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Argentina Visa For Indians - Everything You Need To Know

Argentina is an exciting place for adventurous Indian travelers. This city provides travelers with an unforgettable experience with its vibrant culture and European architecture.

Patagonia has Imagine trekking on glaciers and kayaking through the water – it's so exciting! Argentina has some delicious food. It is well known for its most famous football teams. You'll love their famous Malbec wines and steaks. Argentina offers Indian travelers an exciting adventure full of culture, nature, thrills, and delicious food.

It is necessary to recognize that Argentina has a variety of visa requirements and types for different countries. Also, special cases might require unique requirements that even intelligent people may find challenging to grasp.

Your visa may be denied if those requirements do not match. Visa experts will help you avoid rejection so that you can rest assured that your visa is not going to be rejected.

However, the application process for an Argentina visa for Indian passport holders is generally easy, so there's no need to worry. Once you have your visa, you can explore Argentina cities and go with your glacier trekking.

Do Indians Need a Visa For Argentina?

Yes! A visa is required for Indian travelers entering Argentina, whether on business or for tourism. To travel legally, you need a valid visa.

Argentine tourist visas are valid for 90 days and allow single entry. An Argentina visa for Indians can be applied for through a visa expert or directly at the Argentinian Embassy. Before applying, review the Argentina visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Argentina On-Arrival Visa for Indians

No, Indian citizens cannot obtain an on-arrival visa in Argentina. In other words, you cannot get a visa once you enter Argentina; you must obtain one before you travel there. 

A visa application service or the Argentinian Embassy/Consulate in India can assist you with the Argentina visa for Indian citizens application process.

Argentina Visa Types

Argentina offers a variety of visa types to cater to different needs and purposes. Whether you're visiting for tourism, studying, working, or relocating, understanding the specific requirements and duration of each visa is crucial for a smooth application process.

  • Tourist Visa:

    It is the most popular option for Indians visiting Argentina. The maximum stay is typically 90 days, with a single entry allowed.
  • Business visa:

    Professionals who would like to spend a short period in Argentina for training, conferences, business meetings, or short-term projects should apply for this visa.
  • Technical and Professional Visa:

    In Argentina, some jobs need special skills or knowledge. If you're applying for one of these jobs, you might have to give extra papers about your profession when you apply for the visa.
  • Family Reunification Visa:

    A family member of an Argentine citizen is eligible to apply for this visa (spouse, parents, or children). Proof of relationship and specific immigration requirements are usually required during the application process.
  • Student visa:

    A student who wishes to enroll in an academic program in Argentina must obtain this visa. How long you can stay depends on how long your program lasts. 

Other Categories:

Argentina provides extra visa options for certain situations, such as visits by religious clergy, involvement in cultural exchange programs, or people with temporary work contracts (expatriate staff visa).

The requirements and procedures for applying for a visa can change at any time, so make sure you check the official Argentinian embassy or consulate website before traveling.

Argentina Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

The following is a general guide to applying for an Argentina visa from India:

  1. Choose your Visa type:

    Select the type of visa that best fits your reason for traveling to Argentina. 
  2. Documents Required:

    Collect the required documents for your visa type. These may include:
    • Completed the Visa Application Form
    •  Valid passport (valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay)
    • Passport-sized photographs.
    • Proof of financial support
    • Proof of accommodation.
    •  Round-trip flight tickets or itinerary.
    • Additional documents depending on the visa type (e.g., letter from employer, proof of enrollment)


  1. Complete the Application Form:

    Complete the application form accurately and completely (depending on the consulate's instructions).
  2. Make an appointment (if needed):

    Some consulates or embassies require appointments to process visa applications. Check their website for details.
  3. Submit Your Application and Fees:

    Pay your visa processing fee and submit your complete application package.
  4. Interview (if needed):

    The consulate or embassy may require an interview to discuss your application further. Be prepared to answer questions about your trip and present yourself professionally.
  5. Visa Processing Time:

    Visa processing times can change based on the type of visa and how busy the consulate or embassy is. It's a good idea to plan and apply for your visa well before your travel date.
  6. Visa Decision:

    After reviewing your application, the consulate or embassy will inform you about their decision.

Do You Need an E-visa for Argentina?

No, Indian passport holders don't need an e-visa for Argentina. The government of Argentina does not offer an electronic visa program to Indian citizens (or most nationalities). As a result, you cannot obtain a visa upon arrival or via electronic means.

