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China Student Visa

Not many could ignore the development of China. With its booming economy and jaw-dropping development, China has left no stone unturned in welcoming the innovations. However, it has also been welcoming investors and students to participate in the race of development. No wonder why there is a gradual rise in the percentage of students visiting the country for educational purposes. Procuring a student visa for China from India has never been tough, but neither that easy though. The below guide will help you in understanding the entire procedure of obtaining a China student visa. 

What is China Student Visa

china student visa

Basically, the China student visa is one of the visas that allow an international student to reap benefits out of China’s vast education system. 

  • Visas in China are represented by various alphabets. Similarly, the student visa is represented as ‘X’ visa. 
  • The student visa has various subcategories and its duration.
Types of VisaDuration
X1 VisaMore than 180 days (For Long-term study)
X2 VisaLess than 180 days (For Short-term study)
  • Most of the people get confused between the validity and duration of the visa.

 Furthermore, the applicant has to enter China within 90 days, irrespective of the duration of the visa.

 The visa will expire if the applicant fails to enter the country before 90 days since the date of being granted the visa. 

  • The medical test for China student visa is recommended by the government of China. 

How do I apply for a China student visa?

The China student visa process is carried out offline, and hence no online provisions have been made by the government of China. The China student visa application form is filled offline, and if the applicant is processing on his/her own then he/she might have to submit the form to the embassy. Since it is a sensitive procedure, and any mistakes may lead to visa delay or visa denial, it’s recommended to get it done from the experts in providing visa services. BTW, consisting of a team of experts in providing visa services can help you out throughout the visa process. The below guide can help you understand the procedure for a China student visa.

  • The application form for the China student visa application form has to be filled offline. The details in the application form have to be filled with due care, without any major errors, to avoid any further delay in the process. 
  • Once the application form is filled, the applicant is supposed to collect all the mandatory documents listed by the government of China. 
  • After collecting the documents, the applicant is supposed to submit the application form to the China embassy by themselves. But, to avoid any errors you may take the assistance of the experts. 
  • No documents will be accepted through emails. 
  • One must check the documents thoroughly before the embassy verification. Normally, it takes at least 4 days for the application to process. 
  • International students must acquire the forms JW201 and JW202 from the school you are to enroll at. 
  • The JW201 form is issued to those international students who are being funded by the China Government scholarships.

 While the JW202 form is issued to those international students who are self-sponsored. 

Eligibility for China Student Visa

As stated above, the China student visa application form is available offline and hence approaching or consulting a visa providing consultancy might get the work done. Before applying, one must take care of cross-checking the authenticity of the visa providing consultancy. 

  • Indian Nationals are eligible to apply for the China student visa. The student visa for China from India is granted by the China embassy in India
  • If the applicant is invited by any authorized educational institute in China then the invitation letter must be presented with the application form. 
  • Indian Nationals with Indian passport are eligible to apply for a student visa for China. However, the passport must be valid for six months from the intended date of traveling to China. 
  • An applicant must carry the passports which must be valid for at least six months from the intended date of travel.
  • Those applicants who are looking to extend the duration of visa, they will have to exit China and re-apply for the visa from the home country.

When you have this visa

Student visa for China enables an applicant to carry our research. Apart from research one is permitted to take education from universities of China. However, a traveller to China must acknowledge the below facts that can make your job easy in understanding the terms and conditions while holding this visa. 

Before and while travelling

  • Indian nationals must carry the passport, as it is one of the mandatory documents that are firmly responsible to grant you the visa. The passport must be valid for six months since the intended date of travelling to the country. 
  • The total duration of your stay in China is decided by the government of China. It could be from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even a year, depending upon the applicant’s requirements. 


  • Any damage to the passport will cause a rejection of the application, as it violates the rules and regulations stated by the Government of China. 

After entering China 

  • After you enter China, the visitor must carry photocopies of the passport to every place he/she visits.  
  • You might have to present the passport photocopy along with the other identification documents like Pan Card, upon being asked by the officials of the immigration department in China. 

Documents Required For China Student Visa

The documents required for the China student visa includes all the educational documents - certificates, mark sheets, invitation letter, etc. The below guidelines direct you to China student visa requirements. 

  1. An original passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the day of arrival in China.
  2. Two Color photograph with white background, matt finish, size 33 mm X 48  mm,70-80% face Size.
  3. Covering letter mentioning the details of the travel. 
  4. Original personal bank statements for the last 6 months updated with sufficient funds. 
  5. Original Approved foreign student form. 
  6. Confirmed air ticket.
  7. Travel itinerary.
  8. Original Admission notice from University/college in china.

