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What is Attestation D'accueil


D'Attestation D'accueil is an Accommodation Certificate/Hospitality Certificate provided by the France govt for the benefits of the foreign visitor.

A foreigner wishing to travel to France for a private or family stay of fewer than three months must provide proof of accommodation. This document, called the Hospitality Certificate, will be created by the person who will receive it during their stay in France. The request is made in the town hall. The certificate is issued if the host meets certain conditions.
What Is It About
A receipt is a form filled out and signed by the person proposing to accept a foreigner during his stay in France.

The certificate of hospitality indicates in particular whereabouts of an individual's who live in France.


The receipt acknowledges the following instructions:


The number of the passport, the identity and nationality of the foreigner (and that of his spouse and underage children when accompanying him),
The intended place of residence and the characteristics of the accommodation,
Anyone from abroad or from the hospitable person undertook to take out insurance of at least € 30,000 to cover the cost of care during their stay in France.
When Is Required?
The host certificate relates to any foreign ( except national European, Andorra or Monaco) wishing to stay less than three months in France, as part of a private or family visit.


The Following Persons Are Exempted from a Certificate of Reception:


  1. The holder of a Schengen circulation visa, valid for at least one year for several entries
  2. Holds a residence permit visa to apply within two months of arrival
  3. The person performing a humanitarian stay or in the context of cultural exchange, under conditions
  4. A person was coming to France for urgent medical reasons or because of the severe illness or funeral of a relative, under conditions


How to Apply


The application must be submitted by the person wishing to welcome the foreigner in the town hall of the intended place of residence.


Documents Required


Note*: The applicant must submit the originals of the following documents:

  1. Proof of identity (identity card or passport for French, and residence permit for other foreigners)
  2. The document is proving his or her status as owner, tenant or occupant of the apartment in which he or she hosts the visitors.
  3. Proof of last residence (water, electricity or telephone bill or rent receipt)
  4. Any document that justifies its resources (the previous three payslips, the last tax return) and its obligation to financially support the foreigner if it has a shortage
  5. Any document about his ability to accommodate the foreigner under standard housing conditions (concerning space, safety, hygiene and comfort)
  6. If the acknowledgement of receipt concerns an unaccompanied minor, a parental custodian certificate on the free newspaper specifying the duration and subject matter of the child's stay.
    Cost and Issuance of Certificate Cost
  7. 30 € is paid with usual tax stamps.

Note*: This tax is due even if the request is denied.

With the validation, the mayor can check if the person who declares welcoming the foreign visitor can accommodate its visitors under standard housing conditions.

  • In the event of a favourable opinion from the mayor, the validated hospitality certificate is issued to the applicant. He must appear in person at the town hall.
  • The validated Certificate (original) must be sent by the person abroad who wishes to be the host.
  • If the foreigner requires a visa to come to France, he must enclose the receipt with his application for a short-stay permit.
  • If he is exempted from a visa, he must present the receipt at Schengen external borders.


Grounds for refusal


  • The mayor can refuse the validation and issue the certificate in the following cases:
  • If the host unable to submit the required supporting documents
  • The foreigner cannot be received under normal living conditions
  • The information given on the certificate is incorrect
  • The certificates previously requested by the applicant indicate an abuse of procedure

The refusal decision can be:

explicitly, that is written and motivated or implies if the mayor has not responded within one month.
Appeal against refusal.

Appeal against refusal:

The applicant may appeal to the town hall, within two months of the Mayor's refusal.

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