10 Things to Know Before Studying Abroad

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Planning to study abroad comes with a big to-do list. Starting from arranging the money to the planning of the itinerary, you need to do everything by yourself. Isn’t it exciting? But it can be tiring too. To make this process smoother you need to work smart and tough. When plans fall in place it becomes pocket-friendly too. Consider following ten things before you plan your study abroad.

  1. Choosing the Right Course and the University

Define your interest. If you know what you want to achieve it will be easier for you to choose the country that is providing advanced education in that field. Suppose you wish to study law, then you should shortlist the top universities providing the best law education in the world. Then depending on your qualifications, you can select a degree or a diploma

  1. Planning a Budget

Once you know which course to apply for, jot down the expenses, starting from application fees till you return to your home country. It will be easier for you to choose the most compatible university that fits your budget. Understand the monetary circumstances that may occur during your course abroad. Allocate a certain budget for emergencies that may occur. 

  1. Document Lining

Great if you already have a passport. If you don’t have one, better to apply for it right now. Further, you need to apply for a student visa too. So the faster you process your passport, the faster you can apply for a visa. If you already own a passport, check for the validity date. Make sure that it will last until the end of your course. 

Other than just a passport and a visa, there are some other documents that you need to align. Following is a common list of documents. Some of the documents may vary from country to country. 

  1. Student Visa

  2. Passport

  3. Application form

  4. University transcripts (Sometimes translated) 

  5. Document for a scholarship of study abroad. (If applicable)

  6. Financial proofs

  7. Language eligibility test

  8. Medical test reports

  9. Photographs

   4. Logistics Plannings

Secure your flight tickets. Make sure you reach your destination a few days before the beginning of the semester. So that you can explore the surroundings and settle down. Most of the international universities provide on-campus accommodations. But if your university doesn’t do that, take the help of study abroad consultants who can get you in touch with the right person in your destination country. 

  1. Knowledge About Currency

Consider this point even while planning your budget. The financial market keeps on fluctuating. It will affect your budget. Many candidates plan the daily expenses on the same exchange rates when they checked it months ago. This can be the case when you are either traveling from or traveling to a country with an unstable economy. 

  1. Look For News Updates

Be updated with the socio-political current affairs of your study abroad country. The entire world is going through dramatic changes right now due to the pandemic. So now on, you need to consider the medical facilities too while traveling. You need to keep updated about any news that will affect your study plans. The news about your travel country will help you plan better and avoid unwanted situations.

  1. Health Checkups

Some countries require you to provide your health reports. Such as the UK. To study in a country like the UK, it is mandatory to do your tuberculosis test and submit the X-ray and the reports. With the pandemic situation on, Covid testing is another addition. All the travelers have to have their covid testing done.

  1. Cellular Plans

 Make sure you get your sim cards changed and suitable for the traveling country. Now that we have everything on our phone, including maps, tickets, contact numbers, or various applications that you will require at the arrival airport. Be updated about it. Check if your own cellular company provides any suitable international plans. If it does not, there are companies that provide cellular sims at the airport. Make sure you buy one the moment you reach the port. 

  1. Know The Emergency Contact Number 

Emergencies never ring before they arrive at your door. It will be difficult to handle them when you are in a foreign land. Remember the emergency number of the travel country. 

Once you know this, also note down the emergency contact number of the university you will be studying with. You will know where to call in case you need any kind of assistance such as road directions or some emergencies at the airports. Give this number to your parents too.

Do not rely on the devices. Write it down in your notepad where you have written other details. 

  1. Prepare Your Baggage

Yes, it’s time for some shopping! Consider the changing climate, the seasons, and the clothing styles of the country. Do not overload your bags. Carry as little as you can. Do not miss out on the chance of buying clothes in your destination country. Know if there are any popular markets which will fulfill your requirements. 

Study Abroad Opportunities After 12th

There are ample opportunities to study abroad after the 12th. You can opt for any stream to go for an undergraduate course, it can be science, arts, commerce, etc. But it sometimes also depends on the type of course, the country, and the university that you are opting for. This is a very confusing age for many students, whereas some students are very clear about what exactly they want to pursue. For everyone who knows what to do and for those who are confused, overseas consultancies can be a great help. They can guide you throughout the procedure. 

