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Canada Tourist Visa For Indians - Definitive Guide

In this Visa Guide you will get to know how to apply for Canada tourist visa in India. Also know What is The Procedure, Documents Required, Processing Time, Fees and Where to apply for it.

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for tourism. From exploring the natural landscapes to Helicopter or Balloon tour over the Niagara Falls and Toronto, a visitor to Canada will surely have a mesmerizing experience. But, exploring Canada as a tourist has never been a cakewalk, given the amount of security and laws that this developed nation has maintained. A Canada tourist visa from India is a must, except for the countries which are exempted from carrying a visa to Canada. However, procuring a Canada tourist visa has never been that tough though. This visa guide will help you in every way possible to safely complete the Canada tourist visa online and as well as an offline procedure to obtain it. 

What is Canada Tourist Visa?


Canada Tourist visa is one of a kind of visa that is granted by the Government of Canada to those visitors who are entering the country for tourism purpose. However, the Canada visa is divided into two categories as, 

    • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
    • Permanent Resident Visa (PRV)
  1. the Canada Tourist visa is a sub visa that comes under the category of Temporary Resident visa. 
  2. Before granting this visa to a visitor to Canada, the Border Patrol Officers (BPO) is responsible to grant or reject the visa to any applicant who fails to meet the eligibility outlined by the Government of Canada. 
  3. The Tourist visa of Canada is usually preferred for,
    • Tourism or Holidays
    • Visiting Friends, family or relatives.
  4. Nationals of a few countries exempted from carrying a visa, and are Travelling to Canada through the air, then they might need an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation).
  5. However, the ETA is applicable for only a number of countries which have good relations with Canada. Indian Nationals need to have a visa. 

How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa?

Before applying for the Canada Tourist visa, one must know that in order to apply for Canada tourist visa, you may prefer the online process, as it is one of the convenient methods. Although the offline procedure is also available, the online procedure helps you keep track of the entire procedure without many efforts. Now, once you chose the mode of applying, one might want to follow the below criteria for the Canada tourist visa process 

  1. One of the basic steps before applying for the Canada tourist visa is checking its eligibility criteria. 
  2. The eligibility criteria can be understood by referring to the Eligibility question in this guide. After checking the eligibility, one may collect all the mandatory documents stated by the Government of Canada. 
  3. However, when you opt for the online platform then you may have to open an account on the Government of Canada website. You can also do this with your bank details. Once the account is opened, you will be required to fill two application forms as,
    • Form IMM 5257 i.e Application for Temporary Resident.
    • Form IMM 5707 i.e Family Information Form.
  4. Apart from the above forms, one may also be required to fill the below forms (if required).
    • Form IMM 5409
    • Form IMM 5476
    • Form IMM 5475
  5. Once you fill the asked details in the application form, you will be required to collect the mandatory documents to support the application form. 
  6. After you are finished filling the application form, you need to submit it. Eventually, you could be called for the interview or for the biometric round after the embassy finishes off with the verification of your application form. 

As one can see, the processes involved in obtaining a Canadian tourist visa is a tiresome process that requires extreme caution. It is necessary to make sure that all the details are correct and legitimate. A faulty visa application may get your visa delayed, or even rejected. Rejection of visa is a factor which is considered by the Canada Border Security Office and will affect your visa duration, and future visa applications.

Canada Tourist Visa Eligibility


The Canada visa eligibility criteria for the Canada Tourist visa covers certain aspects such as nationality, age, health standards, and certain valid documents. However, the below points could help you understand the eligibility criteria for Canada.

  1. Those nationals who do not belong to the list of countries exempted from procuring a visa will have to apply for Canada visa. Indian nationals are eligible to apply for a tourist visa of Canada. 
  2. However, the Canada visa for Indian requires an applicant to hold a passport which must be necessarily valid for up to six months from the intended date of entering Canada.
  3. Children below 18 years of age are not eligible to apply for the visa, and also not allowed to enter the country until they are accompanied by their parents or guardians. 
  4. As per the health requirements, an applicant must have no chronic disease. However, it is recommended that an applicant with some disease has to inform the embassy about it. And hence, a medical examination is required.
  5. You must have enough funds to support yourself in Canada. The Bank balance must be maintained in reference to the mentioned amount in the application form. 
  6. If you have been invited by any of your friends, family or relatives then the Letter of Invitation has to be attached with the application form. 

Documents Required For Canada Tourist Visa


The documents play an important role in deciding the time required for the procedure. In order to avoid any such instances which could possibly delay the application procedure, one must take care of producing the below-mentioned documents in due time. The Canada tourist visa application requirements are given below,

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel
  • 3 photos as per Canada visa requirements
  • Duly filled and signed application forms
  • NOC from employer/leave sanction from school/college
  • Travel itinerary - confirmed air tickets, proof of accommodation
  • Proof of financial means
  • Proof that you will return to your home country once the Canadian visa expires
  • Identity and Civil Status Documents
  • Police clearances to show no criminal records (if asked)
  • Medical certificate proving you have no chronic diseases (if asked)
  • Covering letter stating your purpose, motive, and duration of the travel
  • Letter of support/invitation from Canada

