Best of Europe Travel: Top Destinations

For many people a dream trip to Europe is highly awaited travel of their lives. Travelers are realizing that the greatest rewards can come from discovering more off-the-beaten European destinations.

Here we are featuring best of Europe travel, everything you need to plan where to go and what to do.

Austria, Turkey, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Visa requirements

We will help you change your prospect to see Europe, Oh really, but since when Turkey is in Europe.

Well, the whole part of turkey is not in Europe. But we will give you an exact reason to add turkey in your European dream trip.

When we think of Europe, we immediately think of England, France, Switzerland and Italy.Let’s not rush, European summer holidays season is about to kickoff. Deciding which all places to visit on vacation can be difficult, so if you are planning to spend your summer traveling through the icelands, visiting pristine beaches and some historic places.

Then, Read this country wise travel guide, Including Turkey, Austria and Croatia.
Before we go onboard, lets see some FAQs on Visa Process for European countries.
How to obtain the Schengen visa ?
Since you can cover 26 countries which includes the 22 EU countries and the other four are then non-EU countries. Schengen visa is first choice for EU travelers from India and it is not hard to get one. Generally a tourist Schengen visa is a “Category C” Visa which allows you to stay in Schengen countries for upto 3 months.
Do I need a travel Insurance?

Yes, You need to to have travel Insurance before even you apply for Schengen visa which includes the costs of repatriation and medical emergencies during your travel period in Schengen countries.
Who can help?
Due to increase in travel and tourism services, demand of schengen visa also increased. There are number of travel agencies you can prefer. they help you through the process of getting Schengen visa.

All done, let’s fly to, France.

Thumb france corsica nice
Bonjour! It usually takes 8H to reach France by any airline carrier, it depends on weather conditions. Let's take you back in time when France was La France. Revolution entirely changed the structure of La France to France. It was the end of French monarchy  and the rise of Napoleon that bought new ideas to Europe, These ideas and reforms continued to influence Europe and helped to shape many of Europe's modern-day governments.
If you think we will begin with Eiffel Tower then no that’s too cliche, lets see our new and unique list of top places in France.
Corsica is an Island, best way to get there is by a flight from Paris to Nice and a ferry will take you to Calvi.
What is so special about Corsica? 
Corsica has her own treasure, a large mountain in the majestic sea. High granite peaks rising over quercus ilex and tall pine trees, gaze down on the Tyrrhenian sea below. Emerge from the thrilling movement of french resistance. the marvelous shades of the turquoise sea mirror the sky and invites you in.

“Everything is simpler, purer, more flavorful. Life is sweet and intense, slow and gentle.” 
Let’s take you back to Nice.
Nice is city of Activities, Food, and Art.
Nice is a beautiful, vibrant city, and there's always something exciting to do, see, or try. 
The city life is full with temming activities, however away from the bustling city center, it is known for the street performers far from the Vielle ville, Nice has fantabulous sights that often go overlooked. Take the off the beaten path, and enjoy another side of Nice!

“The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself”

Au revoir! France.

Thumb austria salzburg linz vienna

When people choose their Europe holiday package they usually does not include Austria in their European country list, if you are also planning european trip and not including this amazing country in your trip then the trip is not complete.
Austria is the place of history and culture.
Another way to prove that is Sachertorte, What is that ?
Sachertorte is 179-year-old secret recipe of a specific type of chocolate cake, or torte, baked by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria.  
We are taking you to the city of Salzburg, Birthplace of Mozart and stage for The Sound of Music, Salzburg is synonymous with music. The hilly emerald plains are set against a backdrop of snow-capped Bavarian Alps, while lakes are installed amidst this breathtaking landscape.
Just after Salzburg on your way to Vienna, make quick stop at Linz.
Linz is bit different and off beat destination during your European trip. Linz is known for its Baroque houses and backyards of the Renaissance. One of the beautiful is the courtyard of the Landhaus, the seat of the Upper Austrian State Assembly.
After a quick stop we arrived at the capital of the Austria, i.e Vienna.
Vienna: The Saturday city 
Vienna is Austria’s handsome jewel, Let’s slip on your walking shoes and take in the city’s enchanting baroque architecture and bask in its Old World charm as you explore the city.
Italy: The Country of Delicious Cuisine.

Thumb italy verona padua venice

Nowadays you can find pizza and pasta on every corner which was invented in Naples dated back to 1860 and most of you might enjoy that considering it as Italian, but you will be surprised that it is just disguise of an Italian Cuisine.
Apart from delicious cuisine Italy is  also known for the invention of Thermometer by Santorio Santorio.
Lets tour l'italia, 
We’ll start with Verona,
Verona is in love 365 days a year, where you can express your love by bringing your loved once and the scent of this majestic city will be more romantic than the whole story of Romeo and Juliet itself! Verona city impassively allures you to dim the lights and walk its dazzling alleys.
Its enchanting mountains and hidden alleys will make you fall in love again, its narrow streets that lead to magic squares, and its sumptuous castles and their noble myths will make you stay in Italy forever.