Apply for a traditional visa in person at the Argentinian Embassy or Consulate in India. A visa application service can assist you with the process if you prefer.

Argentina Visa Fees For Indian Citizens

When it comes to visiting Argentina, Indian citizens need to consider the visa fees. Let's look into the Argentina visa fees for Indian citizens.

Type of Visa 

Period of stay

Fees (INR)

Tourist Visa 
90 days
Business Visa 
60 days 


It is important to verify the exact visa fee with the Argentinian embassy or consulate in India before applying. To find out when the current visa fees are for your particular category, check their website or give them a call.

Argentina Visa Processing Time For Indian Citizens:

The processing time for an Argentina visa for Indian citizens can fluctuate due to various factors. 

Visa Types

Processing Time

Tourist Visa
10-15 days
Business Visa
10-15 days
Work Visa
15-30 days
Student Visa
15-20 days
Transit Visa
5-7 days
Family Reunion Visa
20-30 days
Permanent Residence Visa
30-60 days

Do You Need To Renew Your Argentina Visa?

No, You can't renew a tourist visa for Argentina. Tourist visas allow 90 days of stay with a single entry. If you want to stay longer, like getting a temporary residence visa, you'll need a different type of visa.

Note:- Remember to check the embassy or consulate website before your trip for the latest visa regulations.

Argentina Visa Rejection Reasons for Indian Citizens

There are several reasons why an Indian citizen's application for an Argentina visa may be rejected. Here are some common ones:

Incomplete Application:

Make sure you submit all required documents and fill out the forms accurately.

Insufficient Funds:

You need to show that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Argentina.

Unclear Purpose of Travel:

Provide clear evidence of your planned activities and reasons for visiting Argentina.

Passport Issues:

Ensure your passport is valid, undamaged, and has enough blank pages.

Previous Immigration Violations:

Having a history of overstaying visas in Argentina or other countries can be a problem.

Security Concerns:

If security checks raise concerns about your background.

If your visa application is rejected, carefully review the rejection notice to understand the specific reasons. You can then address the issues and reapply, or seek assistance from a qualified visa consultant if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the validity period of an Argentina Tourist Visa?

Typically 3 months, allowing multiple entries and a maximum stay of 90 days per visit.

Can I apply for an Argentina visa online?

For Indian citizens, online applications for Argentina Tourist Visas is available under certain conditions.

What happens if my passport expires while my Argentina visa is valid?

Apply for a visa renewal before your passport expires.

Is medical insurance mandatory for applying for an Argentina visa?

Not mandatory for application, but recommended for your trip.

Can I travel to other South American countries with a valid Argentina visa?

An Argentina visa is generally valid only for Argentina.

What are the options for submitting my Argentina visa application?

You can utilize the services of a travel agency or visa processing company authorized by the Argentinian embassy to handle your application process. This can simplify the procedure for you.

Do I need to get my documents translated into Spanish for the Argentina visa application?

Not usually required, but some embassies may request it.

What are the options for paying the Argentina visa application fees?

Cash, money order, or credit card (at embassy/consulate) may be accepted.

What happens if my visa gets lost or stolen?

Contact the nearest Argentinian embassy or consulate immediately.

What documents do I need to carry with me when entering Argentina?

Valid passport, return ticket (or onward travel proof), completed immigration form, and possibly proof of sufficient funds.

What if I miss my Visa Interview?

Contact the embassy/consulate to reschedule as soon as possible. There may be a penalty for missing your appointment.

When I make a mistake on my application or miss a document, what should I do? Will there be a delay?


To avoid delays or even rejection, it sounds like you should double-check everything carefully. A good idea is to apply well in advance, like 4-6 weeks before your trip, as processing times can be longer than expected, especially during peak times.

The visa fee is listed in US dollars or Euros, but I pay in Argentinian pesos (ARS) at the embassy/consulate, correct? How can I estimate the cost in rupees (INR)?

There is a slight fluctuation in the exchange rate, so the exact cost in INR can change. Using a currency converter, you can estimate the fee in INR from the current fee in ARS on the embassy website.

How can incomplete applications lead to delays in the visa process?


Make sure your application is complete with all necessary documentation to avoid delays or rejections. Be sure to double-check the embassy or consulate website for the most current requirements. There may be a delay in processing depending on workload, especially during peak seasons. To avoid last-minute complications, apply well in advance (preferably 4-6 weeks).


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