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UK Schengen Visa - UK and Schengen Visa Together

To put it in one sentence, the UK Schengen Visa is a myth. The UK, along with Ireland enjoy a special status under the EU law. Despite the Schengen being a mandatory part of the EU legislature, the UK is provided with opt-outs from being a part of the Schengen agreement. As a result, the Schengen and UK visa are two independent endorsements and neither of them alone can grant you entry in the other. 

However, there is a silver lining to this. Both these visas make getting the other easier. In fact, you can even possess a UK and Schengen visa together and visit one after the other. Although lucky for the Chinese people, they can literally apply for the UK and Schengen visa together on one application form. Through this guide, we will look at the two visas and how you can make them work together. 


Note:- We will be considering the short term visitor category of the UK visa as a UK resident permit lets you apply for a Schengen while you are in the UK.

How to apply for a Schengen and UK Visa?

In order to apply for the UK visa and the Schengen visa, there are a few things you should follow. The below section explains in detail about the procedure to be followed for each of the permits.

  • Things to know before applying

Now, before you start an application for either of them, there are a few prerequisites to be met. These are as follows - 


    • Purpose of visit - Both the Schengen and UK visa is available in multiple variants. They can be tourism, business, visit, medical, studies, etc. As a result, the first step is to determine the exact purpose of your visit to each country. Quite commonly, most people that apply for these usually apply for the Schengen tourist visa and the UK visitor tourist visa. Although, you can apply for any category under the short term. 
    • Port of entry - This is extremely crucial when it comes to Schengen states. Since the entire UK comes under a single country, the port of entry is going to be in the UK itself. However, for the Schengen, it’s quite different.
      The port of entry is your first destination in the Schengen region. Usually, the port of entry is also the state where you spend the majority of your travelling period. In cases where the port of entry is not your major destination, your Schengen visa will be issued by the country where you will be spending a majority of the journey.
    • Duration of stay - The stay duration in each country is something you will have to decide before applying. Both the visas require you to provide a travel itinerary explaining the same. You must also choose your stay duration wisely as the country that will issue your visa will depend on this.
  • UK Visa Proces

The procedure for applying for a short term Uk permit can be explained as given below. Note that the exact process may differ depending on the country where you are making the application. 

    • Create an account on the UK visa immigration service portal.
    • Complete the online application form with all your details.
    • Proceed to pay the fees online.
    • Book your visa appointment at a UK visa application centre (VAC) for the document and biometric submission. 
    • Take a print out of the confirmation of the appointment that you receive in your email.
    • Along with the appointment confirmation, filled out application form, and the documents, attend the appointment at the VAC to submit your application. In some cases, you may have to attend an interview here.
  • Schengen Visa Process

The procedure for a Schengen visa can be listed below. The exact process again depends on the country you are lodging the application in, as well as the destination country. 

    • Fill in the Schengen application form available at the website of the respective embassy or VAC. Certain countries may provide facilities for online applications. 
    • Book an appointment for the document and biometric submission at a VAC or at the respective embassy/consulate.
    • Attend the visa appointment along with the documents and the fees. You must submit the application and pay the fees here. You will also have to provide your biometrics. In certain cases, you may have to attend an interview.

Which one to apply first? UK or Schengen Visa?

There are a few ways in which you can apply for the UK Schengen visa together. However, you must keep in mind a few points in doing so. 

    • First of all, getting a Schengen visa if you already have a UK visa is much easier.
    • Secondly, to enter either of these from the other, you may require a multiple-entry or single entry depending on your exit route. 
    • Your port of entry is extremely crucial as this would determine your travel itinerary and the visa you would need first. 
    • It is not possible to apply for both the permits simultaneously as you would need to submit your original passport for them. 

Now, as you can see, possessing a UK visa will make your Schengen visa chances a lot better. As a result, it is highly recommended that you apply for a UK permit first. For this, however, your port of entry must be the UK. A recommended travel plan would be as given below. For this example, we have taken an application from India - 

    • Create an itinerary with the UK as the first port of entry from India. After this, your next entry must be in a Schengen state. After you stay, you can either return back to the UK and then fly home to India, or you can go back to India from the Schengen itself.
    • Apply for your UK visa. If you plan on travelling back to the UK after your visit to Schengen, you must choose a multiple entry permit. 
    • Once you have received your UK permit, you must apply for the Schengen. A single-entry visa will be the ideal choice. However, if you plan on visiting multiple times, you may apply for the multiple-entry.

Note: - It is possible for you to apply for the Schengen first and the UK if you are visiting the Schengen area first and then travelling to the UK. However, your chances of getting both the visas are low in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Travel UK with Schengen Visa?

    You cannot travel to the UK with just a Schengen. The UK is not a part of the Schengen and will soon not be a part of the EU as well. As a result, they have an independent visa regime. If you want to enter the UK, you will need a UK visa. If you plan on visiting the UK from a Schengen country, you will need both these visas.  

  2. Can UK Visitor Apply for a Schengen Visa?

    Yes, if you possess a UK visitor permit, you can apply for the Schengen. In fact, you will have a higher chance of approval for your Schengen if you already possess the British permit. However, you cannot apply for the Schengen while you are in the UK. You must be in your home country while making the application. 

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