Let’s take Railway to Venice, but we can make stopover at Padua
Padua is the city where every day for the past 800 years a bright and lively market has been held in the heart of Padua. It's something which is unbelievable because when we talk about time in terms of culture, tradition it seems logical but six days week since past eight centuries
that’s something else.     
Continue to Venice, Half hour by train.
Venice: A city born with love
Venice is that dream you never wish to wake from. It is that real-life watercolor painting that a camera can never do justice. It’s like no place else, You’ve ever been.
A beautiful maze of canals and small streets, whimsical bridges, and lively buildings. And as with all mazes you should be prepare to lost once or twice, the other side of Venice is being still. 
What we mean by Still?
Venice at night is quiet, calm and still, nowhere on earth is as still as Venice.
No street vendors, no tourists, no noise at all only the occasional splashing of paddle in a canal. Some nights, the siren breaks the stillness. Gradual and melodic, it warns of an incoming high tide.
Isn’t it true, italy will hold you in her heart forever. 
Ciao Italia.
Lets visit the Deutschland, Germany.

Thumb germany berlin munich cologne

We know germany for its engineering, its impeccable, But there are other sides too.
Did you know Germany unified in 1990?
Unified means what? Berlin was divided in two parts by a wall just like International borders. In 1989, the people of germany unified and formed one nation, today we know it as Germany.
Let’s take you to insights of history - Place: Berlin 
Berlin is a city for the modern day history buffs, From Imperial Berlin to the Weimar Republic, to the Third Reich, to World War II, to the Cold War, this city has seen more drama in the last century than any city in the world.
Once a city literally divided in two by a wall, Berlin is now a magnet for creativity, the arts, entrepreneurship, technology and most recently, food. But amongst all of those activities and civil spaces there are vast areas of flora and fauna, rivers, and canals. When the sun is out, you’ll find locals enjoying casual gatherings and picnics. When the sun goes down, it’s time to rock the floor and party all night.                                                                                                                                                                   
München ( Munich ) is the german city that most of the german people would like to live in, if they could and within the city center no building is taller than church Steeple, which the building code in Munich, therefor city center looks like a town. This city is full of parks and gardens, hearty German food, and beer halls filled with friendly german people. The city wasn’t bombed during the World war II like Berlin was so a lot of the history  is still visible and Munich host to a Beautiful historic city center.
Cologne is city that is in between east and west side germany, could be great stopover to enjoy less touristic place. Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany, has been known for cathedrals, museums and wonderful cafes. The city is more vibrant and modern at the same time. 
Tschüss Deutschland!
Croatia is a modern day, ancient country! Why i am saying this ?

Thumb croatia dubrovnik spilt

In an epic fantasy series, “Game of Thrones”, the Croatian city of Dubrovnik duped for King’s Landing.
“When You Play the Game of Thrones, You win or You die”.
Let’s sail to King's Landing (Dubrovnik). 
If you are fan of Game of thrones then you might have to turn on your hardcore mode and explore the city on foot as you remember these locations from the series, you will find Dubrovnik’s walled old city is a maze of tiny lanes and stone houses. Many of market scenes from Game of throne series and Gold Cloaks scenes take place here, plus the murders of King Robert’s illegitimate sons. You will be surprised to see everything suddenly happening next to you and you are witnessing it.
Split (Spalato in Italian) is Croatia’s second largest city, a great place to see Dalmatian life as it’s really lived. Always humming. This lively city has the right balance of modernity and tradition. You’ll see dozens of  restaurants and shops booming amongst the atmospheric old walls where Split life has been buzzing along for thousands of years.
Welcome to Turkey.

Thumb turkey cappadocia fethiye

Land of Lamb Cuisine. Yes! Turkish Shawarma.
Shawarma is a Levantine Arab Delicious Dish, where lamb, chicken, turkey, are placed on a spit  grilled for as long as a day and served with multiple toppings including  tabbouleh, fattoush, taboon bread, tomato, and cucumber.
The Cappadocia region in Turkey is capable of those ancient and modern wonders that came straight out of your dreams. Moon-like landscapes and 21st century cave living experience. This land has ultimate magical powers which will leave you in its cherish memories forever. However hundreds of hot air balloons in the sky gives a feeling of landing on another planet. This is, without any doubt, one of the best experiences you’ll have in your life.
Fethiye is a hidden gem within honeycombed hills and towering boulders of otherworldly beauty. Fethiye is an area on the turquoise coast, offers luxury living and leisure that shouldn't be missed on your trip through Turkey. Fethiye is very popular for paragliding so it should be on your must do list.
España (Spain) a diverse country than you ever imagined.

Thumb spain san sebastian madrid granada

Hola! Bienvenido a España (Hi, Welcome to Spain)
Let’s Fly to San Sebastián, A small city of undeniable allure farmed by lushy cliffside and golden sand beaches. San Sebastián is very welcoming for the tourist and off beat destination as well. If you wish to relax in paradise and watch sun setting for the day on one of the best beaches in Europe then just grab spot on the Playa de la Concha. it is easily among the best city beaches in Europe by Fulfilling almost every aspect of how a perfect city beach should be.
Let’s Live the Football, Madrid is the city where Football is a religion.
No city on earth is more alive than Madrid, It has its own distinctive place in every football fan’s heart. A beautiful place whose sheer energy carries the simple and sound message, this city really knows how to live.
Madrid is a city which surprises everyone at every corner, especially at nights Madrid has more bars than any other city on the earth a collection of multi-storied cocktail bars and nightclubs that combine the glamour and non stop action. When you step out in midnight you will find yourself swept along on a wave of people, escorted by a happy crowd and dancing until dawn.
Granada is filled with rich history and spectacular architecture, since the Moors and Romans thousands of years ago. it’s always been a city at crossroads, where ideas and traditions from Africa and Europe collide. The city is heavily influenced with its moorish roots and you will smell shishas (Hookahs) incense wherever you go. The city has countless museums and monuments and architectural buildings worth exploring. It’s perfect blend of cultures, the food  is just delicious and the landscapes are secnic.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” 

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