Many countries demand results of standardized test results and language eligibility tests. 

Why Studying Abroad Is A Better Option

Studying abroad can benefit the student in enormous ways. 

  1. Opportunity To Know And See The World

When a student plans to study abroad he/she has the opportunity to explore the new country. Other than just studying, a candidate has an opportunity to visit the historical monuments, natural wonders, landmarks, and many other things. The students enter into the brand new culture. You meet people from different corners of the world. Students get to know their cultures and various habits, such as food habits, clothes, etc. 

As you have an opportunity to travel around your university, you get to explore various cities and towns. Some countries allow travel outside the country too on the same visa. For example, If you are studying in the university in France, you can travel through different parts of Europe, such as Rome or London

  1. Advanced Education

Every country follows a different style of education and grading systems. When a student applies to study abroad, they will get the exposure to the advanced version of the syllabus. Which they may not get covered in their home country. Considering the constant changes and updates happening around, many universities offer student exchange programs. This allows them to update and explore the newer side of their course subject. 

  1. Experiencing The New Cultural

When students enroll for studying abroad, they do not just go for studying their course subject, but they learn a lot of new things culturally. It fascinates them. Things such as food habits, customs, traditions, festivals, costumes, and many more things that a student can explore. The international students have to make sure that they respect all cultures. This broadens the cultural perspective of the student which helps them adapt to the new language skills, education systems and enhance learning abilities. 

  1. Better Career Opportunities

Many countries allow work while learning philosophy. Students become independent when they adopt this. They start satisfying their financial needs on their own. The job may or may not be in their field but they know how to be on their foot. Some countries, like the UK, are helpful towards this attitude. They have a facility to extend the student’s visa for another two years. A student can convert their visas into work visas and practice in their field in the UK for additional two years. This experience brings incredible value to the home country.

  1. Exploring New Skills

Many colleges also focus on various extra-curricular activities too. Other than the academic sessions, many skills are enhanced in the international colleges, such as sports, arts, reading clubs, poetry clubs, political events, cultural events, and many other activities. This gives students the opportunities to explore themselves and fine-tune the extracurricular skills that they have. Students participate irrespective of their different cultural backgrounds. They perform together as a team to achieve the goal.  Studying abroad helps students explore their various skills. 

Best Study Abroad Countries | Exchange Programs For Students

Popular Study Countries For Indians Students 

The USA pulls a large number of international students from all over the world. It ranks first for international studies. Following are the top universities that attract international students from all over the world- 

  1. Stanford University

  2. Harvard University

  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Known as MIT)

  4. Columbia University

  5. The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Students choose the USA as studying abroad option for many reasons. It provides advanced education in a lot of verticals. The USA has high-end technology which the top universities use for educational purposes as well. Their syllabus and education systems are constantly updated to meet up the changing scenarios. 

  • Study in Canada

Canadian provinces such as Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, are home to many best universities that attract students from all over the world. Following is the top list of universities in Canada- 

  1. University of Toronto

  2. McGill University

  3. University of British Columbia

  4. Université de Montréal

  5. University of Alberta

Depending on the courses, the undergraduate degree program may take three or four years completion in Canada. The duration of the PG courses is of either one or two years. Canada has different types of colleges such as research institutes, community colleges, applied arts and science colleges which have certificate courses and diplomas too. 

  • Study in the UK

The UK has been attracting students from all over the world. There has been a rapid rise in the number of students studying in the UK. Considering this, the UK government has taken an important step by declaring the new two-year post-study work visa. Any student holding an educational visa can extend their stay for two years and practice their work by shifting to a work visa. This way the UK government is expanding the opportunities further for talented international students to build their career path ahead. Popularly known as the ‘Graduate Route’, this policy opens gates for all international students who hold the study immigration status and wish to practice their work further.

Following is the list of top five universities in the UK- 

  1. University of Oxford

  2. University of Cambridge

  3. Imperial College London

  4. UCL (University College London)

  5. The University of Manchester

  • Study in Australia

Australia too is an attractive educational destination for international students. According to the recent research, it is also pulling the crowd from countries like India, China, Nepal, Vietnam, and Brazil too.  

Australia is recognized for offering high-end education services globally. It offers students a variety of about 22,000 courses through about 1100 colleges.

