How to Get a Student Visa

Student Visa

Getting your Visa to study in a foreign country is a fairly smooth and surprisingly easy procedure. Good international Universities, Colleges and Schools continue to be very interested in welcoming students from India for education. While the application process for an international student or exchange visitor visa can be confusing, lengthy and a little hard, hundreds of thousands of students are able to meet the requirements for a visa each year.

Last Year in 2017, 393,573 F-1 Student Visas was issued and currently, there are 1,184,735 students in the United States on F and M visas. Getting your visa to go for studying to another country abroad is not as tough a thing. Firstly, you need to schedule yourself an appointment with the Visa Application Centre in advance. Then visit the respective country’s website and fill out the required application form and get it printed. Also, download the checklist and once all form is filled, sign it off. After this, complete your supporting document together are prepared as per the checklist. Now, pay the government fee online and book your appointment. On the appointment day, arrive 15 minutes prior along with the completed and printed application form, supporting documents, fee payment receipt, passport and two copies of the passport biodata page. Pay your visa application fee and obtain the receipt with the unique tracking number which you will then need to track the progress of your application online.

Following are some guidelines for students to help make their visa application process smooth and successful.

  • Finance -

Be ready quite beforehand sending the applications with your Education Money plus all other expenses should as well be arranged soon. This gives you the whole platform and then the whole process of obtaining the Visa is taken care of and all goes smoothly. If you are wondering about getting scholarships, start right away. Get preparing and you will get the scholarship on the basis of your merit or other factors as well. Apart from this, you need to apply for a Credit Card which will surely make your job away a lot simpler.

  • Good Exam Scores -

    Score good on the above exams and you stand a better chance at getting admitted to the University or the School of your choice. It's a prestigious thing and good merit has you in the university you would love to get educated from.

So prepare well for your TOEFLs or the SATs or the IELTS or the GRE itself.

Bad scores tarnish your chances of getting admittance at a good University.

  • Documentation -

Get ready with all your documents required and prepare your file. These include your finance sorta, your other educational documents and whatever extra that is required by that University you shall be applying to. Check on the University website or the documents required list and other information as well.

  • Applying to your University -

Once done with the examinations, carry on with the application procedure. This is either online or by post and is usually that time taking process. Once selected by the University go on with the further process. That’s all not, once you get admittance, you will receive an email and they will receive the further admit card by post or courier. This final your admission in that University and take care you fulfil all their formalities as mentioned in the mail or henceforthwith.

  • Visa Application -

Apply for the Visa online and you later will be called for the formal student Visa Interview. Here, you have to take all your ready certificates and the admit card with the proper financial documents. This all will be read and observed by the Visa official and depending upon your policy, you will get your VIsa and you are all fine to go for your further education and no one to stop you.

Here list of some Student Visa -

  1. Student Visa for USA: 
  2. Student Visa for Germany:
  3. Student Visa for Italy:
  4. Student Visa for France:
  5. Student Visa for Taiwan:

(Note: Research more about what documents exactly you will need for this whole process and we, here in this article, have not named any document due to some privacy policies.)

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