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Once you have the visa, it is such a relief. But what if it doesn’t end there? Well, if you are travelling to Dubai, you will need an Ok to board. In layman terms, ok to board means a formality, a part of the process, which is mandatory in making you an eligible traveller to board the flight for Dubai.


What is Ok to Board?

Okay to board is kind of an endorsement that you can acquire from the respective airline once you have your visa. Not all countries will need an ok to board and just your visa and your confirmed flight tickets are enough. A Dubai ok to board is mandatory for the travellers who are holders of an employment visa and all the travellers who hold an ECR passport.

How can I get Ok to Board?

As mentioned previously, you can get an okay to board from the airlines through which you will be travelling to Dubai. You can get an ok to board online by applying for the same on the official website of the airlines. If you have booked your flight through the Emirates, mostly, you wouldn’t even have to apply separately for an ok to board. You will be provided with an ok to board Emirates once the necessary information is received by the airlines.

Why Ok to Board so important?

When you are travelling to any of the GCC countries, there are several necessary procedures that you need to follow. Since UAE is one of them, you will necessitate a Dubai ok board to be able to board the flight. It must be obtained as it will ensure that there are no complications with your visa or your passport. This can also help you board the flight with convenience making your trip easier.

Which Airlines Require Ok to Board?


There are a few airlines that will take you to Dubai and will require an Ok to board. The list of such flights is given as follows

  • Air Emirates
  • Air India Express
  • Flydubai
  • Oman Air
  • Air India
  • Indigo Airways
  • Spicejet

When should I apply for Ok to Board?

Well, it depends on the time required for the issuance of an ok to board for how long before you need to apply for the same. Generally, it requires between 3 to 24 hours to get a Dubai ok to board, but it is safer to put in the application at least a couple of days before the date of travel. This way, it will ensure that you are ready to board with minimum or no complications.

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