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If you are a regular traveler then you know that the basic documentation for all the countries is more or less the same. But being a visa consultant what we always keep in mind is the special requirement for all countries.

Having the basic list of documents will not be enough to make sure that the visa process is smooth and hassle-free. Most of the countries have some different requirement, which if
missed might create a great problem especially for urgent travels.

Let us today have a look at the special requirements for some of the famous destinations, and let us know in the comments which were the ones that you already knew –

South East Asia 

Let’s start with the sector most visited by Indians. Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia are countries which attract a large number of travelers every year. Even though the visa process to these countries is not very difficult but still each of these countries has a special requirement.

Singapore –

  • When the traveler is going to visit someone in Singapore the invitation letter is required is a specific format provided by the Consulate / Embassy – It is called the V39 letter

Malaysia –

  • Bank statements attested by the bank on all pages with a closing balance of INR 30,000/-

Thailand –

  • The hotel bookings should compulsory mention name of all applicants

Each applicant needs to show a balance equivalent to 700 USD which can be in the form of savings bank account, international credit card or forex receipt


This is the next sector which attracts major travelers from India be it for tourism purpose, business or family visit. Here are some of the most visited countries and their special requirements.

Germany –

  • When a traveler is visiting someone, an original Formal Obligation issued from the Town Hall is required from the host
Spain –

  • When a traveler is visiting someone, an original Carta Invitation before “Policia Nacional” issued is required from the host

  • The overseas travel insurance should be valid for 15 days extra from the date of return to India.

  • Applications can be accepted only if there is a gap of minimum 10 working days from the date of submission and the travel date

  • Photocopy of all pages of the passport is required

Greece –

  • If the applicant is travelling first time to the Schengen area then he/she is required to go for a personal interview to the consulate/embassy

Denmark –

  • Color photocopy of all pages of the current passport and used pages of the previous passport is required

Netherlands –

  • When a traveler is visiting someone, an original Formal Obligation issued from the Town Hall is required from the host.

France –

  • When a traveler is visiting someone, an original Attestation D’accueil issued from the Town Hall is required from the host.

Australia & New Zealand 

These again are some favorite destinations for Indians. Travelers generally club an itinerary for both the countries together. Below are some special requirements for each of these countries.

Australia –

  • Photocopy of all pages of the current passport with the notary and true copy stamp on all pages

  • The original passport must be only carried at the time of submission for verification and is returned to the applicant on the same day

New Zealand –

  • All the financial documents must be notarized.

Let us know look at some rare countries and their rare requirements –

Morocco –

  • Male applicants should submit photographs with a TIE.

Venezuela –

  • Photograph in soft copy has to be submitted, it can be in a pen drive or CD. It has to be in 70KB size maximum.

Peru –

  • Fingerprint of the index fingers on a plain white paper

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