Following are the top 5 universities in Australia- 

  1. Australian National University (ANU)

  2. University of Sydney

  3. University of Melbourne

  4. University of New South Wales (UNSW)

  5. University of Queensland (UQ)

If you are not sure about how to apply for the best suitable course and the university, you can hire a study abroad consultant. 

  • Study in Singapore

Singapore is emerging as the most popular study destination in Asia, attracting students from other continents too. It has left behind other Asian nations in terms of providing world-class education. The National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University are two universities that have made their place amongst the top 20 university rankings in QS World university rankings. 

  1. National University of Singapore

  2. Nanyang Technological University

  3. Singapore Management University

  4. Singapore Institute of Technology

  5. Singapore University of Social Sciences

Institutes from Singapore are also striving to give better quality education by collaborating with the various international universities. For Example- the Singapore University of Technology and Design collaborated with the US’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology and China’s Zhejiang University. The collaborations like these are improving the reputation of these universities even further and providing ample education opportunities for international students.  

  • Study in Turkey

Turkey is already a tourist destination and is rapidly moving towards providing high-quality education. Turkey is attracting a lot of international students as the country has numerous international links and its strategic location attracts students from Europe and Asia too.  

  1. Boğaziçi University.

  2. Middle East Technical University.

  3. Istanbul Technical University.

  4. Hacettepe University.

  5. Izmir Yuksek Teknoloji Enstitusu.

Turkey lets international students explore the entirely new culture. Its geographic location has a mix of both European and Oriental influence too. Other than studies, there are a lot of natural popular tourist destinations in Turkey which gives students a reason to learn new things. 

  • Study in France

France has one of the most prestigious educational systems in the world. Irrespective of which country the student is coming from, France welcomes students with open arms. In 1998, the French Government introduced a rigorous policy particularly emphasizing welcoming the foreign students. Since then, the flow of international students in France has seen rapid growth. A student can apply to about 20 universities with one single online application. Following are the top 5 universities in France open for global students- 

  1. Paris Sciences et Lettres University - PSL Research University Paris

  2. École Polytechnique

  3. Sorbonne University

  4. CentraleSupelec

  5. Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon

There are enormous reasons why France has been a traditional study abroad destination. Most importantly, institutes in France have low tuition fees. There are about 77 publicly-funded institutes. As the country has a very unique culture and has some best tourist spots too, students get a lot of cultural exposure too. 

  • Study in Germany

Germany is a paradise for many aspirant students who wish to study abroad. Institutes in Germany have a variety of courses to offer that enrich the learning experience and promise high employability in and outside of Germany. Not just that, but there are various scholarships that German universities offer which further reduces the cost of education in Germany.

Following are the top universities from Germany

  1. Jacobs University

  2. Technical University of Munich

  3. Technical University of Berlin

  4. Hamburg University of Technology

  5. RWTH Aachen University 

Other than just offering scholarships, Germany is also known well as a tourism destination because of its epic and diverse landscapes and seas. German law also allows work while learning philosophy. Students can work for up to 20 hours a week or 120 full days of the year. These guidelines have helped international students gain work in Germany experience. 

Top 10  Courses To Study Abroad

    1. Engineering (Diploma & Postgraduate diploma)

    2. Finance and Management (Masters)

    3. Computer Science and Data Analysis

    4. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism

    5. Business Management (BBA, MBA)

    6. Digital Marketing

    7. Telecommunication (Masters)

    8. Accounts and Administration

    9. Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery (MBBS)

    10. Certified Courses

Top International Universities To Study Abroad 

   1. University of Northern British Columbia, Canada

   2. Bath Spa University, United Kingdom

   3. Seattle College, United States

   4. Raffles University, Malaysia

   5. International University of Malaya-Wales, Malaysia

   6. International Institute Of Business & Technology, Australia

   7. Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey

   8. Dundalk Institute Of Technology, Ireland

   9. Far Eastern Federal University, Russia

   10. East Asia Institute Of Management, Singapore

Types Of Institutions To Study Abroad For Indian Students

When a student decides to study abroad, there are various types of intuitions amongst which a student can opt for. But for that one needs to understand the basic structure of the types of universities. 

  • Public Universities- Government provides funds to these universities. Usually, foreign national students end up paying a higher amount of fees than the local students in these universities. But still, the amount of tuition fee is less as compared to private universities. These institutions are large too.

