argentina business visa

Argentina Business Visa - The Definitive Guide

The Argentinian government encourages business investments in the country. But, it’s easier said than done, as the documentation process can be frustrating. Although, we shall help you in the entire process of procuring an Argentina Business Visa. Delve into the article to find the complete details about the Argentina Business Visa requirements.

What is Argentina Business Visa?

argentina business visa

Argentina visa is divided into various categories and designed as per the visitor’s requirements. However, one of them is the Argentina Business Visa, which entitles an individual to enter the country for a business purpose. Although, there are various business-related activities practiced after holding the Argentina business visa from India. The activities are allowed or acceptable in reference to the regulations outlined for the Business Visa holders by the Government of Argentina. Eventually, the business visa allows you to execute the activities purely related to your certain business.

Note - if you are looking forward to work in Argentina then there is a separate visa created for the working purpose. One must take note that in order to work in Argentina, you must acquire the Argentina Working Visa.

How to Apply for the Argentina Business Visa?

Argentina’s Business visa application is made available offline. As per the guidelines provided by the Embassy of Argentina in India, an applicant has to submit the original and a copy of the application form to the Consular office situated in New Delhi, India. However, it is one of the sensitive procedures, and hence any flaw in the documentation process shall result in rejection of the application form. We shall help you in understanding the process for acquiring Argentina visa for Indian citizens. However, the below-mentioned details are about the Argentina visa requirements for Indian citizens.

  • Argentina Business Visa is an offline procedure, and hence the Argentina visa application form could be made available only through an offline mode. It requires an applicant to follow a thorough documentation process.
  • The applications filed by the applicant are further submitted to the Consular Office of the Argentina Republic in India.
  • The application has to be reviewed first by the applicant in order to verify the provided personal details in the application form.
  • The suggested time for the submission of an application form is 3 weeks before traveling. After the application is submitted, it is further sent to the Consulate.
  • The Chief of the Consular section is responsible to analyze and verify the documents along with the application.
  • This process could take up to 72 working hours. Within those 72 working hours, the applicant could be notified if any additional documents or any crucial information is unavailable.
  • Once the documents and the application form is verified by the Embassy of Argentina in India, the applicants could be called for a personal interview at the Consular Office.
  • However, this interview is mandatory as per the law, and hence no exemption will be allowed. After the personal interview, it takes up to 5 days for the embassy to grant the visa.

Eligibility for Argentina Business Visa

There are several countries which are exempted from procuring a visa for Argentina. The United States, along with the countries belonging to Europe and MERCOSUR, are granted permission to visit the land of Argentina without holding a Visa. Before we know the detailed list of the countries that are exempted from carrying a visa to visit Argentina, we shall direct you towards knowing a bit about the ‘MERCOSUR’ and if India is on the list of the ‘MERCOSUR’.

National Eligibility:

  • The term ‘MERCOSUR’ is a kind of agreement that was signed between the Latin American countries in order to maintain economic and political integrity among them.
  • If the name of your belonging country isn’t mentioned in the ‘MERCOSUR’ list then you might have to apply for a visa for Argentina.
  • Argentina visa for Indian citizens is mandatory to be created, as the country doesn’t find its mention in the ‘MERCOSUR’.
  • And hence, Indian Nationals are eligible to apply for the visa. But apart from being Indian Nationals, one must also fit into the below eligibility criteria.


Background Check:

  • One must note that having a criminal record against you could get your business visa application rejected.
  • The applicant will have to submit PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).


Passport Requirement:

  • In the case of Business Visa, one must carry all the records and documents of the business for which they are visiting Argentina.
  • Candidates who hold a passport, which is valid up to the next six months before traveling to Argentina, are eligible to apply for the visa.

When you have this visa

Argentina’s Business Visa is purely created to serve the purpose of business. If an individual is willing to visit the Argentinian land for a short duration, and for a business purpose then the Business Visa allows you to perform a number of activities, purely related to business. Well, once you hold this visa, you are entitled to enjoy the below-mentioned benefits.

