Most Common Misconception Related To Visas

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Getting visa effortlessly is a dream of every traveler. Recently, we have been looking at some interesting questions posted by visa seekers. This post attempts to clear several misconceptions concerning you. 

People often rely too heavily on gossip from their companions and relatives that are based on rumors. Being in the travel industry for so long, we have seen people developing misconceptions when it comes to visa procedures. We have gathered many mistaken beliefs regarding visas, to help you and reduce the chance of making a mistake.

If you don't mind go through the guide carefully to avoid making such common mistakes.

USA Visa: A Key to All Visas -
A traveler with USA visa stamped can get a visa to any country effortlessly is what most of us think which is not really genuine, travel history does play a positive part for your visa processing but this does not mean that one who has a valid USA visa will be able to obtain visas to other countries easily. The process, documentation remains just same as for any other traveler. There are a couple of countries which will allow you to take an On-Arrival Visa if you have USA visa, but to grant or not will be particularly concluded based on the applicant’s documentation and personal conditions.

Visas Can Be Processed Without Documents -
No Embassy/Consulate will grant a visa without verifying the documents of the traveler as per the requirements. Work with whatever little requirements Embassy/Consulate ask for so as to get your visa prepared. Travelers have the misconception that the requirements can be waived off by paying some extra amount. This is the least secure method for preparing your visa. There are more odds of your visa getting denied.

Schengen Visa Process: A Maze -
The term Schengen visa is often misunderstood by the travelers. It is important to understand how this visa process work and what Schengen visa is? The Schengen Area comprises of 26 countries and grants one visa which is valid for all. Travelers have the misconception that the visa can be processed from any country, or it should be processed through the country where the primary entrance is, and more. The genuine rule says that the visa should be processed from the country where you will stay maximum and if equal stay in all countries then through the country of first entry. Sometimes it differs depending on where is the applicant’s main purpose.
E.g.: Applicant "X" is making a trip to Germany and France. He will go to conferences in Germany and will continue to France for tourism reason. Here the application will be held up through German Consulate just, regardless of the possibility that his stay is maximum in France. The reason being the candidate's primary purpose is conferences and not tourism.

Money Can Get Visa -
Travelers consider that having funds is enough to get a visa. Financial stability is an essential point for visa process but not the only important point. Additional aspects like professional and family ties to home country, how genuine is the purpose of travel, etc. will also be examined before making a decision. Further, not only the current available balance is necessary but also the previous transactions and how genuine the transactions are is effortlessly for the visa process.

Rejection As Unavailability of Documents - 
We understand that visas cannot be processed without the necessary documents. However, that does not imply that one doesn't have an option at all for any archives. It is possible that there may be a considerable wait in some cases; travelers do have alternative options if one does not have one of the required records. E.g.: A person is applying for Schengen visa and does not have Income Tax Returns (ITR) for last 3 years (Which is one of the mandatory documents). He/she has ITR available only for one year, as before that the pay was not assessable. Presently here practically it is not possible for one to provide ITR if the income was not taxable, this does not mean that he/she will not be able to apply for a visa. The applicant only needs to provide a self-declaration duly signed mentioning the reason of why the ITR is not available.

Additional Misconceptions Are: 

  • There is a limit on the number of visas given out every year.
  • Visa process is both quick and easy.
  • If you were refused of any visa in the past, it is unlikely to get the visa.
  • Embassy can issue a visa on the same day.

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