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Sao Tome and Principe Visa Online - Sao Tome evisa

Visiting Sao Tome And Principe has just become easier. Thanks to the visa policy of Sao Tome And Principe, travellers can now obtain an Sao Tome And Principe e visa. This negates the need for long waiting times and complex procedures. With the Sao Tome And Principe visa online, the visa is digitally linked to your passport. The e-visa lets people enter the country and enjoy everything it has to offer in terms of culture, sightseeing, food, business opportunities, and so on.

How to apply for Sao Tome And Principe E Visa?

The biggest advantage of e-visa is a fast and simple application process. In order to apply to Sao Tome And Principe visa online, all you will need is a computer with a good internet connection. You can apply within the comfort of your own house. Let us take a quick look at the steps involved in the Sao Tome And Principe e visa process. Now, before you start your application, you must check if you are eligible to travel to the country on the specific visa category.

  • Fill Online Visa Application

    The first step in the Sao Tome And Principe visa online application is to fill your contact details followed by Sao Tome And Principe online application form. You can select the Sao Tome And Principe in the dropdown of country list.

    You need to create an account and then proceed to fill in the application form with all the relevant details including your basic details, travel details, as well as questions on your travel history. Ensure that you fill in the form with only correct and complete information. Providing false information will get your application automatically rejected.

  • Upload required Documents

    After filling the application form, you need to upload a scanned copy of your documents. Based on the exact purpose of the visit, there are different Sao Tome And Principe e visa documents you will need to submit. 

    Once again, ensure that you upload only genuine documents. You must also translate any non-English documents into English with the help of certified translation services. Providing fake documents will lead to visa rejection. After uploading, you can proceed to submit your application.

  • Pay the Fees Online

    To submit your application, you must proceed to pay the Sao Tome And Principe e visa fees. You can pay the fees using a Debit/Credit card. 

    The Sao Tome And Principe visa online fees can vary depending on the duration of stay, type of visa. As a result, you must check the exact amount before starting your application.
  • How to check Sao Tome And Principe Visa Online status?

    Once you have submitted your application for the e-visa, you can check the status online in your inquiry section. Even though the Sao Tome And Principe e visa tracking option is available, due to fast process, so you may not even have to use the facility. 

    If the application is successful, you will receive an email stating the details of the visa including the duration of stay, validity, as well as the conditions for the particular visa.

Required Documents for Sao Tome And Principe E-visa

  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Air ticket
  • Hotel voucher

Visa Types and the Related Packages

Sao Tome And Principe Tourist Visa Online

Available Packages for Tourist Type

Maximum Stay Duration



tourist single entry


Yes. each traveller must have a seperate e-visa.

No. we cannot refund payments for unused e-visas.

If you already possess a valid residence visa or multiple entry visa, a fresh eta application cannot be lodged until that visa expires or is cancelled.

Yes, you will have to go through the whole visa application process every time you want to apply for a visa.

All documentation should be presented in english .

Understanding the difference between the visa validity period and duration of stay is important. validity period of a visa is generally longer than its duration. the validity establishes the first and last dates during which the visa can be used. the visa expires on the last day of its validity. duration of stay indicates the length of time you have permission to remain in country within the validity period of the visa.


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