  • To conceive professional business contacts.
  • To attend conferences or professional examinations.
  • To attend business meetings
  • Government Visits
  • Contract Negotiations

Before you travel:

  • One must take note that if you are all set to travel to Argentina, you will be asked about the passport, which must be valid for six months since you enter the country.
  • Any damage to the passport violates the rules and regulations stated by the Government of Argentina.
  • Apart from the documentation process, the tourist visa holders carry their electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops, and cameras along with them, but one must provide a typed list of the equipment to the officials present on the airport.

Documents required for Argentina Business Visa

The Argentina business visa requirements for Indian citizens can be referred from the below details:

  • A thoroughly completed application form.
  • A Passport which is valid for up to six months, with at least two blank pages left for the Visa.
  • Flight ticket or blocked tickets.
  • Hotel Reservation
  • 2 Photographs of the applicant  35 x 45mm.
  • Bank details consisting of account statement of the last six months, or in certain cases even a credit card statement could be asked to submit.
  • Certified original Invitation letter from the company or client that is requiring the applicant’s presence in Argentia. The certification of the letter needs to be done by the Public Notaries Association.
  • However, the invitation letter must contain the ‘RENURE Registration Number’. RENURE Reg No. can be obtained by the applicant when the concerned institutions or a client submit the applicant’s details to the National Migration Office in Argentina.
  • The invitation letter written in the Spanish language must be addressed to the ‘Head of the Consular Section, New Delhi, India’.
  • Salary slip of last 3 months (If the applicant is employed), along with the details of the previous company, the applicant worked with. If the applicant is the owner of a certain business then one might need to attach a copy of the official registration of the company with the Invitation letter.
  • However, the translated documents need not be notarized. The documents to be presented must be the original ones, accompanied by their photocopies.
  • A Photocopy of an International credit card
  • If someone is going for a Trade Fair, Exhibition, or to handle its business’’ commercial or economic issues, he must provide the details about the event to which he or she is going to attend in the RENURE.
  • Detail of the Hotel reservation made in Argentina. It must be either guaranteed by a credit card or paid in full.
  • Confirmed Flight Tickets (Round Trip).
  • Income Tax Returns or Form no. 16 for the last 3 years.
  • Last 6 months’ Original Bank Statements with the bank seal & sign.
  • Travel Insurance.

Photo Specification


The Argentina visa photo size requirements are given below, and the applicant must follow the below norms for the photograph to avoid any further corrections after submission of the application.

  • The required size of visa photo: 35 x 45mm i.e Normal Passport Sized Photo.
  • Colour: Colourful photo with a white background.
  • The photographs must cover the entire face, with a centrally aligned position.
  • Background of the photograph: White
  • Smile: No smile, must have a straight face.
  • Eyes: Open & visible.
  • Headgears are not allowed.
  • Must avoid any usage of glares on the glass lenses.
  • 2 Photographs are required.

Argentina Business Visa Processing Time

The Argentina Business Visa Processing time depends mostly on the verification of the documents. The crucial role of verifying the documents is played by the Argentina Embassy in India. As per what the Embassy demands, an applicant has to submit the application form for the Argentina business visa from India, 30 days or 3 weeks prior to leaving for Argentina.

Argentina Business Visa Fee


The Argentina business visa fee is chalked out by our team of experts, with the sole focus on customer convenience. The visa fee can vary considering the duration of your stay in the country. Along with the duration of stay - validity and entry type, too, are considered before deciding the visa fees.

Entry Stay Duration Validity Fees
Single entry Normal 30 days 3 months 16800.0

After Submission

  • Once the stated documents along with the application form are submitted to the Embassy, it takes at least 72 hours to get approval from the embassy for a personal interview.
  • Once you undergo the personal interview with the embassy then it might take at least a further five days for the embassy to finally grant you the Business Visa for Argentina.

How to Check Visa Status?

There are no provisions made by the government of Argentina to track the visa status. Once the application for visa is approved, after a personal interview with the embassy or consulate then you will be asked to collect the passport on a prescribed date. After the applicant reports on the prescribed date to collect the passport, he/she will be handed the visa and passport along with the estimated date of arrival of visa.  


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