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Germany Student Visa - Definitive Guide

One of the top destinations for students from around the world, Germany is also one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries. With the help of the Germany Student Visa, students from other countries also can now experience the famous German education system. 

What is Germany Student Visa?

germany student visa

To enter Germany for the purpose of taking part in short term studies, internships or training, you will require the Schengen Germany student visa. However, people from other European countries, as well as a few other visa-exempt nations do not need this to enter the country. Also officially known as the Schengen study/research visa, this is valid for a duration of 90 days in a 180-day period. This type is issued usually as single-entry, double-entry, or multiple entries. However, if you require to stay in the country for longer than 3 months, you must apply for the German national student visa.

How to apply for student visa Germany?

how to apply for germany student visa

The process of applying for a student visa for Germany from India is done offline. However, you may choose to fill the application online or offline. Before starting your application, make sure that you are eligible to apply for this particular type of permit. If you are, you can proceed to acquire all the documents required for the process. Following this, you can proceed as follows- 

  1. Visit the website of the German missions, and fill in the application form. You may either print the form and fill it by hand or may enter the details on the online form and then print the completed application form. 
  2. You must then proceed to book an appointment for the submission at a VAC or a German mission of your local jurisdiction. You may do this online, or by calling the respective centre.
  3. Visit the VAC or German mission as per your selection with the documents and application form. You will have to submit your biometrics here as well.  

Please note that if you have submitted your biometrics in the past 5 years, you may not have to submit it again. Also, book an appointment only at the mission that has jurisdiction over your state of residence. Ensure that you submit all the correct information and genuine documents. Any fake documentation or false information can get your application rejected. Visa rejection will affect your future travel

Eligibility for Germany Student Visa

To be able to apply for the Germany study visa from India, you must meet the following criteria - 

  • You must be present within India if you are applying from there. If you are an Indian resident in another country, you may be able to apply for the visa in that country itself. 
  • You must possess an Indian passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel, 
  • Your primary motive behind the visit must be to indulge in study-related activities such as research, internship, training, and so on for a short term. 
  • You must have an invitation letter from the German organization/educational institution inviting you.
  • You must possess sufficient funds to cover your stay in the country.
  • You can apply for the permit if -
  • Germany is your only travel destination, or
  • Germany is one of your multiple Schengen destinations -  in which case you will be spending the majority of your travel period in Germany, or, Germany is your port of entry.

Documents required for Germany Student Visa

The following are the documents required for the Germany student visa from India -

documents for the student visa Germany

  • A valid passport
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Covering letter stating the details of the travel
  • No objection letter from institute/organization in India
  • Confirmed round trip flight tickets 
  • Proof of accommodation 
  • Travel medical insurance covering 30000 Euros  
  • Educational documents such as a degree certificate, transcripts, etc
  • Financial documents to show sufficient funds
  • Invitation letter from the German organization/institute

German Student Visa Photo specifications

german student visa photo specifications

  • Dimensions:  35mm X 45mm
  • Colour: Coloured
  • Head must occupy the central position
  • Must be captured within the last 3 months
  • Background: White
  • 80% face coverage
  • Neutral expression
  • Glasses: Non-thick framed and prescription are permitted
  • Headgears are allowed only for religious reasons
  • Facial hair is permitted

Germany Student Visa processing time India

The average processing time for this particular category is around 10-15 working days. However, this may vary depending on several factors such as the number of entries, the volume of applications at the embassy, as well as any other Germany student visa requirements. As a result, it is suggested that you apply for the permit well in advance.

Germany Student Visa fees in India

The fees for the Germany study visa is dependent on multiple factors such as processing charges of the VAC, biometric charges, as well as any other service charges levied. Due to the fact that the Euro-Rupee exchange rates vary, it is strongly advised to check the exact fees before applying. Also, keep in mind that if you are directly applying at a German mission, you must pay the fees in the form of a demand draft. 

Entry Stay Duration Validity Fees
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6881.0
Multiple entry Normal 90 days 3 months 6881.0

After submission

Once you have submitted your application and submitted the fees, your application will begin processing. If the embassy requires any additional documents or verification, you will be contacted. Alternately, in certain extreme cases, you may be asked to attend an interview at the mission. If approved, you will receive your visa delivered to you, or you may pick it up from the centre, depending on your selection

How to check visa status?

While your application is being processed, you may track the status by visiting the website of the VAC and entering your application number and name. Alternately, you may contact the visa agency you have applied through. You may also opt for SMS notification of your status. 

When you have this visa

Once you possess this permit, you must keep in mind the following key points - 

  • Ensure that you do not overstay after the expiry date as mentioned on the visa.
  • You must travel to Germany within 6 months of your visa issue date, or as mentioned on the sticker. If you do not, your permit will become invalid and you will have to apply for a new one.
  • Always carry a copy of your travel documents such as passport and visa while you are in the country.
  • While you are on this permit, you are not allowed to work or take part in other work-related activities. 
  • You are not allowed to extend the permit unless in extreme circumstances such as force majeure, unfavourable situations in the home country, and so on. 
  • You must abide by the German rules and regulations while you are in the country.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any interview for the Germany student permit?

For the short term student, there is no requirement for an interview. The appointment is only for the document and biometric submission. However, for the long term national visas, you may have to submit to an interview. Alternately, you may be asked to attend an interview if your C category student permit application needs additional verification.

Should I mention about previous criminal convictions and traffic offences?

Yes, it is mandatory that you mention about any criminal convictions in your application. This does not include traffic offences. By criminal convictions, it refers to other criminal cases charged against you. Also, you must not hide or lie about the convictions against you. Lying and providing false information are grounds for automatic visa rejection.

What effect will rejection of another country permit have on my Germany student visa?

Only the consular officer in charge of your visa processing will exactly know this. However, it all depends on the severity of the reason for your rejection. If you were rejected due to an incomplete application, insufficient funds, etc, it may not affect your Germany application. If you were rejected due to major faults such as fake documents, criminal convictions, lying in the application form, etc, your chances of getting the German permit approved are slim.

Do I Indian students have to appear for English proficiency tests in obtaining a Germany student visa?

No, you do not compulsorily need an English proficiency test. Although, having a good score in one of those will certainly help you land the research, study or training in the first place. Apart from this, for long term national visas and residence permits, you will need to provide proof of language proficiency, mostly for German.

How can I extend my Germany student visa?

Under normal circumstances, you are not allowed to extend your German C type Schengen permit. You are expected to leave Germany on or before the day of your visa expiry. However, under extreme cases such as a Force Majeure, medical reasons, unfavourable conditions in the home country, etc, you may be granted with an extension. 


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