Confirmed Ticket – Mandatory for Visa or Not?

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Whenever we plan a trip to any destination the first thing we decide to do is book air ticket. Among all the travelers there are very few who research and find out if it is required before processing the visa or not.

We all know that even if we have everything in place visa is not guaranteed. The visa decision completely depends on an officer of the third country who will be decided depending on the documentation, personal interview. Then is it really necessary to book air tickets prior and invest so much financially?

It is very important for one to completely know and understand the visa process and documentation before going ahead with any of the bookings. Once you have decided the destination gather information of the visa processing. Research online, visit the Embassy/consulate’s sites, contact right visa consultants and then start preparing the documents.

If the country’s consulate does demand confirmed tickets or hotels for the visa processing then only book it or else wait for the visa to be granted and then book the tickets, hotels, etc. Most of the travelers have a misconception that air tickets work as a proof of returning to the home country in the visa process which is NOT true at all. Air ticket in no way considered as a proof of returning to the home country as one can anytime after travel cancel it if required. Most of the country’s visas can be processed without a ticket or only with the help of a blocked air ticket.

Blocked air ticket is a savior in most visas process where the applicant is in a dilemma as to book the tickets or not? Blocked air ticket is something that one can get from a travel consultant. The consultant through GDS (Global Distribution System) has access to hold a seat on any airline which is generally valid for 24-48 hours.

One of the reasons which cause loss to travelers is consultation and discussion with family and friends. This does not mean one should not consult any friends or relatives but should not blindly follow it. Let us understand this with an example.

“Mr X has planned a trip to Australia in June 2017. He consulted his friend Mr Y, who has traveled to Australia in 2016. As per Mr Y’s experience, he got the visa within 5-6 working days. Depending on this experience Mr X booked his air ticket after 10 working days. Mr X approached a visa consultant a got to know that due to heavy rush, the visa processing is taking more than 20-25 working days.” This example helps us to understand that Mr Y was correct as per his experience but one does not know what might be the current scenarios so taking the information from right source before booking travel arrangements is very necessary.

Hence consult the right sources, know the visa process and documentation. Understand the processing time and start the process well in advance for a hassle free travel arrangements and hassle free trip.

Let us see some of the famous travel destinations and if they require air tickets confirmed for visa processing or not –

1. Singapore – Confirmed return air ticket required

2. Malaysia – Confirmed return air ticket required

3. Thailand – Confirmed return air ticket required

4. Dubai – Air ticket not required

5. China – Blocked air ticket required

6. Japan – Blocked air ticket required

7. Schengen – Blocked air ticket required

8. UK – Air ticket not required

9. USA – Air ticket not required

10. Australia – Blocked air ticket required

11. New Zealand – Blocked air ticket required

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