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Argentina Tourist Visa - The Definitive Guide

One might need to divert tad bit attention from checking the various destinations in Argentina to the documentation process and Argentina laws for tourists in order to avoid the stress-free holidays. However, possessing a team of experts, we shall help you out throughout the process of procuring an Argentina Tourist Visa.

What is Argentina Tourist Visa?

argentina tourist visa

Well, Argentina Tourist Visa is a short-term visa granted by Argentina purely for a Tourism purpose. There are multiple categories upon which the visa is granted. However, the tourist visa for Argentina for Indian citizens is categorized into two categories as, Single-entry Argentina visa and Multiple entry visas.

However, there are different conditions charted out by the Argentinian Government for different countries. Similarly, for the Indian nationals, there are different options conceived by the Argentinian Government, which are recognized by the Indian Government. Before we know the detail information on Argentina and its laws for the tourists, we shall provide detailed information on how to procure Argentina tourist visa for Indian citizens, first. Tourist visa for Argentina from India can be obtained through a thorough documentation process along with a personal interview, both of them perpetrated by the Argentina Embassy in New Delhi, India.

How do I get an Argentina tourist visa?

The Argentina Tourist visa is easier said than obtained, as it is laced up with the thorough documentation process in the beginning, and later ending with a personal interview with the Argentina Embassy, New Delhi. However, this is one of the sensitive procedures, and hence a proper guide or a consultant must be acquired to get the job done. Before you apply for the Argentina tourist visa from India, an applicant must collect all the mandatory documents to make sure that the application faces no further resistance from the embassy. Now, since it’s a Tourist visa for Argentina from India, an applicant must acknowledge the below procedures to procure a tourist visa:

  • As per the platforms made available by the Government of Argentina, no online application can be filed to obtain a Tourist visa for Argentina.
  • Much before you apply for the visa, Indian applicants must possess the mandatory document listed in this article.
  • After collecting the documents, an applicant must verify its authenticity before submitting it for the embassy verification. The embassy verification is done thoroughly and hence no errors must be found that could entitle your application for the rejection.
  • The documents must be submitted at least 3 weeks before the intended date of traveling to avoid any such circumstances that could delay your journey.
  • After the submission of the documents, they are further sent for the Embassy verification that could at least take 72 hours to process.
  • The Chief of the Consular section is responsible to analyze and verify the documents along with the application.
  • Once the documents are verified, an applicant might receive a call from the embassy for the personal interview.
  • In the personal interview, an applicant will be asked about the purpose of visiting the country.
  • After the interview, depending upon the results, an applicant will be granted the visa within 5-6 working days.
  • Moreover, an applicant must carry a passport which is valid for up to six months from the intended date of traveling to the country. The passport must also have at least two blank pages left for the visa processing purpose.

Eligibility for Argentina Tourist Visa

  • There are multiple countries exempted from procuring a visa to visit Argentina. Those countries belong to the ‘MERCOSUR’ agreement.
  • The ‘MERCOSUR’ agreement is a kind of agreement that was signed between the Latin American Nations in order to maintain economic and political integrity among them.
  • Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil are its full-time member countries. And, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Guyana, Peru, Ecuador, and Suriname are its associate members. New Zealand and Mexico are the observer countries.
  • India is not a part of ‘MERCOSUR’ agreement, and hence the Indian Nationals have to carry a visa.
  • However, the Argentina tourist visa for Indian passport holders is granted without any charges.
  • Passport holders with a validity of up to six months from the intended date of traveling are eligible to apply for the visa. As mentioned above, the Argentina tourist visa application form can be found offline, either directly from the embassy or through a consultancy.
  • All the details of the travel bookings laced up with the necessary identity documents must be carried to become an eligible applicant for the tourist visa.  

Documents Required For Argentina Tourist Visa

The Argentina tourist visa requirements for Indian citizens are listed as below,

  • A thoroughly completed application form.
  • A Passport which is valid for up to six months, with at least two blank pages left for the Visa.
  • Onward flight ticket
  • Hotel Reservation
  • 2 Photographs of the applicant
  • Bank details consisting of account statement of the last six months, or in certain cases even a credit card statement could be asked to submit.
  • A Photocopy of an International credit card
  • Detail of the Hotel reservation made in Argentina. It must be either guaranteed by a credit card or paid in full.
  • Travel Insurance.

