How to Get Armenia Visa From Bangladesh?

Traveling to a foreign nation requires a lot of documentation procedures and getting a visa approved is one of them. It is an official document that lets any individual legally enter, stay within, or leave a foreign land. There are different kinds of visas, each enabling an individual with different rights in an international country. A visa usually specifies the duration of the intended stay, territories that are accessible to the individual, the dates they may enter, the number of permitted visits, or an individual's right to work in the country. The visa is usually stamped on or glued to the individual's passport. And owing to technological growth, some countries use electronic records of immigration databases instead of a physical visa. It is also important to note here that this form of permission through a visa is revocable at any point in time as deemed by the concerned authorities.

Armenia visa for Bangladesh

Types of visas :
- Work Visa: Any individual wishing to get employment or work in an international country would require a work visa permit for the same.
Travel or Tourist Visa- This type of visa allows one to travel within a particular country as a form of leisure activity. It carries no instructions with respect to engaging in work activities.
- Student Visa: Any student wishing to seek higher education at an international level, would require this.
Working Holiday Visa- This category of visa allows the individual to undertake temporary employment in a country through which they are traveling. Australia provides such a feature.
- Transit Visa: This is typically required if one has a layover in a country, which is not one's destination country, of more than a few hours.
Refugee/Asylum Visa- Refugee visas & asylum visas can be granted to individuals fleeing persecution only when their life is at risk.
- Immigrant Visa: It is granted to those who desire to settle permanently in a foreign country.

Why is a visa required?

A visa permit is not a mandatory requirement by every country so as to say. There are certain countries that do not have any visa agreements between them, thus allowing their people to travel freely. But certain other countries have visa restrictions so as to keep a check of and control the flow of visitors in and out of the country and to prevent illegal immigration and other criminal activities.

What is a Visa policy?

Visa policies are formulated by different countries to specify who may or may not enter their territories. Certain policies might allow citizens of a particular nation to enter, but not those of another one. Policies are mainly formulated in order to curb illegal immigration, or for security reasons. There is also a principle of "reciprocity" that is usually practiced by most countries, according to which a particular country imposes visa restrictions against citizens of all the countries that impose visa requirements against its own citizens.
When is a visa required?

Getting a visa approval done before a trip entirely depends on the destination and the home country and their visa agreement. If one's home country has a visa agreement with one's destination country, then it is very likely that a visa approval procedure is not required in such cases. Some countries also offer the facility of visas on arrival(VOA). A visitor is required to obtain his visa permit after arriving at the destination country before proceeding to immigration control.

Procedure for Bangladeshi citizens to get an Armenia visa:

Different countries have their own different visa requirements procedure. Therefore one must first go through all the necessary information details from the immigration website of the particular country one intends to travel to, before applying for a visa.

- Bangladeshi nationals would need to apply at the Embassy or Consulate of Armenia before traveling, for their visa requirements. This can be done either in person or through a travel agent by providing him with a letter of authorization.
- Visa fees have to be paid online before going to the embassy.
- A visa application form for Armenia has to be first duly filled out and signed by the Bangladeshi citizen.
- The citizen must have a valid passport; validity must be for 3 months beyond the intended date. The applicants must provide a photocopy of the first and last page of the passport.
- A copy of previous passports and visas must also be provided.
- Two passport-sized photographs, not more than 6 months old.
- Applicants must provide a covering letter that would include Their Passport Number & Name, Designation & purpose of visit & outlining who will be responsible for the full cost of their trip, accommodation & expenses, etc.
- Travel insurance proof, if applicable.
- Ticket reservation documents.
- proof of visa application fees must also be provided after taking a printout of the online fee payment.
- In addition to all of the above, Bangladeshi citizens would also require an invitation letter in order to visit Armenia. A letter of invitation is a formal letter from the person that they are inviting you to visit them in that country. Invitation letters might help travel authorities that potential visitors by making sure that a temporary visit is indeed the true nature of the visa request.

Once the visa application is filled and all the documentation procedure is completed, an applicant might be requested to submit to a visa interview by the country he/she intends to visit. Most visa applications are approved or denied without the need for an interview, but the visa officer may request for it.

Some common questions asked during an interview are as follows: 

- Why do you want to travel to Armenia?
- Why do you want to visit the country at this specific time?
- Do you have a criminal record?
- Are you traveling with someone else?
- Who will you be visiting?
- How long will you stay?
- Where will you stay?
- Have you booked airline tickets?
- Do you have health insurance for this trip?
- If you are working with any organization, Did you apply for proper leave from your workplace for the duration of the trip?
- Will you return to your home country after you finish your visit?

Visa processing time and fees:

- Different countries have different visa processing times. Usually, it would take a total approximate time of 14-20 working days (1 week at Embassy + 6 working days for Passport transit).
- The fees may range from anywhere between 20,000-30,000 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka).


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