Guide to Rotary International Youth Exchange Program


What is Youth Exchange?

The rotary international youth exchange program brings the ideal of world citizenship to life. Each year, this program gives thousands of young people the opportunity to experience life in other cultures and gain a new understanding of the world through travel abroad. Unlike some youth exchange programs, the youth exchange international program does not include studies or employment. Instead, participants are encouraged to use this travel opportunity to represent their home countries and share their own culture as they learn about and turn to a new culture and pave the way for young ambassadors for peace and international understanding.

How it Works

The rotary international youth exchange program consists of two youth exchange programs organized by Lions clubs around the world.


LONG-TERM EXCHANGE - is an academic year in which the student lives with more than one family and attends school in the host country.


SHORT-TERM EXCHANGE - can vary from a few days to several weeks. It does not include an academic program and often takes place when the school is not in school (summer - July and August).


Together with a student of the same age in another country, spend 3-4 weeks in the summer with your family abroad. In return, your "host" brother or sister will be with you and your family at your home for so long.


The exchange can take place between any two countries where Rotary clubs are located. Rotary clubs in about 70 different countries sponsor or host annual youth exchange students. A thorough orientation program for students and their parents is provided by the sponsoring Rotary Club. The host Rotary Club provides support and advice on the receiving end of the exchange.


While rooms and meals are provided for the exchange by the host family, the family of the student and the student take on certain financial obligations. These include round-trip flights, clothing, health insurance and incidental expenses (pocket money) for the student.


The exchange activities and camps may include visits to places of cultural or natural interest, sporting events, participant country presentations, guided discussions and even involvement in local service projects alongside Lions club members.

2018 Youth Exchange program for Brazil

Every year Rotary club organizes youth exchange program but in 2018 for the session of July to August the country will be Brazil, let’s get insights of Brazil.  


Brazil is the fourth largest country in the world and its population of approximately 170 million is equal to that of all other countries in South America. It ranges from the large and sparsely populated northern region, which is dominated by the Amazon rainforest, which accounts for 30% of the world's oxygen content, to the temperate regions of the south with large cities such as Sao Paulo. Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese, but many other national groups settled there and gave the country a multicultural population. There are still some Indigenous Indians living in the interior, mainly in the Amazon; Most new arrivals in Brazil, however, choose to live along the Atlantic coast or in the south. In the 1960s, the capital was relocated to Brasilia, a new city built in the interior and north to promote development within the country. The main religion is Roman Catholic.

How to Apply for Rotary International Youth Exchange Program

The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is open to young people generally between the ages of 15 and 18, children of Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike.


Applications are selected on the basis of a written application and a personal interview.


Remember, start the process early! The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is very selective. Start planning as early as possible. For a long-term exchange apply nine to twelve months before you want to go; For the short-term program, apply at least four months before your departure. Note that extended-stay clubs are looking for candidates from August to November. In the short term, the recruitment period will be extended and some clubs will not be able to work on their students until February / March.


You can fill in a preliminary application, which we will forward to a club in your area So, who may (or may not) then invite you to apply for their process of becoming a youth exchange student sponsored by the club.

How Can We Help You for the Visa Process

Being the profound organization in visa services, we recognize and support the initiative of cultural exchange between two international countries, and the rotary club has been providing an amazing opportunity to the youngsters in India.


Every youngster/student who has been selected for the exchange program required to obtain visa and attestation from Mantralaya.


Here are the requirements you need to meet in terms of visa for Brazil


  • Original passport - Valid for 6 months and have minimum 2 blank pages, attach previous original passport if available.
  • Original Letter from the Indian Rotary which provides details of the selection process and confirmation of selection.
  • Original Notarized Letter from Rotary Brazil giving details of Host family (name, address, telephone numbers, profession) mentioning clearly that they will be responsible for the applicant, during his stay in Brazil and will ensure the applicant safely return back to India after the programme.
  • Original Yellow Fever vaccination certificate.
  • Other Documents as per the criteria or procedure
  • Consular may ask for personal Interview of applicants at the consulate.


Note*: In case of a minor (below age 18). The authorization form is required which is duly filled by blue ink pen. It should be notarized and attested by Mantralaya. Download the authorization form here 

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