Photo Specification


The requirements for the Argentina visa photo size are given below. The applicant must click a passport size photograph by following the below-mentioned requirements :

  • The preferred size of the visa photo must be 35 x 45mm
  • It must be a Colourful photo with a white background.
  • The photographs must cover the entire face, with a centrally aligned position.
  • Background of the photograph: White
  • Smile: No smile, must have a straight face.
  • Eyes: Open & visible.
  • Headgears are not allowed.
  • Must avoid any usage of glares on the glass lenses.
  • 2 Photographs are required.

Processing Time

The applicant must apply for the visa 90 days prior to leaving for Argentina, just to avoid any future circumstances that could result in delaying your journey. The estimated time for you to acquire the visa could be between 15-20 days. But, if the documents tick the requirement boxes, precisely then you might procure the visa sooner than the estimated time. Verification of the documents plays a crucial in deciding the processing time.

Argentina Tourist Visa Fee

As stated by the Government of Argentina, the Argentina Tourist Visa is granted without paying a fee to the Embassy or Government of Argentina. However, only Indian nationals are exempted from paying a fee for the Tourist visa.

Entry Stay Duration Validity Fees
Single/Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 16800.0

After Submission

  • The stated documents along with the application form have to be submitted to the Embassy of Argentina in India.
  • After the documents are submitted to the embassy then it takes at least 72 hours to give a nod for the personal interview.
  • Once you undergo the personal interview with the embassy then it might take at least a further five days for the embassy to finally grant you the Tourist Visa for Argentina.

How to Check Visa Status?

There are no provisions made by the government of Argentina to track the visa status. Once the application for visa is approved, after a personal interview with the embassy or consulate then you will be asked to collect the passport on a prescribed date. After the applicant reports on the prescribed date to collect the passport, he/she will be handed the visa and passport along with the estimated date of arrival of visa.  

When You have this visa

After you have been granted a tourist visa for Argentina, one might have to take care of a number of factors, ranging from keeping a track of the expiry date of the visa to apply for an extension of the visa (if you are looking forward to staying in the country more than the prescribed date). However, the tourist visa lasts for up to 90 days. The duration of the tourist visa could be extended for a maximum of 180 days.

Before you travel :

  • One must take note that if you are all set to travel to Argentina, you will be asked for a passport, which must be valid for six months since you enter the country.
  • Any damage to the passport violates the rules and regulations stated by the Government of Argentina.
  • Apart from the documentation process, the tourist visa holders carry their electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops and cameras along with them, but one must provide a typed list of the equipment to the officials present on the airport.

While travelling :

  • If you are planning to travel by air then you must make a provision of an onward ticket.
  • No officials could ask you for the return ticket once you enter the country, but before departing you might be asked by the Embassy of Argentina in India to provide all the details about it.
  • Nationals of certain countries have to pay for the ‘Reciprocity fee’ before leaving for Argentina.
  • Although, the airport officials might remind you to pay the fee before granting you the air ticket.

(Note - One must carry a photocopy of the passport, as any time in the country you will be asked to display your identity by the Police of Argentina (in rare cases) to maintain the security measures).


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum bank balance requirement for an Argentina tourist visa?

There is no specific requirements with respect to the exact amount. However, you must have enough funds to support yourself during the stay. These should cover the accommodation, travel within the country, food, as well as other activities. It is recommended that you show a minimum balance of about 1.5 lakhs for a month in order to avoid any complications.

How can i obtain a cover letter in Spanish for a tourist visa to Argentina?

Since Spanish is the official language in Argentina, it is necessary that you translate certain documents into Spanish while applying for an Argentina tourist visa as there are officials at the embassy who may not be comfortable with English. Since the covering letter is a personal statement, you can translate it by yourself with the help of a translation tool, or by consulting a professional translation agency. It is recommended to use the services of professionals as the online tools often perform only word-for-word translation, and thereby losing the message.

Can i extend my Argentina tourist visa?

Yes, you can extend your Argentinian tourist visa for up to 90 days. To do this however, you will have to visit the immigration authority in Argentina, and apply for the extension. The process normally costs around 600 pesos. You cannot extend the visa beyond this total duration of 180 days. It is necessary to make sure that you do not stay beyond your date of expiry, and extend it well in advance. 


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