. It's like they want to be extra sure everyone coming to study in Australia really means it. And they're going to look extra closely at applications from students from certain countries.

Oh, and one more thing – they're saying you need to have more money saved up to get a student visa now. Like, around $24,505.

So, they're really looking into whether you're serious about studying in Australia. They're checking stuff like your background, if you've followed visa rules before, and if you're really on track with your studies.

But you know, some people are worried. Like, experts are saying these changes might make it harder for students from places like India to get their visas accepted. So, it's kind of a big deal for a lot of folks who dream of studying Down Under.

Indian students planning to relocate to English-speaking countries may need to reconsider their plans, as both the UK and Canada have revised their admission rules for universities.

In December 2023, the Canadian government issued updated requirements aimed at enhancing the protection of international students. Among these changes, the most significant was the increase in the Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) amount from 10,000 Canadian dollars (approximately Rs 6.15 lakh) to over double the amount at 20,635 Canadian dollars (close to Rs 12.7 lakh). Additionally, Germany and Australia have also implemented gradual increases in the GIC amount by 10% annually.

As of May 2023, a minimum deposit of €11,208 is necessary when applying for a German study visa, according to the German Federal Foreign Office.

Let’s examine the visa alterations in other countries:

US: According to the US embassy in India, F, M, and J visa applicants must ensure the accuracy of their passport information during profile creation and visa scheduling. Failure to do so will result in appointment cancellations at visa centers.

Canada: Designated learning institutes (DLI) are now required to directly verify every applicant’s letter of acceptance with IRCC to combat acceptance fraud. This process aims to safeguard students and ensure that only those with genuine letters obtain study permits. Furthermore, Canada will review the criteria for post-graduation work permits. Moreover, the minimum cost of living requirements for students will increase from 10,000 to 20,635 Canadian dollars, effective January 1, 2024.

UK: The UK Visas and Immigration department has introduced significant changes, including modifications in fees. UK visa fees have risen from £363 to £490, marking a 35% increase. Additionally, revisions have been made to the Immigration Health Surcharge, which has increased from £264 to £1,035. Moreover, the UK has announced restrictions on international students from bringing dependent family members with them starting in 2024. The US sees over 7.50 lakh annual student arrivals.

Australia: Australia has raised the score requirement for a Test Graduate visa from IELTS 6.0 to 6.5, and for a student visa, from 5.5 to 6.0. International students must have savings of $24,505 as evidence to be eligible for a visa. Additionally, a two-year extension of post-study work rights is available for international graduates with select degrees in areas of verified skill shortage.

France: France has extended its post-study work visas for five years for master’s degree graduates. Moreover, those who have spent a semester studying in France for master’s degrees can now avail themselves of a five-year short-stay Schengen visa to explore job opportunities.

Ireland: International graduates with bachelor’s or master’s degrees are allowed to stay for two years on a post-study work visa in Ireland. PhD students can stay in the country for up to three years.

Italy: In Italy, students can stay even after completing their graduation for 12 months. Approximately 5,897 Indian students were in Italy in 2022 on study visas. The country also provides enhanced post-study internships and extracurricular internships, along with training to improve students’ experiences.

New Zealand: New Zealand has introduced the IELTS One Skill Retake option, providing students with flexibility to retake any of the four skills if needed.

We are pleased to inform you that from June 21, 2021, the Canada Visa Application Centres in India will resume biometric enrolments for student visa applicants.

Important Updates:

- The only student visa category biometrics will be accepted at the centres.

- Prior appointment is mandatory to visit the centres, As a part of health and safety precautions.

- Appointments will be allotted to the applicants who have duly filled and submitted the web form.

- The centres will operate from 9 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday.

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