China Student Visa Photo Specification

china student visa photo specification

  • Size must be scaled between 33mm width and 48mm length
  • Colour: Photo must be submitted in color with natural skin tones.
  • Head size and position: The head must be between 15mm and 22mm wide. Length is 28mm to 33mm.
  • Must be recently taken - within the last 6 months
  • Background: Plain white. 
  • Smile: Neutral expression.
  • Eyes & Ears: eyes wide open and also both the ears must be visible.
  • Glasses: Thin rimmed eyewear only. No sunglasses allowed. 
  • Headgear: Not allowed until used for religious purposes.
  • Attire, clothing, dress code: The dress should not match the background. 
  • Beard: Optional.
  • Quantity needed in application: 2

Processing Time

Verification of the documents plays a crucial role in deciding the time required for the visa process. One must avoid doing any major errors in the application form. The submission of documents can be done after a thorough verification of the documents. 

 The process for a China visa for students could take you at least 4 working days. 

  • To fast track the visa process, even the express service is made available by the Government of China. The express service duration could be at least 2 working days

China Student Visa Fee

The total cost of the visa depends on several factors apart from the application fees. These include visa validity, the number of entries, as well as any applicable express processing and delivery charges. 

Entry Stay Duration Validity Fees
Single entry Normal 30 days 3 months 6732.0
Double entry Normal 30 days 3 months 8682.0
Multiple entry Normal 30 days 6 months 10632.0
Multiple entry Normal 30 days 1 year 14532.0
Single entry Express 30 days 3 months 8732.0
Double entry Express 30 days 3 months 10682.0
Multiple entry Express 30 days 6 months 12632.0
Multiple entry Express 30 days 1 year 16532.0
Single entry Normal 30 days 3 months 6732.0
Double entry Normal 30 days 3 months 8682.0
Multiple entry Normal 30 days 6 months 10632.0
Multiple entry Normal 30 days 1 year 14532.0
Single entry Express 30 days 3 months 8732.0
Double entry Express 30 days 3 months 10682.0
Multiple entry Express 30 days 6 months 12632.0
Multiple entry Express 30 days 1 year 16532.0

After Submission

  1. Before the submission to the embassy, an applicant has to self-verify all the documents in reference to the requirements stated by the embassy or the concerned consultancy.
  2. After thorough verification, one will have present the documents for submission, along with the application form. 
  3. Soon after the documents are submitted, one might have to wait for the China embassy verification. 
  4. The bank balance mentioned in the application form must be not be used. It is recommended of not doing any transaction from your mentioned bank account in the application form. 

How to Check Visa Status

  1. The below documents could help you track the status of your visa.  
  • Passport number 
  • Application ID. 
  1. In order to track the status of your visa process, the applicant can visit the website of the China Embassy in India.
  2. After you find the embassy website, you can track the visa application by submitting your application number. (if the option is made available)

By submitting your name, birth date, and Application number

  1. There is also another option available to track the China student visa from India through various portals by submitting your name (as mentioned in the application form), birth date and passport number along with the application number. 
  2. A tracking ID will be received by you after the submission of your application. This tracking ID can help you to track your application through the embassy site. 

Tracking with the help of passport

  • If you have processed your application through a consultancy or a Visa providing services then you might track the application status by submitting the passport number to the concerned service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend my China Student Visa?

Yes, you can extend your student visa for China. However, in most cases, extensions are not granted. You can apply for an extension at the PSB (Public Security Bureau) with your documents and application form. You will have to apply at least 7 days before your current visa expires. You may apply for an extension up to a maximum of 2 times in duration. Most likely, you will receive an extension of one month.

After expiring my China Student Visa how long can I stay?

You cannot stay beyond your visa expiry. Overstaying is considered as an offence, and you will be subject to fines and deportation. It is one of the basic requirements of the visa that you do not stay past your date of expiry. You are required to leave the country before the specific date. Alternately, you may apply for a visa extension or a new visa if you wish to stay longer in the country.

What is the medical test for China Student Visa?

For a short term visa like the X2 student visa which is for a duration of fewer than 6 months, there is no requirement for a medical test. However, if you are applying for visas longer than 6 months, such as the X1 student visa, you require a mandatory medical test to be done. You may either do it when you reach China or as required, you will have to do it from your home country. The test involves x-ray scans, blood tests, and other check-ups. 

Can I change my China Student Visa into another visa?

No, you cannot directly convert a student visa into any other visa. Once your visa expires, you will have to leave the country immediately. However, there is nothing stopping you from applying for another visa. This may require you to apply from outside China, or in certain cases, you may be permitted to apply from within.



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