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For beginners, it is sometimes intimidating to apply for a US visitor visa. Listening to the "denied" stories of your friends, family or any other sources can also increase your concerns and make you nervous. You thought: "If they have been denied a US visa, what are my chances of getting a US visa?"

ALl the applicants need to be confident enough of their application

When you continue to think that they will deny your visa, it will manifest during your US visa interview. You will be nervous, your voice will crack, and the consular officer may feel that you are hiding something. That is a first step towards getting visa denied.

To help you prepare for your US visa application, here are some basic questions during an interview for a US visitor/tourist visa. Always remember, NEVER LIE. They already did a background check when you submitted their visa application online.

Q. 1 Why do you want to travel to the USA?

A For tourist purposes and to visit our son/daughter. {After all, you are applying for a US tourist visa, so your response should be as simple as that}

Q. 2 Why do you want to visit only this time?

A First, It is your most available time or is your annual work leave. If you have family living there then our son/daughter has arranged his leave during the period of time. We are planning to visit the places in USA. Moreover, summer months are good for tourism.

Q. 3 How long you will stay in the U.S.?

A Carefully study your itinerary and base your response from there. Or if you are an employee, check your leaves credits and talk to your Human Resources representative on your permitted leave. If you can bring a form or a letter during your interview that indicates your allowed leaves, that can help as well.

Remember, if you get a US visa Approved, you will surely get a multiple entry visa for 10 years.
{X number of months}

Q. 4 Where will you stay in the U.S.?

A In XYZ street, city, state, zip. learn the address and make sure it is the same address you provided in your Visa application.

Q. 5 How much do you think this trip will cost ?

A That's why we strongly suggest you create an itinerary for your trip to the United States. This Itinerary will give you an idea of ​​how much you should spend on full vacations.

Note* Carry all the supporting documents

Family visit: Son/daughter will take care all the expenses and be sure to carry all the sponsor documents

Q. 6 Do you have any relatives in U.S.?


No need to disclose the details unless asked! Never lie or deny about this, even if you do not visit them on your trip, you should know their names and little background information, including their status in the US. Sometimes, it would be useful if you have photos with you to prove your claim.

Q. 7 Have you booked airline tickets?

A Look for possible booking dates and say you are considering those dates for your trip to the United States. Have the flight details ready, if possible, but do not pay for flights until your visa is approved. The flight ticket is not a requirement!

Q. 8 Have you been to the U.S. before?

You may think that the best answer is YES, and you feel that this is your instant ticket to obtain a visa. You are wrong! If you have not been to the USA, Do not lie. Just be honest because lying will not get you anywhere.

Q. 9 Have you purchased visitor medical insurance?

A You can simply say, I will buy after getting the visa.

General advice: prepare, research and never lie. These consular officers are trained to know if you are lying, so always have the best intentions if you go to the United States. We want you to have clear records so that you can travel the world without facing challenges in the future.

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