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Bahrain Visa for Indians - Definitive Guide

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country that is known to the world for its cosmopolitanism. With its interesting and indulging culture, Bahrain attracts Indians to this beautiful Arab country. Bahrain visa for Indian nationals is what allows the people in India experience the culture in person and widen their horizons.

What is Bahrain visa?

Bahrain Visa for Indians

Whenever you are willing to visit Bahrain as an outsider, you will need a Bahrain visa. It is a permit granted by the Bahrain embassy to the traveller. There are different kinds of visas classified based on the purpose, period of stay and other factors. With the visa, you can visit the country for tourism, business or even visit your friends and family in the country. Even the validities of the visas will vary depending on the type ranging from 3 months to lifelong.

How to apply for Bahrain visa?

Bahrain visa is an e-visa which can be applied online. In order to apply for the visa, you need to carry out the online application process. The process for the application is given as follows:

  1. Apply online by filling the Bahrain online visa application form on the official website.
  2. Make the payment for the visa form online.
  3. Attach passport size photos to the application form.
  4. Submit the form along with the scanned copies of the required documents.

After the completion of the above process, you will have to wait for the embassy to process your documents. When the process is done, your e-visa will be emailed to you on your registered email ID.

When you are filling the form, you must make sure that the information is correct. There are chances that with false and unverifiable information, your visa may get rejected. You must also note that visa rejection can even affect your future visa applications.

Bahrain visa types

There are different kinds of visas depending on the purpose of visit and the period of stay that it permits. They are mainly classified as long-term and short-term visas. They can be further categorized as the following:

    • Long-term visas: The type of visas that are issued for long-stays in the country are termed as long-term visas. These visas include resident visa, student visa and work visa like permits.
      • Work visa: Whenever someone has a job in Bahrain and require a permit to stay in the country for the same, a work or employment visa is issued.
      • Resident visa: A resident visa is a permit given to the visitors who are going to stay in the country for a longer period of time, say about five years.
    • Short term visas: The visas that are issued for a shorter period of time, six months or less are categorized under short term visas. They can be further classified as follows:
      • Tourist/Visitor visa: When you are visiting Bahrain for tourism, in order to tour the country you will need a permit which is termed as a tourist visa. A visitor visa acquired when you are visiting a family or friend in the country. The validity for both the visas is generally the same.
      • Business visa: A business person mandates a business visa in order to visit the country for business purposes. It is a short term visa with limited and normally non-extendable validity.

Documents required for Bahrain visa

There are several documents required for visa for Bahrain. The types of documents will differ as per the type of visa you are applying for. Some of the common documents for the same are listed as follows:

  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity
  • 1 Colored passport size photograph
  • Original ID proofs
  • Bank statement of last 6 months
  • Confirmed hotel bookings (if applicable).

    Documents required for Bahrain visa

Bahrain e visa processing time

The ideal processing time required for Bahrain e visa is 72 hours. After the application form is submitted along with the required documents, your e-visa will be emailed to you on your registered email ID. This copy of the visa is considered as a genuine permit to allow you to enter the country.

Bahrain visa fees

The Bahrain visa fees for Indians for the process depend on several factors such as the type of the visa, the number of entries, delivery charges, service charges, and others. The fee will differ and is generally to be paid after filling out the online visa application form.

Entry Purpose Stay Duration Validity Fees
Single entry Normal Business 7 days 1 month 8500.0
Single entry Normal Business 14 days 1 month 9000.0
Single entry Normal Tourist 7 days 1 month 8500.0
Multiple entry Business 30 days 3 months 6200.0
Multiple entry Business 90 days 3 months 18000.0
Single entry Normal Tourist 14 days 1 month 9000.0
Multiple entry Tourist 90 days 3 months 18000.0
Multiple entry Tourist 30 days 3 months 6200.0

Where to apply for a visa to Bahrain?

In order to apply for the Bahrain e visa, you will have to visit the official website of Bahrain E-visas. Alternatively, you can approach the visa application centres or professional visa services for a better approach towards the visa process.

It is also important to note that if you make any kind of mistake in the application process, you may have to go through visa rejection. To avoid the same, you may consider expert visa consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I extend my Bahrain Visa?

You can extend your Bahrain visa following the proper procedure. To do the same, you will have to visit the NPRA to apply for the extension. The extension will be emailed to you on your registered email ID as the visa to Bahrain is an e visa.



After expiring my Bahrain Visa how long can I stay?

After the expiration of your visa, you cannot stay in the country. If you are willing to stay in Bahrain post your visa expiration, you will have to apply to the NCPR to extend your visa. With the extended visa you can stay in the country.



What is the medical test for Bahrain Visa?

A medical test is an examination that is carried out by a qualified doctor after which a medical certificate is provided to the applicants. Although this medical test is not required for all kinds of Bahrain visa, it is mandatory for the issuance of long term visas like the student, work or resident visa.



Can I convert my Bahrain Visa into another visa?

No, it is not possible to convert your existing visa into another visa. If you require a different kind of a visa, you will have to apply differently from the online visa website. You will obtain your new visa in the next 72 hours. When you have a new visa, your previous visa will automatically get cancelled.




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