Seven Best Tourist Places to visit in Dubai

Best Activities to do in Dubai

Long stretches of white-sand beaches, magnificent desert dunes, and stunning skyscrapers; Dubai is quite the beauty. With over 10 million people visiting the city alone, Dubai, as well as the UAE, is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. To enter the country, however, you would need a UAE Visa. But Before visiting Dubai u need to go through the Crucial Procedure of document attestation. This crucial procedure is to be done mostly when you are willing to visit UAE. Dubai is a fantastic place to visit. There are so many activities to do in Dubai, from the several activities here are the top 7 activities to do in Dubai for a tourist:


1. Burj Khalifa:

 Burj khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest man-made structure and a picture landmark of the UAE. From the observation decks on high of the tower, one will witness the total splendor of downtown Dubai. The observation decks ‘At the highest’ on the 124th floor and therefore the newly opened ‘At the Top Sky’ on the 148th-floor usher in an outsized crowd of visitors every single day. A splurge of best followed the completion of Burj Khalifa in 2009.

The entry fee to the observation decks depends on the time of day you select. Shocking numbers of visitors flock around early morning and sunset hours though' tickets price a lot throughout these times. Whether or not you wish to check the town in broad daylight or the twilight glimmer of the night sky, you'll be blown away by the panorama from 555m higher than the bottom. It's aforementioned that for folks at the highest of Burj Khalifa, sunset happens four minutes later than for those at the bottom level.

The whole building is 830m tall, nearly thrice more than the Eiffel Tower. The tip of it will be seen from as far as 95km away if the weather permits.


2. Desert Safari:

 Desert Safari

Most of the other things to try in Dubai are within the cities. That’s what makes a desert safari totally different from everything else out there. It's the only way to explore the Arabian dunes up close. The safari permits you to discover the forgotten traditions of desert-dwelling Arabs. Safari has one thing up its sleeve to satiate the audacious souls too. The dune bashing ride in an exceedingly 4×4 SUV will be best delineated as a roller coaster ride through the desert dunes. Tall red dunes of the Lahbab desert area are the right place for a dune bashing ride. However, it’s conjointly applied in the Margham desert still. The thrilling ride lasts for more than one and half hours with many sunset-photo stops in between and a stopover close to the tallest dunes to do out sandboarding. Sandboarding is the desert version of ice sport. Before the sunset, the desert activities area unit aroused, and also the convoy moved to the Bedouin camp. 

The remainder of the fun is hosted during this historically titled desert camp. It includes opportunities to induce a henna tattoo, dress up in Emirati apparel, take an image with the Falcon, and Quad biking. Then because the night falls, the camp is livened up by traditional folks’ dances and a toothsome barbecue dinner buffet. The total desert safari trip lasts for 6-7 hours immersing you within the desert aura for total time.


3. Dubai Mall:

Dubai Mall

Like just about all the other superlatives, the biggest mall within the UAE is in Dubai. Placed at the foot of Burj Khalifa and spanning over a section up to fifty football fields, Dubai Mall nearly qualifies as a town in and of itself. The mall gathers a lot of guests a year than LA or New York will. There are all the crazy things within the mall. Even a dinosaur skeleton. If you would like to, you'll be able to spend a year browsing around in those a whole bunch and many stores. 

Dubai Mall is home to a touch over 1200 shops. Several of them are dedicated to gold jewelry. And on the highest floor is Kidzania. There weren’t as many reasons in one place to pay cash as ever before. Though you don’t have the hunger to eat, the big vivarium or the skating building can beckon any jocund soul. It is additionally simple to induce loss within the mall. If you don’t be careful, you'll find yourself spending a protracted time checking out the doorway you came in through.


4. Palm Jumeirah:

Palm Jumeirah

Who would have thought to make an island within the form of a palm tree? However, Dubai did.  They're simply ingenious like that. Not only that however they conjointly created the most important synthetic island ever designed. Therefore, it will be so huge that it will even be seen from space. The Palm Jumeirah may be a center of luxury private residences and hotels. Their square measures over thirty hotels on this island alone. The foremost distinguished among these hotels is Atlantis. 

You can board a monorail line from the station close to the net town placed at the bottom of the Palm’s trunk. The monorail line can take you to the crescent at the tip of Palm Island and provide a quick visual tour of the Island.  The lagoons on the island measure an excellent place for seafaring. The white sand beaches within the palm may be an aquatics destination for journey seekers. An eleven-kilometer boardwalk stretches on the shore behind the mythical place. This boardwalk is swarming with food trucks and memento stands. 


5. Aquarium and Underwater Zoo:

Underwater Aquarium dubai

Discover an entire world of underwater species at the Dubai Aquarium — one of the foremost attractions within the Dubai Mall. The largest water tank that is home to 33,000 of animals, once commanded the Guinness record for ‘The Single Largest Acrylic Panel’. Go skin-dive within the water and take a swim with sharks. If the shark dives are too terrific for you, you'll be able to go cage skin diving or ride a ship with a glass bottom. You can simply observe the fish from the outside too. Walk past the spellbinding wall of water with many fish soaring by. Fully immerse yourself into the wonders of marine life by walking through the underwater tunnel; take a stroll with the sharks and rays swimming centimeters from you only behind the glass. There is an underwater zoo. There are 3 sections to it; the timber, the Rocky Shore, and also the Living Ocean that includes 3 completely different environments: every orienting otter, large catfish, penguins, and even a crocodilian. You'll be able to even get up close to some animals and perhaps even pet some of them.



6. Dubai Garden Glow:

Dubai Garden Glow

A place where kids will celebrate and learn at an equivalent time. That's what Dubai Garden Glow is. Settled next to Sheikh Zayed Road within Zabeel Park, it's divided more into sections that support the theme. There are various parks like Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Ice Park, and Art Park. Each of them encompasses a totally different atmosphere from one another and a purpose to that. This Park is that the biggest glow park in the world

Throughout the daytime, the garden feels like an alternative to the other garden with sculptures of dinosaurs and other characters, however when sunset, the place as a whole transforms. Glow Park has models of wildlife and trees that send a message regarding the importance of protecting the environment. These inventive shapes glow at night. With quite a hundred and twenty Dinosaur sculptures, the Garden Glow encompasses a Dinosaur Park that's larger than the other of its kind. The whole park is geared toward kids, however this one particular. Therefore, they're going to relish the interactive parts within the park, like the dinosaur workplace, that showcases the life of these prehistoric creatures. You will have to be compelled to obtain an extra pass to enter Ice Park. However, if you're into arts and modeling, the cash is worthwhile.


7. Burj Al Arab – Seven-star luxury hotel:

 Burj al arab

The definition of luxury, Burj Al Arab, has been a landmark of Dubai for several years. Nobody leaves this town while not capturing an image of this hotel. It has been voted the world’s most luxurious and therefore the Middle East’s leading hotel many times in a row. Andre Agassi and Roger Federer compete in a lawn tennis game 212m high of the ocean on the helipad on top of the Burj Al Arab. Each suite within the hotel has a 24-hour personal pantryman service, there's a reception on every floor, and even a Rolls-Royce fleet to require guests around the town. 

The monumental marvel is constructed 300m away from the shore, and therefore the only way means that of obtaining there via a personal bridge. This hotel built over 5 years; this can be the tallest all-suite hotel within

the world high 321m high. It resembles a conventional Arabian dhow sail, depicting robust association of the state to its sailing heritage. While Burj Al Arab may be seen from each land and ocean, obtaining within the building itself for looking at is not possible. Unless you're staying at the hotel or wish to travel for dinner, there is no way to get past the safety. If you're going, make sure to book beforehand.

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