  • Private Universities- As the name suggests, these universities are privately owned. They are solely run by the tuition fees paid by the students and private funds. They have a small community of students and are more expensive. Students get all the facilities that they pay for. There is a small amount that is kept aside for the international students, especially for the needy students who gain admission through scholarships. 

  • Technology & Research Institutes- These institutions primarily focus on innovation, research, and technological development pieces of training. Countries like the UK are focusing more on these types of institutions. The UK recently introduced around 12 new institutions. Students can study the following subjects in these types of universities- 

  1.  Aerospace Engineering

  2.  Astronomy

  3.  Biochemistry

  4.  Biology

  5.  Chemical Engineering

  6.  Chemistry

  7.  Civil Engineering

  8.  Computer Science

  9.  Electronic Engineering

  10.  Mathematics

  11.  Mechanical engineering

  12.  Physics

  13.  Psychology

  14.  Statics

  • Community Colleges- The term community college has different meanings in different countries. These types of educational colleges provide education in vocational courses. Generally, the duration of the courses in community college is two years. Anyone who has obtained a diploma from these colleges can directly get into the university graduate program. So to pursue a degree in a particular course and if the candidate is in community college, he/she can skip the foundation year and directly step into the second year of the degree course. 

 4 Things To Consider While Choosing A Study Abroad Consultant

Students rely on study abroad consultants in a hope that they’ll help reach their destinations. To gain that trust, the consultants should provide a thorough support system to the students. Following are the things that students should look for while choosing their study abroad consultant,

  1. Right Course, Right University- The most important thing in a student’s life is to select the right course and the right university. A study abroad consultant can guide the students through this process. Once the student is clear about the field that they want to build a career in, they rely on the consultant to help them out with the best suitable course, country, and the institute. 

  1. Serve Students, Not Universities-  The consultants should be focused on the student’s requirements and not on universities. Student’s needs should be on priority over anything else. They should not be selling the universities, but they should guide the students as per their interest and not according to what universities demand. A counselor must inform and give detailed information to the students about all the suitable courses in different countries based on their budgets. 

  2. Free Counseling- The study abroad consultant should not take servicing charges from you. Search for a consultant who will take only logistic charges from the students. These consultants do not just provide counseling but will help students through all the requirements till the student settles down in the destination country. They should only be charging for your ticketing requirements, visa processing fees, fees related to applications, language eligibility tests charges, and any other fees required. But the counseling should be free. 

  3. Guidance Throughout Admission Procedure- The consultancy should be well known for its consistency and transparency. They should work as a support system to the student during the entire process. A consultant should not leave the students halfway. A constant follow-up and updates should be given to the students about their application. Many overseas consultants help students in various ways.

Following Are the Things Students Should Get Assistance for From Their Overseas Consultant

  1. Slot booking for language eligibility tests.

  2. Application procedures in foreign universities.

  3. Checking for available scholarships if any.

  4. Lining the documents.

  5. Help in passport processings(if a student does not have the passport).

  6. Visa processing.

  7. Help in accommodation if there are no dormitories available in the college.

Yes, there are consultants which can help you with all these things. Make sure you ask about all this. 

Study Abroad Consultant | Study Overseas Consultants

5. All Under One Roof

The consultant should be able to provide all the necessary services under one roof. Other than just providing the counseling, make sure that they will help you in executing the plans. By providing multiple related services. 

For example, when you apply for a student visa, the consultant should also help you with the attestations processes. So that students don’t have to run around the doors seeking different services from different companies. It will take a lot of money and the time of the candidate. The consultant should also provide you the following services- 

  1. Air Ticket Booking

  2. Attestation and Apostille

  3. University Transcript Translations Services

  4. Visa Processing

  5. Visa Extension Facilities

  6. Travel Insurance

  7. Itinerary Assistance

  8. Forex Services (All types) 

Give a sigh of relief when you find a consultancy that will give it all to you. Have a thorough discussion with them. It is your responsibility too to give all the list of requirements so that the study abroad consultant can help you in the best way possible. 

By following and implementing all the above-mentioned things, it is not difficult anymore to get admission to foreign universities. Your dream to study abroad is on a way to become a reality.

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