Photo Specifications for Canada Tourist Visa

The photo specifications for Canada Tourist Visa are as follows -

photo specifications for canada tourist visa

  • Size: 33mm width and 48mm length.
  • Colour: Must be submitted in colour showing true skin tones.
  • Head size and position: The head must be between 15mm and 22mm wide. Length is 28mm to 33mm.
  • Recency: Photo must be from the past 6 months. Older photos will be rejected.
  • Background: Solid, plain white or light blue only.
  • Smile: Neutral expression. No smiling
  • Eyes: Wide open. Must be visible
  • Make sure your ears are both visible.
  • The photo should not be blurry.
  • Glasses: Thin rimmed eyewear for medical purpose only.
  • Headgear: None unless for religious purposes.
  • Dimensions and size (pixels): None specified.
  • Attire, clothing, dress code: Be sure what you are wearing does not match the background. This could cause rejection and retake.
  • Beard: Optional.
  • Quantity needed in application: 2

Canada Tourist Visa Fees

The visa fees for the Canadian tourist visa is dependant on several factors such as the length of the stay, whether it is single or multiple entries, the urgency and so on. As a result, you should ensure that you have the correct visa fees ready before applying. 

Entry Stay Duration Validity Fees
Multiple entry Normal 6 months 12 months 23600.0

Processing Time of Canada Tourist Visa

  • The total processing time to obtain a tourist visa for Canada in India completely depends upon the time required for the verification process by the embassy after submission of the documents. 
  • Thus, proper documentation may avoid any delay in the procedure. The estimated time for the arrival of your visa can be at least 35 working days. The stamping time for the visa is around 10-15 working days. 
  • Starting the process 2 months prior to departure to Canada will result in no delay for the embassy to grant you a tourist visa.

After Submission

  1. After the documents are submitted, one might have to wait for the embassy verification. Soon after the embassy verification is over, you will be called for a biometric round. 
  2. The bank balance mentioned in the application form has to be maintained until you obtain the visa. Mostly, not doing any transaction from the mentioned bank account is recommended.


How to Check Canada Tourist Visa Status?

  1. To track the status of the process of your tourist visa, you might have to carry the below documents or its information.
    • Passport number 
    • Application ID. 
  2. To track the status of your visa process, the applicant must visit the website of the Canada Embassy in India. After you have found the embassy website, you can track the visa application by submitting your application number. 

By submitting your name, birth date, and Application number

  1. There is also another option available to track the Canada tourist visa from India through the visa application portals by submitting your name (as mentioned in the application form), birth date and passport number along with the application number. 
  2. A tracking ID will be received by you after the submission of your application. This tracking ID can help you to track your application through the embassy site. 

Tracking with the help of passport

If you have processed your application through a consultancy or a Visa providing services then you might track the application status by submitting the passport number to the concerned service provider.

When You have this visa

When you carry this visa, you are entitled to enjoy the factors which are purely related to tourism. One may not be able to conduct any business related activities while holding a tourist visa. However, in some cases, business conferences, meetings, and seminars could be allowed, but you will have to convey it to the Government of Canada through the officials present in Canada. One must follow the below points while holding the visa. 

Before and while travelling

  • One must take note that if you are all set to travel to Canada, you will be asked for a passport, which must be valid for six months since you enter the country. 
  • The duration of your stay in the country will be decided on the basis of duration of your passport. Most of the times, the duration of the applicant’s stay in the country is decided by the immigration officers. And hence, attention must be kept to avoid getting in trouble after the expiry date of the visa
  • Any damage to the passport violates the rules and regulations stated by the Government of Canada. 
  • Apart from the documentation process, the tourist visa holders can carry their electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops, and cameras along with them, but one must provide a typed list of the equipment to the officials present on the airport. 

After entering Canada -

  • After you enter Canada, one must carry photocopies of the passport along with you every place you visit. 
  • In certain scenarios, the police of Canada may ask you to present your identification documents. 
  • You might have to produce the passport photocopy along with the other identification documents like Pan Card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much funds do I need for a Canada tourist visa?

There is no solid rule on the exact funds you will require. However, for proving that you have sufficient resources, there should not be any sudden huge deposits the bank account unless you have a valid reason for it. The funds are to cover your expenses while you are in the country. On average, a single person would require about 100 Canadian Dollars per day. And as a result, you should aim for something around 3000 CAD per month. 

Is a flight ticket necessary to get a Canadian tourist visa?

Yes, you will need to possess confirmed flight tickets to show your authenticity. It is advised to book refundable tickets as you would have to cancel it in case your application gets rejected. However, for most other types apart from the tourist permit, flight tickets are not mandatory.

Can I visit the USA with a Canada tourist visa?

You cannot visit the USA simply with your Canadian tourist visa unless you are from one of the visa waiver countries. You will require a US-based visa to visit the country. You can apply from Canada, or from your home country before you leave for Canada. However, keep in mind that your chances of successfully getting a visa are much higher if you apply from your country of citizenship.

In case of an online Canada tourist visa application, how and when do I send my physical passport to get a visa on it?

Once you submit your application and pay the processing fees, you will be asked to give a biometric. You will have to pay the fees for this as well. Once this is done, you will be asked to send the passport, and any additional documents if required. You can submit them in person at a VAC( visa application center).

Can I submit for a Canada tourist visa in India with a different country’s bank statement?

Yes, you can apply for the visa in India even if your bank statements are from a bank in another country. However, you will have to ensure that you have sufficient proof to prove the authenticity of this. You will also have to make sure that the necessary currency conversions are done.


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