Thailand: Most Preferred Holiday Destination by Indians

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In recent years, Indian travelers seemingly favored Southeast Asian Countries as their ideal holiday destination as this is an amazing region to visit even on a tight budget. Southeast Asia is a group of diverse countries which has been a world tourist hub since last decade.
It’s not just because its proximity to India but the peninsula has much more to offer than just pristine beaches, modern charm and its natural heritage. In the first half of 2017, Thailand has singly seen 20 percent more travellers from India than ever. Thailand has been a prime location to enter in Southeast Asia and to travel the entire peninsula in the cheapest way possible. Thailand has multiple options to enter upon including land, air and water, which is very convenient for travelers to explore Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. As it requires little effort to travel to this destination, therefore it is the most preferred destination for Indians. Travelers mostly plan their holidays during the autumn and summer which starts from December to July which is the peak season for travel in India.
Thailand is in the bucket list of almost every Indian traveller, this might be true. Because Indians get fascinated by the crystal clear ocean and white sandy beaches.
Thailand is very different country than India however they are culturally linked. Their economy is totally dependent on tourism and they are well aware of it. You will be surprised by their warm welcome and hospitality when you arrive at Thailand. Thailand Visa process for Indian citizen is very easy and hassle-free, now you can even apply online visa for Thailand. If you want to know more about Thailand visa procedure, processing time and fees then you can Check Here.
Indian Summers are quite hot and dry, temperature ranges between 40°C to 47°C whilst Thailand is comparatively cold and temperature will not exceed beyond 33°C. Consequently the ideal time to visit Thailand is in the winter. Below is the list of best places and cities to visit in Thailand. 
Thailand Top Destination Preferred by Indian Citizens

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Thailand is the perfect blend of Mirch and Masala, Yes the delicious Thai street food on the stalls has tasty fruits to delicious ice-creams to fresh seafood. This city has ultramodern charm and spiritual Buddhist realm all together which will make your Bangkok Holiday complete. The other side of Bangkok is relaxing with its legendary palaces and Buddhist monasteries, At the same time when the sun takes a nap this city slowly comes to life in an explosion of lights, music and dance. Its carefree vibe, a dose of madness and an insane party culture, you have the craziest nightlife in all of Thailand.
Hostel Stay: 700 to 1000 INR
3 Star Hotel Stay: 1000 to 3000 INR

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Phuket is located in South of Thailand. One must spare at least two days to relax on white sandy beaches and enjoy mother nature. Phuket is known as the commercial destination. You will remember those romantic movie songs with ocean blue water and mountainous green islands in the blue ocean. Yes, that has been shot right here in this peninsula. The list is quite long if you look to do things in Phuket. Scuba diving in the crystalline water is a unique experience. Phuket offers amenities like Parasailing that reveals the panoramic view of this peninsula and other water sports furthermore what to say about nightlife and cultural shows it will take you directly to the insight of Thailand.
Hostel Stay: 500 to 1000 INR
3 Star Resorts: 1500 to 4000 INR

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Thailand is just incomplete if you are leaving Pattaya behind. The city has the same terrain as Phuket but totally different charm. From the ancient monuments to white sparkling sand to cultural activities Pattaya has everything you need. After having a busy day you can spend a nice evening watching a view from the Pattaya Bay. 
A Pattaya Bird eye view will be pleasing and relaxing at the same time. The most prominent attraction of Pattaya is Sanctuary of Truth. Every inch of this heritage structure is made of wood. At a towering height of 350 feet, it towers over the city. Apart from the intrinsic architecture, this city offers an introduction to wide range aquatic life through the underwater world. Walking Street pretty much stands for nightlife in Pattaya. The entire street is like one combined disco and bar. Yes, the madness here is unrivalled in all of Thailand.   
Hostel Stay: 600 to 1000 INR
3 Star Resorts: 2500 to 4000 INR 
Offbeat Thailand:
Beat the Tourist track and Join Backpackers trail. Here we have new Thailand, unexplored Thailand. Pai is the destination where you will find hippies with dreadlock hairstyles, a town surrounded by rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. Kanchanaburi is the place for modern day history buffs, I am not sure how many of you have heard about the movie name Bridge over River Kwai. The bridge on River Kwai was built by an Allied prisoner of war, as a part of the Thai-Burmese railway also called the “Death Railway”. Khao Lak is the beach which is deserted by the tourist and local communities. But wait this beach has waterfalls and a wide range of luxurious resorts where you can find calm and serenity accompanying the music of nature. Apart from this, for a flavor of authentic Thai experience, go out of the main tourist zones to coastal villages like Surat Thani, Trang, Ko Sukorn or Nakhon Si Thammarat.
Remember, don’t leave your passport in the Hotel.
“If you keep Thailand in your eyes, it will be gone. Take it with you in your heart it will remain there forever”.   

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