Antigua And Barbuda Embassy in Delhi, India

  • Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
    South West Delhi 110021
    Delhi India
  • FAX
  • +91 (11) 2419 2492 , +91 (11) 2419 2400, +91 (11) 2419 2301
  • Monday to Friday
  • 9am–5pm
  • Sir Dominic Asquith KCMG British High Commissioner to India
  • Google Map Link


Jurisdiction is the operational range of the diplomatic mission. Based on the location, every mission has its own jurisdiction. Antigua And Barbuda diplomatic missions situated in different states and major cities in India have different jurisdictions as per their power and capacity. An Indian candidate may apply to a particular mission depending on their State of Residence (It is the state that you have been residing for more than six months). The duties of the mission are classified accordingly.

The Antigua And Barbuda Embassy is the one of the diplomatic missions of Antigua And Barbuda in India. Conducting visa interviews, providing Embassy attestation, helping the needy with the immigration process are some of the major duties of the Antigua And Barbuda Embassy.

Consular services/Responsibilities of Antigua And Barbuda Embassy:

The consulates and embassies have services to provide to the seekers. The services provided are listed as follows:

  • Represent Antigua And Barbuda as a country: Adhering to the relationship and benefits of the Antigua And Barbuda union, improving the communication level of both countries are the ways how the Embassy represents the country of Antigua And Barbuda. Taking care of the political, economic, social, cultural and defence issues as well as any other matter of interest to Antigua And Barbuda are other duties of the Embassy.
  • Assisting the authorities from Antigua And Barbuda to visit India: There are times when the authorities from the country might need to visit India for some reason. The Embassy is obliged to assist them in entering the country and assisting their matters here.
  • Issuance of an Indian visa for Antigua And Barbuda: The Embassy has certain duties towards issuing of visa for the Indian citizens. The duties are listed as follows:
    • Taking in the applications: Applications made online or offline directly on the country website or country Embassy website are accepted by the Antigua And Barbuda Embassy. These can be tourist visas, employment visas, resident visas or business visas.
    • Verification of the forms: The forms are verified by the Embassy and checked if the information provided is valid. The further process is then carried onwards.
    • Attestation of documents: It is a part of the visa documentation process which is done by obtaining a stamp from the Embassy. There are other levels of document authentication prior to the Embassy attestation. It is done for the issuing of long-term visas like a resident, employment or student visa.
    • Conducting visa interviews: The Embassy conducts interviews for the visa applicants whenever required. There is a specialized department for the handling of visas.
  • Helping the Antigua And Barbuda citizens with their passport issues: The Antigua And Barbuda Embassy officials assist the citizens from Antigua And Barbuda who is in India at the moment and have passport-related issues.
    • Lost passport affidavit: If the passport is lost, an FIR complaint must be lodged at the Police Station. A lost passport must also be issued so that the Embassy can help with the further process.
    • Circulate a new passport: At times, a temporary passport is issued by the Embassy in the case of a lost passport.
  • Consular help to the citizens of Antigua And Barbuda: Assistance is provided to the individuals of Antigua And Barbuda at the time of arrest or any kind of the judiciary reasons.
  • Attending to commercial and financial matters: The Embassy also takes care of the financial matters and the business-related affairs that concern the government of Antigua And Barbuda..

In order to get the required services from the Antigua And Barbuda Embassy, you can contact the Embassy directly for any kind of inquiries and issues related to visa and regulations or the passport requirements. Although, you may need to ensure that the Embassy officials are available before visiting. The address and the office hours must be confirmed by contacting them virtually first.

The information given above is accurate to a point. Yet, we do not promise that the information is complete and can be 100% relied upon. We will still recommend you to contact the Embassy personally in case of any queries that directly relate to it feel free to point out any errors in the data provided.